Peru Segunda division Predictions – How to use them to your benefit?

Discover the best tips and picks for the Peru Segunda division from professional bettors and sports analysts. Enjoy precise predictions while making bets and earn money. 

Peru Segunda division predictions for your betting

Peru is the country where football occupies quite an important place. There is a national team that represents the country on the international level. The nicknames of the team are La Blanquirroja (The White and Red) and Los Incas (The Incas). Peru is the two-time winner of the Copa América. In addition, the country competed in the World Cup 5 times. 

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The Peruvian Football Federation is an official body that organizes and supervises all the football competitions in the country. It was founded in 1922 and its current president is Agustín Lozano. One of the most well-known competitions in Peru is the Segunda Division. In this article, you will discover detailed information about the event itself as well accurate predictions from experts. 

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Peru Segunda division Season Preview 

Segunda division 2022 is the 77th edition of the tournament in Peru that started on April 2, 2022 and will last until October 31, 2022. There will be 78 football matches played and 47 of them have already taken place. Thirteen football clubs compete in the current season. Here they are:

  • Unión Huaral
  • Unión Comercio
  • Sport Chavelines
  • Santos
  • Pirata
  • Los Chankas
  • Juan Aurich
  • Deportivo Llacuabamba
  • Deportivo Coopsol
  • Cusco
  • Comerciantes Unidos
  • Alianza Universidad
  • Alfonso Ugarte.
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How is Peruvian football run? What is the Peruvian Segunda division? 

The Liga 2 or Segunda Division is the 2nd top league in Peru that was founded in 1943. The winner of the tournament is promoted to the Liga 1 or Peru Primera division which is the highest league in the country. The weakest team is transferred to Copa Peru which is the third-level competition in the league system in the country. 

Top Teams and Key Players in Peru Segunda division 

When it comes to the teams that are considered to be the champions of the competition, these are:

  • Carlos Concha
  • Ciclista Lima
  • Deportivo Municipal
  • Guardia Republicana
  • Mariscal Sucre
  • Sport Boys
  • Unión Callao
  • Unión Huaral.

All of them own 3 titles in Liga 2.  

As far as the winners of previous seasons are considered, these are:

  • Season 2017: Sport Boys
  • Season 2018: Universidad César Vallejo
  • Season 2019: Cienciano
  • Season 2020: Alianza Atlético
  • Season 2021: Atlético Grau
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When it comes to the current season, the first place in the ranking belongs to Unión Comercio. The team has 19 points, 14 scored goals and 4 conceded goals. The second place in the table takes Cusco FC with 17 points. The team scored 12 goals and conceded 5 goals. CD Comerciantes occupies third place in the ranking with 14 points. The team scored 13 goals and conceded 12 goals. 

Unión Huaral takes fourth place in the table with 13 points, 9 scored goals and 3 conceded ones. The fifth place in the ranking belongs to Alfonso Ugarte with 11 points. The football team managed to score 8 goals and conceded also 8 goals. 

Where to find betting odds for the Peruvian Segunda division? 

If you want to bet on Peru Segunda Division, then you will need to check the odds for the competition in order to be able to calculate the possible profit. You may find the current odds for the following matches of the event at the betting sites. Note that they may vary at different betting platforms because they may establish their own odds. 

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Therefore, you should take into account several bookmakers if you want to find the best betting odds for Liga 2. Apart from odds, you will also discover results of previous games, statistics, news, changes and other valuable data at the betting site that will be useful for you while making your future punts.

Top tips and predictions for the Peruvian Segunda division 

This section is devoted to betting tips and football predictions regarding this tournament. You may find this information helpful while preparing the analysis and making forecasts on different markets.

Best Defending Teams 

  • Unión Huaral – 3 goals 
  • Unión Comercio – 4 goals
  • Cusco FC – 5 goals 
  • Molinos El Pirata – 8 goals
  • Alfonso Ugarte – 8 goals

Worst Defending Teams 

  • Juan Aurich – 19 goals
  • Los Chankas – 13 goals
  • Deportivo Coopsol – 13 goals
  • Alianza Huánuco – 12 goals
  • CD Comerciantes – 12 goals 

Best Attacking Teams 

  • Unión Comercio – 14 goals
  • CD Comerciantes – 13 goals
  • Alianza Huánuco – 13 goals
  • Los Chankas – 12 goals
  • Juan Aurich – 12 goals
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Worst Attacking Teams 

  • Molinos El Pirata – 4 goals
  • Chavelines Juniors – 4 goals 
  • Alfonso Ugarte – 8 goals
  • Deportivo Coopsol – 8 goals
  • Deportivo Llacuaba – 9 goals

Top Scorers 

  • Almirón (Unión Comercio) – 14 goals
  • Pallares (Atlético Grau) – 14 goals 
  • Sen (Sport Chavelines) – 13 goals 
  • Pando (Los Chankas) – 12 goals 
  • Córdoba (Juan Aurich) – 12 goals

Top assists 

The statistics concerning the top assists has not been constructed yet.

How to bet on Peru Segunda division picks? 

In order to wager on Peru Segunda division predictions and picks from professional tipsters, you should choose what tips exactly you would like to make bets on. Then you should go to the main website of your bookmaker and select the tournament from the list of proposed sports events. After that, you should choose the kinds of bets that you want to place and enter the stake. Make sure that you have chosen everything correctly and submit your punt. 

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What are the best betting markets for the Peru Segunda division?

You will have quite an extensive choice of betting markets for the tournament. You may predict the winner of each match or the whole competition. The best markets may also be totals, stats of players, handicaps, correct score, etc.

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