Glo 4X Recharge Code 2023 Bonus Balance

Get The Glo 4X Recharge Code today and start enjoying multiple airtime bonuses every time you recharge your line.

The prestigious consumers of Globacom, Nigeria, can choose from a variety of bonus offers. The 4X recharge bonus code is the key to receiving the Glo four times bonus while recharging your airtime.

Instead of using the standard recharge code of *123*Recharge PIN#, you can activate the Glo 4x bonus by using the 4x bonus recharge USSD code, which is *323*Recharge PIN#.

Note: The bonus is not applicable to any recharges made with the *123*Recharge PIN#.

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About Glo 4X Recharge Code

If any of the following amounts are topped up, you will receive four times the value of electronic recharges N125, N175, N225, N525, N725, and N1025. Other than the aforementioned e-top-up recharges, none will qualify for the bonus.

Yes, any new 4X recharge you make will raise your account’s total airtime balance.

With the Glo 4X recharge code I’ve provided in this piece, I don’t think you need to worry about receiving a four-times bonus on future Glo network recharges.

Glo 4X Recharge Code

You can top up electronically with any of the following amounts: N125, N175, N225, N525, N725 and N1025 using any of our current channels, including Glo Café, Online, ATMs & POS machines, to receive the 4X bonus.

  • To recharge your Glo lines, simply dial *323*PIN#.

With the brand-new Glo 4X recharge bonus, EVERY recharge of N100 or more will be worth four times (4X) as much.

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Benefits Of 4X Recharge Code On Glo

You can use the 4X bonus to:

  • You can Call ALL Nigerian networks.
  • Browse the internet at your convenience
  • Send Text messages or SMS to friends, family, colleagues, customers and other numbers.
  • You can even call 23 selected international destinations.

Not just that…

On every recharge of N100 and more, you will receive four times the value. Based on the recharge value, as shown below, the airtime value is good for 14 or 30 days.

4X12550014 Days
175 70014 Days
22590014 Days
5252,10030 Days
7252,90030 Days
10254,10030 Days

The bonus may be used to send texts, browse the internet, and make calls to all Nigerian networks and 18 selected international locations.

As long as you recharge with the particular 4X denomination specified above or with the unique code *323*rechargePIN# for physical recharges, you can take advantage of the 4X discount on any Glo prepaid plan.

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Any unclaimed bonus balance from earlier recharges, however, will be forfeited during the move.


Glo 4X Recharge Call Rates

The Glo 4X Recharge call rates are listed below:

ActivitiesRates & Charges
Local calls to All Networks45k/sec
Calls to 23 Int’l destinations60k/sec
SMS to All local NetworksN4/SMS

Other foreign phone numbers can be called as usual. Your primary account will be charged the appropriate fee for the dialed location.

These are the selected international destinations you can call using the Glo 4X bonus:

China, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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Glo 4x Recharge Balance code | How To Check

The Glo 4x bonus balance code is #122*30#. Yes, that’s the USSD code to check your Glo 4X balance.

After dialing the code, your phone screen will show a pop-up with the amount of 4x extra airtime you still have remaining.

Globacom, Nigeria offers a number of bonus packages to their valued clients. The Glo 4X recharge bonus code is used to obtain the Glo bonus via airtime recharge.

FAQs – Glo 4X Recharge Code

These are the most asked questions about the 4X Recharge offer:

What is the code for loading Glo recharge card?

To recharge your Glo card in Nigeria, simply dial *123*Recharge PIN#, then send and wait for a response. If it is successful, it should note it.

Yes, you should receive a confirmation message. Globacom cards typically have a PIN of 15 digits.

What is the Glo data recharge code?

*777# is the Glo data recharge code. You can use this code to buy, share, give, and manage their data subscriptions more easily. This code is available to Glo prepaid tariff plan subscribers.

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What is 5X recharge in Glo?

It is a promotion that gives Glo consumers five times the value of their recharges. Yes, you can use the 5x recharge code to multiply your Glo airtime.

How do I check my Glo 4X bonus balance?

Open your phone Caller and simply dial *122*30# to see your Glo 4X bonus balance.

How do I load Glo 6x?

Load data by calling *223*PIN# on your phone. Yes, you’ll receive up to 6x the value of your recharge.

When you purchase a Glo sim, you will receive an all-in-one bundle that includes voice and data services. With Glo 6x, you may get up to 6GB of data each month as well as N2,200 in airtime on every recharge to call any network.

How do I get Glo 22X bonus?

By dialing *777# and selecting Tariff plan, Tariff details, and 22X plan, you can subscribe to the 22X plan.

If you recharge with N100, you will receive N2,200 in credit. They will first receive a N100 recharge credit in their main account, which they can use on any Glo product.

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All existing prepaid customers, who have not used their line for continuous 30 days would earn 22X benefit once they recharge their lines. To migrate, you don’t need to dial any USSD codes.

Are You Using The 4X Recharge Code On Glo?

Glo 4x Recharge bonus is fantastic. You will receive the offer if you electronically recharge any of the following amounts: N125, N175, N225, N525, N725, or N1025.

Now, Other than the aforementioned e-top-up recharges, you will not receive the 4x bonus on your Glo line.

The Glo 4X recharge code multiplies your every recharge by four. You will receive four times the amount recharged for each recharge you make on this plan.

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