How To Convert MTN Points To Data 2024

If you’re looking for help on how to convert MTN points to data, this post is for you.

I’m talking about the data plan here. Yes, you can convert your available point to an active data plan on mtn.

This data bundle is just like the one you know which can be used to browse the internet with ease.

Still on it, after converting your MTN Pulse Points, you can choose to use 3G, 4G LTE, or 5G to surf the internet (depending on what you want).

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About MTN Points To Data in Nigeria

When you activate your desired data packages and make phone calls, you can earn free points.

You can also use the points to obtain free data. This is one of the reasons why mtn points were introduced.

More activities equal more points. MTN team is very smart. Well, you can convert mtn points to data when you choose.

You, as an MTN Pulse user is now rewarded with pulse points when you perform specific tasks on your phone.

Yes, you can then use the points to redeem various data packages in the future.

MTN Pulse offers distinct benefits such as night bundles and data plans. Not only that, they have a flat calling rate of 11.25kb/s to all networks after the first minute of the day at 25.6kb/s.

The 750MB 3-day data package on Pulse costs N300, and the 1.5GB weekly data bundle costs N500. You can buy with points (when converting mtn points to data).

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When you want to make a short night bundle, IG & Tiktok bundle, or daily/weekly bundle, the pulse points are typically useful.

However, given how long it will take you to earn those points, the quantity of points required for a sizeable monthly bundle is on the high side.

Important Note: Whether you use the point you were given or not, MTN takes it all after 1year. Yes, the MTN Pule points expire after one year (as shown on your balance enquiry message).

Why Do I Get Free Points MTN?

  • The simple answer is; You get free points from MTN because you performed one or more of the activities highlighted by MTN.

These activities involve Buying or sharing your data bundle. Be it daily, weekly, or monthly internet bundles. You can simply convert your mtn points to data.

You’re also given free pulse points when you make a voice call.

That’s still not all, mtn gives you free points for Airtime and data transfers with the myMTN NG app.

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Now, ponder on this information.

You will only ever receive Pulse points if you are simply switching to MTN Pulse.

Additionally, if you leave MTN pulse, you will forfeit your pulse points and must re-earn them if you return.

How To Convert MTN Points To Data

How To Convert MTN Points To Data

Before I show you how to convert mtn points to data, you must know some things.

To earn Pulse Points, you must first be a member of MTN Pulse.

You can join by downloading the myMTN app, and purchasing or sharing data bundles.

It’s simple. The more data bundles you buy or share, the more points you’ll earn.

Now, you even get more points when you add more activities.

Such as recharging your phone, or subscribing to MTN Music Time.

After putting that in mind, let me show you how to turn mtn pulse point to data very fast.

Converting MTN Pulse Points To Data

  • Simply dial *406#.
  • Reply ‘7‘ to select Pulse Points.
  • Reply ‘1‘ to select Redeem Data Bundle.
  • Now, select daily or weekly, or monthly data bundles from the list.
  • For the sake of this tutorial, I will reply ‘3’ to select Monthly data bundles.
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Now, once you select Monthly plans, you’ll see the list on your screen.

Kindly select a plan based on the number of Pulse points you have at the moment.

Remember; if you don't use it, it'll be taken.

That’s the step-by-step process to convert mtn point to data. It also answers those asking for the code to transfer mtn point to data on phone.

However, if you’re amongst those who are searching for the code to use mtn pulse points, see your solution below…

Using MTN Point via USSD Code

We’ve covered the answer to this in the previous section. But since you ask in a different term, below is how to use mtn points on your phone today.

  • Simply dial *406*7*1# on your phone dialer app.

After that, you’ll be presented with several data bundle options to select from. You can buy the daily, weekly, or monthly plan (depending on the available point you have).

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This also serves as a method to convert mtn points to data today.

As usual, you’ll receive a confirmation message from mtn that your activation was successful. If not, kindly check your available point to see if it’s sufficient.

This method does not require a long process. Just a few taps and you’re good to go.

Convert MTN Pulse Point To Airtime (data)

So many users are wondering if it’s possible to turn mtn points into usable airtime for calls and data subscriptions.

I know you’re probably wondering too. Like, can someone tell me how to convert pulse point to airtime on mtn? Keep calm for a minute.

As a customer of the MTN Pulse tariff, you have access to a lot of Pulse point rewards.

Now, you may be wondering how to use them rather than just hanging onto them.

Converting or redeeming your MTN Pulse points is one method to put them to use.

Below is the answer your need to move forward:

  • You can’t convert the mtn pulse point to airtime.
  • But you convert the point to data by purchasing a data bundle on MTN.
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Transfer Points To Another MTN Line

In case you’re looking for tricks on how to transfer mtn pulse points to another mtn line, this section is for you.

  • No, you can’t transfer the free points. You can only convert mtn points to data.

It was given to you by MTN and it’s meant for you only. This only applies if you’re on mtn Pulse.

Yes, the Pulse Points are equivalent to the airtime. For example, 100 pulse points are the same as 100 Naira.

If you don’t use this data plan, it’ll be taken away when it expires.

Now, what you can do is buy a data plan from the list of mtn data bundles to make sure you don’t waste the opportunity.

How To Check Your MTN Pulse Points

Pulse points must expire, therefore even if you are unable to transfer them, you shouldn’t let them sit idle on your account.

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Regardless of when it was acquired, every MTN pulse point you have in your account is still valid till the end of the year (i.e., December 31). Try to convert your mtn points to data so it can be useful.

Any pulse point in your account that was active as of December 31 at 11:59:59 PM will have expired and been erased.

To keep this from happening, it’s ok to ask the right questions.

How To Check My MTN Points

Just as you can convert mtn points to data bundles to browse the internet, it’s possible to check the balance too.

This helps you keep track of your available points.

  • Open your phone dialer app.
  • Simply dial *406#.
  • The Pulse Point number is 7, so select it.
  • Reply 4 to proceed.

Alternatively, just dial *406*7*4# to check your MTN Pulse Point balance. You’ll receive a message with the number of pulse points you own.

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That’s how to redeem mtn pulse points currently. If you still find it difficult, leave a comment for free guidelines.

FAQs – Convert MTN Points To Data

How Many MTN Points Can Buy Data?

100 points and above can be data on mtn. You can buy data plans using points on mtn. And it depends on the number of points you have.

Can I Get MTN Points Cheat?

There’s no cheat here… You must meet the laydown requirements to get a free point on your mtn line. To get a point; Make extended calls, buy data, share with friends, etc.


All iPulse Users just like you are awarded Mtn points for data purchases. You can then use the points to buy any of the data bundles provided.

Well, I hope you’ve learned how to convert mtn points to data without stress.

You can use your points to buy any data bundle on MTN that costs N300, for instance, if you have 300 points on your SIM, which is comparable to having N300 airtime.

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