How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Talk

Learn how to migrate to Airtel Smart Talk by following the instructions on this page. Discover the benefit of migrating SmartTalk, get the code for a successful migration, discover how to remove other tariff plans, and migrate back to SmartTalk

Yes, everything you need to know about switching to this plan is in this post.

Everyone want the good things. No one is searching for ZERO benefits, irrespective of the field.

Most individuals are so interested on the calls and data bonuses they could receive when discussing the code to migrate to smart Talk on Airtel.

Well, as long as you don’t cut corners, it’s not a bad thing.

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Migrating To Smart Talk

For a daily access cost of 5 Naira, Airtel’s Smart Talk tariff plan offers consumers a fixed rate of 12.95k Kobo per second for calls to all networks.

Yes, SmartTALK truly does imply “Talk as you like,” as the name suggests. That’s not the case, haha.

From Airtel to Airtel and to all Nigerian networks, you can take advantage of affordable call rates. As one of the most affordable tariff plans in the nation, the recently released Airtel plan is a good idea. Due to this, Airtel now competes with other GSM service providers to provide subscribers the finest offers on the market.

The Airtel SmartTalk plan’s airtime and data features allow you to enjoy good rates.

Code to Migrate to Airtel Smart Talk 2.0

Before you learn the manual method on how to migrate to Airtel Smart Talk 2.0, let’s look at the short code to migrate easily.

  • The code to migrate to Airtel Smart Talk is *315#.
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SmartTalk is an Airtel product that provides the lowest rates for calls and data across all networks.

Yes, you can start calling friends, family, and everyone in Nigeria for 12.95k per second all day, all night!

Note: Free first migration within a month. The cost of a subsequent migration within the same month is N100.

How To Migrate To Smart Talk

Follow the guidelines below to successfully migrate to the Airtel SmartTalk tariff plan:

  • Dial *121# from the Caller app on your phone.
  • To choose Billing and Tariff, reply 5.
  • Opt for Smart Talk.
  • Start your migration at this point.

The above steps complete your migration to the Airtel SmartTalk tariff plan.

You may now begin making calls at an 12.95k per second rate and make use of all additional bonuses that come with it.

Note: If you removed ST from you line previous, this process is also how to migrate back to Airtel Smart TALK.


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Benefits & Features Of Migrating To Airtel ST

A prepaid tariff plan called Airtel Smart Talk offers customers affordable call rates. If you read the previous posts from NetworkPalava, you should be aware of this. Once you migarte to Airtel Smart Talk, the benefit become available.

Smart Talk enables you to make calls for a very low rate of 12.95k kobos per second.

You can buy the Special Data plans for Smart Talk 2.0. The available packages include 1.5GB for N500 and it’s valid for 7 days.

One common reason people migrate or change tariff plans is because of the benefits of various tariff plans.

Yes, especially on the Airtel network.

Now, why should you migrate to Airtel Smart Talk, and what are the advantages?

  •  5 Naira daily access fee.
  • Airtel to Airtel calls cost 12.95k kobo per second under the plan.
  • The plan charges other networks 12.95k kobo per second.
  • 20 kobo per second international calls to the top 5 foreign nations. Make international calls to landlines in Canada, the USA, India, China, and the UK.
  • Make calls at network rates to other international locations and nations.
  • For local SMS, the plan charge is 4 Naira.
  • International SMS are 15 Naira per plan.
  • For PAYU data, the plan charge is 5 kobo per kilobyte.
  • Beginning with the first second, 12.95k kobo is charged per second.
  • The 5 Naira access fee will only be applied to your account on days when you make a call.
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Note: Anyone with an Airtel prepaid phone can migrate to Airtel Smart Talk tariff plan.

Subscribers on this plan can still migrate other plans like the Premier Connect bundle plan, Talk More bundle and any other plan they may like to use.

There are no data or recharge bonuses on this plan.


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How to Migrate From Airtel Smart Talk To Smart Connect

You might have migrated to Airtel Smart CONNECT by simply phoning the shortcode if an Airtel Smart CONNECT migration code had been issued. However, in this instance, you must adhere to the following procedures to switch from SmartTalk to SmartConnect:

  • Buy a fresh SIM card.
  • At the nearest Airtel SIM registration facility, register the new SIM.
  • Make sure it is activated. You can ask the Representative to confirm.
  • Now, add airtime to your line using the *126*Recharge PIN#.
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There isn’t a migration code in place yet. To migrate from Airtel SmartTalk to SmartConnect, it is crucial to opt out of other Airtel pricing plans before you can profit from SC.

How to migrate from airtel smart talk to talk more

To migrate from smartTALK to TalkMORE on Airtel, follow the guideline below:

  • Dial *121# from the Caller app on your phone.
  • To choose Billing and Tariff, reply 5.
  • Choose TalkMore from the list of possibilities.
  • Start your migration at this point.

That’s how to migrate Airtel smartTALK to Talk More today.

Other Tips Related: Migrate To Airtel Smart Talk Plan

Apart from the step-by-step method on how to migrate to Airtel Smart Talk tariff plan, there are other tips you may need. Yes, these tips are related to Airtel Smart Talk migration code.

Airtel Smart TALK Data Plan

  • Buy 1.5GB for N500 with a special data deal for Smart Talk 2.0. Yes, it lasts for 7 days.
  • Just open your Caller app and dial *141*505#. Only subscribers to Smart Talk2.0 and SmartTrybe2.0 are eligible for this plan.
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Airtel Smart TALK vs Smart CONNECT

With SmartTALK 2.0, an exclusive tariff package from Airtel, you can make calls across ALL local networks for a FLAT cost of 12.95k per second.

When you make your first call of the day, N8.25 will be charged.

All prepaid subscribers, both new and old, are eligible to migrate to Airtel Smart Talk tariff plan.
For users who subscribe to Airtel’s prepaid service, SmartCONNECT is the default bonus plan; it provides 8 times more value every time you recharge you Airtel line.

Simply purchase a new Airtel Local sim and activate it at any Airtel KYC registration location.

Put the SIM card into your phone.

To begin receiving SmartCONNECT benefits, recharge your line with a minimum of N100 or more.

Learn more about SmartCONNECT here…

How to migrate back to airtel smart talk

In case you opt-out from ST and you want to migrate back to smart Talk, below is how to do that in a few seconds:

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To migrate back to Airtel Smart Talk on your Airtel line, dial this code; Dial *318# and send. Now reply with “1” to activate smart talk on your SIM.

You can also, open your phone dialer app and follow the step-by-step method. Which is:

  • Open your phone Caller app and dial *121#.
  • Reply 5 to select Billing and Tariff.
  • Select TalkMore from the options available.
  • Finally, start your migration.

Airtel Smart Talk Call Rate

A thrilling prepaid package called SmartTALK 2.0 gives customers access to the best flat rate:

In Nigeria, you can call all networks at 12.95 kbps from the very 1st second.

On your first call of the day, you will be charged N8.25k.

The following call rates are available for this package:

  • The first call of the day costs N8.25.
  • Local Calls are 12.95 kobos per second.
  • International calls at typical network rates
  • Data from PAYU at N3.533/MB

Subscribers may place the first call of the day at 17.66k/sec if their Main balance is less than N8.25.

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Airtel smart Talk cheat codes

Many people assert that airtel smart Talk members have access to a working cheat code. They assert that it functions with both old and new sim cards.

It will function on your phone if you apply properly.


I don’t believe that Smart Talk cheat codes are appropriate in my situation. This article explains how to migrate to Airtel Smart Talk. This is the cheat code I discovered online:

  • To obtain your BIG data and save money on airtime, simply open your phone dialer and dial *482#.

You can sign up for the 6GB for N500 or the 2GB for N200 plans.

Note: This internet package is open to everyone, not just those who migrate to Airtel smart Talk. You can subscribe to this plan if you use Airtel. The network plan is 2G.

Code to deactivate airtel smart Talk

Normally, the well known way to deactivate a tariff plan is to migrate to another one.

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You can opt-out of Smart Talk by following the steps below:

  • Just Open your Phone Caller App and dial *121#.
  • Select “Billing & Tariff” from the options you see.
  • Select your favorite tariff plan from the options.
  • Tap OK or Send to continue the migration.

Yes, that is the deactivation code for Airtel Smart Talk and the procedure for deactivating Airtel Smart Talk tariff plan on your Airtel SIM card.

That merely indicates that your migration from Airtel Smart Talk to another tariff plan on the Airtel network was successful. Simply put, that is the only way to migrate out of Airtel SmartTalk.

Remember: To migrate to Airtel SmartTalk, just open you phone Dialer App, enter *315# and send it.

FAQs – How to Migrate to ST

What are the benefits of Airtel Smart Talk?

Smart Talk is a tariff plan that enables you to enjoy airtime call rates and data bonuses.

Once you migrate to Airtel smartTalk, you immediately qualify for all the data bonus offers including the midnight data offer.

Amazing call rates. Enjoy the 12.95k per second charges to all networks and many more…

How can I migrate to Airtel smart recharge?

The best way to migrate to Airtel SmartRECHARGE is by recharging with the unique code *220*PIN# on prepaid airtel line. Yes just dial the short code when recharging your phone to switch to the smart Recharge tariff plan.

Then wait for the result in a few seconds.

With *123#, you can check the balance of an Airtel Smart Recharge. Please be aware that you will not receive the airtel smart recharge incentive if you recharge using *126*PIN#. It has to be done using the special recharge code.

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Which Airtel plan is best for call?

SmartTalk is one of the best airtel plans for call. You can earn fantastic call rates on smartTalk to connect with others on the same network as you.


If you’ve read this far, you should be able to activate Smart Talk on Airtel Nigeria and start taking advantage of the features.

Keep in mind that the topic of this piece is How to migrate to Airtel Smart Talk in a Few Easy Steps. Simply adhere to the instructions to get going.

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