How To Share/Transfer Data On MTN (USSD & SMS 2023)

You’re about to learn how to share data on MTN via USSD code and the SMS method.

There are several scenarios whereby the sharing of data comes into play. Maybe you desire to show kindness to another MTN subscriber.

Now, the problem is not the willingness to share data with others. Is it possible?

How do I share data on mtn using my phone?

If you’re asking that question right now, keep calm. You are about to see the code to share data on mtn fast.

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Summary: Sharing Data On MTN to MTN

As it sounds, MTN Nigeria launched this data-sharing service to help customers transfer data from their active data balance.

Also, you can buy data for a friend using your available airtime balance. It didn’t end there.

Apart from sharing data on mtn, you can also request data from a friend (whether close or from a distance).

This way, your friend will be charged for your data plan if he or she accepts the request.

After all, the plan is to help you share data on mtn.

Now, MTN has made it easier for existing and new subscribers to buy data bundles, transfer to friends and also request from another customer.

Do you know that there’s a means to transfer data or airtime from MTN to 9mobile, airtel, glo, and other networks in Nigeria using Bank Recharge Codes?

Go get the code to share data on mtn below…

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how to share data on mtn

How To Share Data On MTN (Transfer Code)

There are several ways to share data, which are:

  • Data Gifting or Data Transfer
  • Buy Data For A Friend
  • Request Data From A Friend

Learn how each of these bullet-point works below. Simply dial *131*7# on your phone to access the data gifting service.

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Code To Transfer Data On MTN to MTN

Simply dial *131*Phone Number* Data Volume#

This method helps you share your existing data with another mtn user. That is the data plan your bought.

Alternatively, you can transfer data on mtn using the SMS method;

  • Open your Messaging App
  • Compose a new message
  • Then, type in “Transfer Phone Number Data Volume”. E.g Transfer 09012345678 500
  • And send to 131

MTN will do its job sending the data to the phone number you provided.

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Buy Data For A Friend

If you don’t have an active data bundle, no problem. You can buy a data plan and transfer to another phone number on MTN.

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This will enable you to share data on mtn using this pattern.

Mind you, this method can be used whether or not you have an available data plan.

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Request Data (Share Data On MTN)

To Request Data From A Friend, apply the following code;

  • Simply dial *131*7*3# on your phone and follow the problem to ask a friend for data.

The person must accept your request before you can get the data. This is another way to share data on mtn.

To View Pending Request, that is all your existing requests;

  • Simply dial *131*7*4# and you’ll get the result.

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MTN Data Transfer Code

  • Simply dial *131*7# to see the mtn data gifting service. That’s the MTN data share code to transfer Megabytes.

You’ll see a popup after dialing the code above. Follow the prompts and select data gifting, data request, or even buy a bundle for someone.

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Also, you can share data on mtn using the MyMTN App. Free free to download from Playstore.

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Important Note (MTN Data Sharing)

The MTN Data transfer service allows you to share data with another MTN number. Yes, that’s cool but they’re some things you must know.

  • You can’t roll over unused data that was sent to you.
  • You can auto-renew a data plan that was bought for you.
  • There’s no extra charge to transfer data on mtn.
  • The rate for buying data plans is the same.
  • If you are eligible for mtn free bonus offers, you’ll receive a bonus on data plans bought for you.
  • You can receive data on top of your existing data plan. But the data you received will finish first.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Please, How do I share my data with a friend?

Simply dial *131*Bundle Activation Code*Phone number#. This code helps you buy data for a friend.

Just enter the bundle code and the person’s phone number.

How do I transfer data on MTN 2021?

Simply dial *131*7# and follow the prompt.

You can choose to share your active data plan, buy MB for a friend, or request data from someone.

How do I transfer data to another number?

The code to transfer data to another phone number is *131*Phone Number* Data Volume#.

You should get a confirmation message after sending it.

Was It Successful?

At this point, I believe you can transfer data to as many of your contacts as possible. Just make sure that the recipient is also an MTN user.

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If not, you try the other method to share data to Airtel, Glo, or 9mobile users.

That’s all on how to share data on MTN easily.

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