Glo Recharge Code To Load Card Faster

Are you also looking for the Glo recharge code to load the card number on your phone?

Before you think of loading credit on your glo line, there must be a tangible reason. Yes, it’s either;

  • You want to call a long-time friend or college mate, or to catch up on a job interview or maybe sign a new business deal.
  • To send an emergency SMS based on the season we are in or to spread important information.

Oh! What if you want to browse the internet like you’re doing now?

No matter what the case may be, follow the guidelines below to load credit on your phone faster.

About The Glo Airtime Recharge USSD Code

Back in the days, there was nothing like airtime recharges, internet data bundles, phone calls, and SMS.

Why would any of these (the above mentioned) exist when there was no Mobile phone? Yes, the Black and White screen display device wasn’t available back then, talkless of the Little Button Data enabled phones.

There was also no reason to learn how to load Glo Card, but all these have changed today.

You now have your favorite Android or IOs smartphones to do almost anything the Windows and Mac computers can do.

Now, you see why the need for Airtime and Data Plans is increasing so fast.

Learn How To Share Credit On Glo Faster

glo recharge glo

New Glo Recharge Code To Load Credit On Your Line

Below is the code to load airtime on glo easily:

  • Simply dial *123*Recharge PIN# on your phone dialer app. For example, if the PIN on the Recharge card slip is 1234 5678 9012 345, just dial *123*123456789012345# and you’re good.
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Wait while the system processes your request.

After that, you’ll see a popup on your screen regarding the airtime Value you just recharged. Also, you may receive an SMS notification from glo.


How To Recharge Glo Yakata

  • First, you must be migrated to Glo Yakata by dialing *230# on your phone.
  • After that, confirm if you’re truly a member of the plan by dialing *100#.
  • Now, recharge your glo account with *123*Recharge PIN#.

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Glo 5X Recharge Code

  • Simply dial *555*Recharge PIN#. For example, if the PIN on the Recharge slip is “0000 1111 2222 345”, just dial *555*000011112222345# to load your next credit.

You will get 500% of the Value you recharge.

Glo 5X Recharge is a tariff plan that enables all glo prepaid customers to enjoy five times the amount they recharge using the ussd code above.

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By loading credit with the code, you’ll be migrated to the plan, and every time you recharge your line, you’ll get 500% back.

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What Is The Glo Recharge Code For Data

  • Simply dial *223*Recharge PIN# to buy data directly from Glo Network once you recharge.

Now, this is how it works;

  • Making use of the above code to recharge your glo line automatically purchase a data plan for you based on the amount you recharged.

For example, if you load N100 credit, you get 100MB worth of data bundles which lasts for 1days. The same thing applies to N200, N300, and more…

That amount you recharge with code affects the Volume of internet data plan you will get.

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How Do I Load Glo Card With Serial Number?

In a situation whereby you have an Over-Scratched card or you are unable to load a recharge card on your glo line, you’re advised to do the following;

  • Call Glo Customer Care Line which is 121 or 200.
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What Is The Glo Balance Code?

What Is The Glo Bank Recharge Code?

It depends on the bank you make transactions with. Below are the available bank recharge codes:

  • First Bank Ussd Code s is *894*amount#.
  • GTB Recharge Code is *737*amount#.
  • UBA Recharge Code is *919*phone number*amount#.
  • FCMB Recharge Code is *322*214*amount#.
  • Access Bank Code is *901*Amount#.
  • Now, see the full list of Bank Recharge Codes In Nigeria here…

How Do I Convert Glo Airtime To Data

You can transform the available airtime on your account balance to data bundles that can be used to browse the internet if you want to.

To do this, follow the guidelines below:

  • Simply dial *141# on your phone dialer.
  • Select Buy Data Plans or Data Bundles.
  • Now, Select Daily, Weekly, or Daily plans depending on the amount of airtime you have.
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That’s how to convert airtime to data on glo.

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Have You Loaded The Card?

There you have it. The glo recharge code to load credit on your phone right now.

So tell me, did it work for you?

Comment below.

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