How to Migrate to Airtel Smart Recharge 2023 – 10X Bonus Offer

Learn how to Migrate to Airtel Smart Recharge today. If you’re looking for the best guide or code to migrate from another tariff plan to Smart Recharge on Airtel, then this post is for you.

You’ll get to know how this plan works.

Is it a tariff plan or just a bonus offer from Airtel Nigeria? Common, find out more below…

Before you proceed, please keep in mind that this deal is only available to prepaid Airtel subscribers. As a result, if a postpaid customer attempts to recharge their line using the smart RECHARGE unique code on Airtel, they will receive an error message.

Scroll slowly to learn the code to migrate to Smart Recharge successfully and start getting the benefits.


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Migrating to Airtel Smart Recharge

Few Airtel consumers are aware of this plan (or offer) because it is not yet well known. However, you are quite fortunate if you get the opportunity to learn how to migrate to Airtel Smart Recharge.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about this deal, including how to activate it, its advantages, call rates, and data bonuses, keep reading because I’ll go over all you need to know about the Airtel SmartRecharge offer.

When clients recharge their Airtel lines using the authorized SmartRecharge code, they will receive at least 10 times (10X) the value of their airtime, an exclusive offer from the Airtel network.


Benefits Of Migrating To Smart Recharge

You will receive a bonus of 1000% of the amount you recharge for use on calls and data for browsing when you recharge your Airtel line using the unique Smart Recharge code.

Before you ask, How do I migrate to airtel smart recharge? It’s important to know the advantage on migrate in the first place.

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When you recharge your line using the Airtel Smart Recharge code, or the Airtel 10X bonus code, you will receive a 500% airtime bonus and a 500% data bonus.

Below are the known benefits of migrating to smart Recharge:

  • Every recharge includes a 500% airtime bonus. Once you learn how to migrate to airtel smart recharge, you don’t have any problem.
  • Every recharge includes a 500% data bonus.
  • Get a bonus amount of data when recharging for N500 and N1000.
  • This offer is open to unlimited use.
  • There is a roll-over feature in the bundle.



How to Migrate to Airtel Smart Recharge

Instead of being a tariff plan that you can migrate to, Airtel Smart Recharge is a bonus offer and bundle that you can activate by simply charging your line using the code *220*Recharge PIN#.

You will receive a 1000% bonus, consisting of a 500% airtime bonus and a 500% data bonus, when you recharge your Airtel line with that unique code.

Note: You won’t be eligible for the Airtel Smart Recharge Bonus if you recharge using *126*PIN#. It has to be done using the special recharge code.


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After Migrating To Airtel Smart Recharge

Airtel Smart Recharge Call Rate

Let’s see how much a call costs when it is deducted from your SmartRecharge account now that you know how to migrate to Airtel Smart Recharge.

  • Your bonus account will be debited at the rate of N50 every minute or 83.33kobo per second.


Airtel Smart Recharge Balance Code

Below is how to Check Airtel Smart Recharge Balance:

  • Simply dial *123# to view your data and airtime balance on your screen to check your Airtel Smart Recharge balance.


Airtel Smart Recharge Data Bonus

The Airtel SmartRecharge 1000% bonus includes 500% for web browsing, which includes social media scrolling, downloading huge files from the internet, and streaming videos.

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This is one thing you stand to gain when you migrate to airtel smart recharge.

You will be charged N20 per Megabyte when browsing with remaining data from an Airtel SmartRecharge data bundle.


What’s The Validity And Bonus Attached?

The validity of the Airtel Smart Recharge varies depending on the recharge.

The validity of a N100 recharge is 3 days, a N200 recharge is 7 days, and a N1000 recharge is 14 days.

When you migrate to Airtel Smart Recharge and start using it, a N100 recharge provides N500 for voice calls and N500 for broadband usage.

When you recharge your Airtel Smart device for N200, you receive N1000 for calls and N1000 for data usage, while you receive N2000 for voice calls and N3000 for data usage when you recharge for N1000.


FAQs – Migrate To Smart Recharge On Airtel


How can I migrate to Airtel smart recharge plan?

Please recharge your prepaid airtel line with the special code *220*PIN# to receive this airtel smart recharge bonus offer.

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How can I migrate to Airtel Smart Trybe?

Simply dial the code *312# on your phone Caller app to migrate to SmartTRYBE.

Trybe is an Airtel offering that offers the best rates on data and calls to all networks, as well as night surfing for your favorite shows, movies, and music to Nigerian youth and “young at heart.”


How can I migrate to Airtel Overjara?

Just purchase a new SIM card, activate it, register it, and then choose the Airtel Ovajara rate plan from the USSD Menu that appears. However, if you don’t select a tariff plan, you’ll automatically migrate to the Ovajara plan.


What is the code to migrate to Airtel Smart Talk?

Simply dial *315# to switch to Airtel Smart Talk, and you’ll start getting all the lousy extras that come with this package. Additionally, you can start contacting everyone in Nigeria for 11k per second, day and night.

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Another product from airtel designed to provide its consumers extra airtime is called the airtel smart recharge. I think you now understand how to migrate to the Airtel smart recharge plan.

This prepaid line service provides airtime that may be utilized for both voice calls and data internet access. That’s when you migrate. Only local calls and SMS can be made using the airtel smart recharge bonus during on- and off-network hours.


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