How to Convert your MTN Pulse Points to Airtime | Redeem & Use in Nigeria

Learn how to convert your mtn pulse points to airtime. Is it possible? How do I use pulse points? Can I buy airtime with my MTN points? What is it even used for? Scroll slowly to learn more…

Here, I’m referring to the airtime used for buying and placing calls.

Yes, you can convert your unused points into active MTN airtime so you can use them to purchase MB.

Similar to the data bundle you are familiar with, which enables simple internet browsing, so does this one.

Continuing on, you have the option of using 3G, 4G LTE, or 5G to browse the internet after converting your MTN Pulse Points to airtime (depending on what you want).

Convert MTN Pulse Points To Airtime in Nigeria

You can gain free points by placing calls and activating your selected internet bundles.

Additionally, you can purchase free Megabytes for browsing using the points.

This is one of the explanations behind the introduction of MTN pulse points.

More activities result in more points. The MTN crew is incredibly wise.

Well, whenever you want, you can convert mtn pulse points to airtime.

When you carry out particular actions on your phone, you are now awarded pulse points as an MTN Pulse subscriber.

Yes, you can later redeem different internet bundle packages using the points.

Particular advantages provided by MTN Pulse include night bundles and data subscriptions. And after the first minute of the day at 25.6kb/s, they have a flat calling rate of 11.25kb/s to all networks.

On Pulse, the 1.5GB weekly bundle costs N500, while the 750MB 3-day plan is N300. You may use points to purchase (when converting MTN pulse points to airtime).

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The pulse points are often helpful whether you want to create a quick night bundle, IG & Tiktok bundle, or daily/weekly bundle. However, the number of points needed for a sizable monthly bundle is on the high side given how long it will take you to acquire those points.

Important Information: MTN will seize all of your points after one year, whether you use them or not. The MTN Pule points do really expire after a year (as shown on your balance enquiry message).

Why Do I Get Free Points MTN?

  • The simple answer is; Because you engaged in one or more of the activities MTN mentioned, you receive bonus points from MTN.

Purchasing or sharing your data bundle is involved in these operations. internet bundles, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. Simply convert your MTN pulse points into airtime.

Additionally, whenever you place a voice call, you receive free pulse points. Additionally, using the myMTN NG app, MTN offers free points for MB and Airtime transfers.

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Consider this knowledge now. You will never get Pulse points if you are doing anything other than switching to MTN Pulse.

Furthermore, if you leave MTN pulse, you will lose your pulse points and will have to earn them again when you come back.  


How To Convert MTN Pulse Points To Airtime

There are few things you must know before I can explain how to convert mtn pulse points to airtime. You must first migrate for MTN Pulse to quality for free Pulse Points from time to time.

You can join by downloading the myMTN app, and purchasing or sharing MB on mtn.

It’s easy. You will accrue more points as you share or purchase more data packages. Even more points are now awarded when you include more activities.

Like loading airtime on your phone or purchasing an MTN Music Time subscription. Keeping that in mind, let me demonstrate how to quickly convert your mtn pulse point to airtime.

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Converting MTN Pulse Points To Airtime (to Buy Data)

  • Open your Phone Dialer and simply dial *406#.
  • Reply ‘7‘ to select Pulse Points.
  • Reply ‘1‘ to select Redeem Data Bundle.
  • Now, select daily or weekly, or monthly MB from the list.
  • For the sake of this tutorial, I will reply ‘3’ to select Monthly bundles.

You will now see the list on your screen after choosing Monthly plans. Please choose a strategy based on how many Pulse points you currently have.

Keep in mind that if you don't use it, someone else will.

Here is how to convert MTN pulse points into airtime step-by-step (to buy internet bundle). Additionally, it provides the code needed to convert MTN pulse points into phone airtime.

However, if you’re one of the people looking for the code to use mtn pulse points, you can find your answer here.

Using MTN Pulse Points via USSD Code

The solution to this was discussed in the preceding section. But because you phrased your question differently, here’s how to use MTN pulse points on your phone right now.

  • Simply dial *406*7*1# on your phone Caller app.
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Following that, you’ll be given a number of data bundle options to choose from. The daily, weekly, or monthly plan can be purchased (depending on the available point you have).

This can also be used to convert mtn pulse points into airtime in the present. You will, as usual, get a message from MTN confirming that your activation was successful.

If not, kindly determine whether the point you have available is adequate.

This process doesn’t take too long. You only need a few taps to get going.

Convert MTN Pulse Point To Airtime

Many people are interested in learning if MTN pulse points can be converted into usable airtime for calls and data subscriptions. I assume you’re also pondering.

Can someone please explain to me how to convert a pulse point into MTN airtime?

Keep your cool for a moment. You can earn a lot of Pulse point rewards if you use the MTN Pulse tariff.

You might now be considering using them as opposed to simply holding onto them.

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One way to use your MTN Pulse points is to convert or redeem them.

Below is the answer your need to understand better:

  • It is impossible to convert the mtn pulse point to airtime.
  • However, you may buy MB on MTN and convert the point t

Transfer Points To Another MTN Line

This section is for you if you’re seeking for tips on how to transfer MTN pulse points to another MTN line.

  • No, you can’t transfer the free points. You can only convert mtn pulse points to airtime (to buy data)

You received it from MTN, and it is intended exclusively for you. If you use mtn Pulse, just this pertains to you. Yes, the Pulse Points and airtime are similar.

100 pulse points, for instance, are equivalent to 100 Naira. This data plan will be cancelled when it expires if you don’t utilize it.

You can now buy airtime via MTN pulse point. Yes, to ensure you don’t miss out, you should get an internet plan from the list of MTN MB bundles.

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How To Check Your MTN Pulse Points

Even if you are unable to transfer your pulse points, you shouldn’t leave them sitting in your account because they must expire.

Every MTN pulse point you have in your account is still valid till the end of the year, regardless of when it was acquired (i.e., December 31).

To make your MTN pulse points helpful, try to convert them to data.

Any pulse point that was active as of December 31 at 11:59 PM has expired and been deleted from your account.

Asking the appropriate questions will help prevent this from happening.

How To Check My MTN Pulse Points

Similar to how you can convert mtn pulse points to airtime, you can check the balance. You may keep track of your available points using this.

  • Launch the Caller App on your phone.
  • Just dial *406#.
  • Choose 7 which is Pulse Point.
  • Respond 4 to continue.
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You can also check your MTN Pulse Point balance by dialing *406*7*4#. You’ll get a notification letting you know how many pulse points you have.

Currently, that is how mtn pulse points can be redeemed. If you’re still having trouble, leave a comment for free advice.

FAQs – Convert MTN Pulse Points To Airtime

What is MTN pulse point balance used for?

You can use your MTN pulse point balance to buy data that can be used to browse the internet.  

How Many MTN Pulse Points Can Buy Data?

MB can be purchased on MTN for 100 points or more. On MTN, points can be used to purchase internet plans. Additionally, it depends on how many points you have.

Can I convert my MTN data to airtime?

  • No, you can’t convert pulse points to airtime.

This question is similar to the one someone asked. Is it possible to buy airtime with MTN points? No, it’s not. You can only subscribe to a data bundle with the equivalent point you have.


Like you, all Android and iPulse users receive MTN pulse points for airtime.

The points can then be used to purchase any of the available data bundles.

So hopefully you’ve learned how to convert mtn pulse points to airtime.

If you have 300 points on your SIM, which is equivalent to having N300 airtime, you can use your points as airtime to purchase any MTN internet that costs N300, for example. Enjoy!

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