Airtel Smart Trybe Cheap 1.5GB Data Bonus 2024

Learn about the Airtel Smart Trybe tariff plan enticing airtime and data bonuses in Nigeria.

Are you looking for a tariff plan that offers cheap data plans, and better rates to call and SMS all networks? This post was written for you.

You will learn how to migrate, the sweet benefits, and more information on TRYBE.

What Is Smart Trybe

Airtel SmartTRYBE is a “two sides” tariff plan which gives you airtime and a data bonus to call all networks, send messages, and possibly, browse the internet with the bonus you get.

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You can make calls at 11k/sec rates, and buy a cheap data bundle for internet surfing which is valid for 7 days including an excluding night browsing plan starting at the low cost of N25 only.

The Smart TRYBE package isn’t new, it has been available for all Airtel prepaid customers to opt in and starts enjoying better value on their expenses.

While there are available mouthwatering internet bundles to enjoy, you will also enjoy amazing browsing speed on this plan.

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airtel smart trybe code

Benefits Of Airtel Smart Trybe

Get cheap data plans to browse the internet. Once you migrate to Airtel smart tribe, you immediately qualify for all the data bonus offers including the midnight data offer.

  • Amazing call rates. Enjoy the 11k per second charges to all networks.
  • Average Validity Period. You are given a standard time frame to exhaust every data bundle you activate.
  • All Prepaid customers are all allowed to opt-in to SmartTRYBE.
  • Activating is simple. Once you dial the shortcode, you can start your SmartTRYBE journey.
  • An airtime bonus can be used to call all networks and also, and you can browse any website of your choice.

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How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Trybe

Below is how to migrate and start enjoying the benefits of this tariff plan. Unless you migrate, you can enjoy the bonuses on SmartTRYBE.

  • Simply dial *312# to migrate to Airtel SmartTRYBE.
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The manual process;

  • Kindly open your phone dialer app. Either Android or iOs smartphone.
  • Now, type in the USSD code (*315#), and send on your airtel sim selection.

Wait while it processes. After then, you will see a quick pop-up on your mobile phone screen and also get a welcome message from Airtel telling you about your new migration.

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Summary Of The Cheap Airtel Data Plans On Smart Trybe.

There is quite a good number of data plans on the Airtel Nigeria list, but on SmartTRYBE, this list is extended.

You can buy the 4G Data Plans on Airtel here… and start surfing the internet at your convenience.

Subscribe to your preferred Airtel data plans below by dialing *141#:

EasyN500750MB225 MB1GB14 days
Android 1.0N10001.5GB460MB2GB30 days
BlackBerry UnlimitedN15003GB920MB3.9GB30 days
Android 2.0N20004.5GB1.05GB5.55GB30 days
Android 2.5N25006GB1.5GB7.5GB30 days

Still, on it, you can also purchase the Airtel SmartTRYBE Night plan that enables you to browse at a low cost from your pocket.

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How To Activate Airtel Night Plan on SmartTRYBE

From 12 AM to 5 AM at mid-night you can buy two selected data bundles by Airtel:

  • 250MB for only N25
  • 1.5GB for only N500

You can check here now to subscribe to the Airtel night bundle.

Smart TRYBE Call Rates & Tariff Cost.

You are to enjoy a local call rate of 25kobo per second for the first 50 seconds and afterward, 11kobo per second.

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In summary,

  • Local Calls: 11k/sec (meanwhile you’re charged 25k/sec for the 1st 50sec)
  • Internation Calls: Standard connection rates.

Important Note: It’s not a must that you use up the 50 seconds on one call access, you can call multiple contacts. Yes, it will be recorded and continue from where it stopped.

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How To Opt Out Of Airtel Smart Trybe

You can opt-out if you want. There is a good amount of tariff plans on the airtel network you can switch to at this point.

To make this possible, see how to opt out of all tariff plans in Nigeria here…

Other Airtel Tariff Plans With Enticing Bonuses

  • Airtel Smart Talk: This enables you to make calls at cheaper rates.
  • Airtel Smart Premier Bundle. Helps you make voice calls locally and internationally, SMS, browse the net, and download your favorite on the Platinum and Platinum Plus packages.
  • Airtel Smart Value. Offers you a flat rate of 15k/sec to call networks in Nigeria.
  • Airtel Smart Connect. You get 100% of the data volume you buy and an 800% airtime bonus. I.e 2X data and 8X airtime.
  • Airtel Smart Trybe Junior. The Junior plan enables pupils and secondary school students to educate themselves on the portable app.

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Is There Any Airtel Trybe cheat?

At this point, there is no clear means of cheating. Like, why will want to do that when it’s cheap?

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Now, you can check out the latest free browsing cheat here if you need data cheat to surf the internet.

Have You Migrated To SmartTRYBE?

I believe you can opt-in to this amazing tariff plan all by yourself following my guideline above.

Enjoy yourself.

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