Glo 5x Recharge Code 2023 – Amebo Bonus Offer

Are you also looking for the Glo 5x recharge code that gives you five (5) times the airtime amount of your recharge? Stay tuned, you’re about to find out for yourself.

I know you’re familiar with the glo default airtime recharge code for loading credit all the time but there are more benefits to be enjoyed.

Stop sitting on the fence, My Friend. In the post, you’ll find the active method to load a recharge card on glo and get a 5X airtime bonus in return.

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About Glo 5X Recharge Bonus

Glo keeps surprising their subscribers with amazing airtime and data bonus from time to time. If you’re an active customer, like you load credit frequently you should understand what this means.

The telecom giant introduced the GLO AMEBO Tariff plan that gives all prepaid users a 500% reward for recharging with a given ussd code.

If you register a new sim card today, you’re eligible for the glo 5X recharge plan. All you need to do is recharge at least N100 with the AMEBO code and you’ll get five times bonus back.

Feel free to check some amazing glo tariff plans in Nigeria and their benefits. Let’s proceed…

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glo 5x recharge code

Glo 5x Recharge Code

Glo Nigeria designed this tariff plan to help spend more time on the phone with your loved ones. The 5X code is *555*rechargePIN#, you’re expected to type in the code in your phone dialer app alongside the recharge pin to get a 5X free airtime bonus.

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For example, if the recharge pin is 1234567890098765, just enter *555*1234567890098765# and dial it immediately.

As I said earlier, all prepaid users on the glo network are allowed to make use of the Glo 5X recharge code. Depending on the amount you recharge, the free airtime bonus will be valid for 14 days or 30 days.

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Glo 8 Times Recharge

There’s more for you on the Glo network than you think. Imagine you get 800% of the value you recharge on your account.

Now, this package is different from the glo 5X recharge code. You’re getting extra value any time you recharge your sim with N100 airtime or more.

Let’s do the math; One Hundred Naira(N100) times eight is equal to what? Eight hundred naira (N800) ofcourse.

That’s an example, however, you can recharge N200, N500, N100, or more to multiply it by 8.

  • To enjoy the 8X bonus, recharge with *123*Recharge PIN# every time you buy a slip.

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Glo 6 Times Recharge

While the glo 5x recharge code give multiplies the value of your airtime by five, there’s another tariff plan on this telecom giant service list.

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It’s called the Glo 6X. Yes, this plan didn’t just come with airtime benefits, you’re entitled to free six gigabytes (6GB) every month alongside N2,200 when you recharge two hundred naira (N200) or more…

That’s to say, you get 6GB to browse the internet and N2,200 for voice calls to all networks in Nigeria.

  • To enjoy this offer that’s related to the 5X recharge offer on glo, you’re expected to register and activate a new glo sim card. Read more here…

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Glo 4x Recharge code

You can also get a 400% airtime bonus when you load a call credit value of N100 and above on your glo line. But you’re expected to do something to unlock the 4X bonus on glo.

Just like the Glo 5X recharge bonus, you must apply the given code to get four times the amount spent on airtime.

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Simply dial *323*Recharge PIN# to load the credit. Given that the recharge PIN on the slip you bought is 098765432123456, just dial *323*098765432123456# and you’ll get 4X in return.

You can also recharge through Glo Café, Online, ATMs, and POS terminals. The bonus you get can be used to browse the internet, make voice calls (including 18 international destinations), and send text messages.

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Glo 22x Bonus Offer

I think the 5X bonus recharge code is all needed on Glo then you need a rethink, hehe. There’s a plan that gives you twenty-two times the amount you recharge plus 5GB of free data every month for three (3) months.

Now, how do you qualify for this package? It’s simple. Glo Nigeria promises to give all customers that abandoned their glo sim for 30 days straight.

Yes, you may need to dial the glo 5X recharge code to get 500% extra airtime value but this one is different.

  • You don’t need to recharge with a special USSD code to get 22X the value you recharge. Just go back and find your old sim card where you kept it and top up your line with the glo airtime recharge code.
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Apart from that, you’ll also get 5gigabyte free of charge. Just recharge at least N100 or more to start enjoying the 2,200% benefit.

Glo Recharge Code

The Glo 5X recharge code is different from the default ussd code to load credit on your line. At times, you may get a free bonus from Glo without dialing any special ussd code.

It may be used as compensation, to thank you for being a loyal subscriber to the network. Scroll up to find other Glo DOUBLE recharge codes if that’s what you need.

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How To Check Glo 5x Balance

You may be wondering if it’s possible to check the glo 5x recharge balance. Yes, there’s a simple way to view the available airtime bonus.

  • Simply dial #555*5# to check your 5X balance. You’ll see a pop-up message and also receive an SMS from glo with the result you requested.

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Most Asked Questions

How can I double my Glo airtime?

You multiply your airtime on glo using the 5x recharge code. Just dial *555* plus the recharge PIN and add a hash (#) at the end.

What is the code to recharge Glo?

The code to load airtime on glo is *123*Recharge PIN#.

How do I subscribe to Glo Amebo?

To subscribe to Glo Amebo, simply dial *555*Recharge PIN# and you’ll get 5X the value you recharged. This applies every time unless the offer ends.

Do you have a glo bonus recharge code?

The 5X offer should quench your urge or taste for the glo double recharge code. You can always recharge your phone with “555” to get a 500% bonus valid for 14 to 30 days.

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Did You Get 5X Your Recharge On Glo?

Information is key. Before now, I guess you load credit on your Glo Sim the normal way. That’s using the *123* ussd code to recharge your phone.

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Now, with the help of the Glo 5X recharge code given in today’s post, you’ll start getting five times the value you recharge.

Who no like better thing? lol.

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