Airtel MiFi Data Plans 2023: 4G LTE, Price & Promo Code

Airtel MiFi Data Plans Code: If you’re looking for MiFi 4g data plans and the activation codes on the Airtel network, this post is for you.

Don’t stress about it anymore. I know you’ve been searching for unlimited Airtel 4G LTE data bundles. And without the right information, you can’t activate any WiFi data plan.

In today’s post, you’ll get to know more about the Airtel 4g MiFi data plans in Nigeria and their respective subscription code.

Not just that, though. You’ll get to know the Airtel MiFi router price, the current PROMO offers, how to check your MiFi data balance, and more.

If you don’t use Airtel, you can check out the MTN MiFi and 4G LTE data plans here. Scroll slowly to learn more…

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About Airtel MiFi Unlimited & 4G Data Plans

Get a little bit of insight into the Airtel MiFi website, data plans, the router price, and much more… You can connect their systems to the internet using the Airtel MiFi device.

It also enables your friends, colleagues, and others to connect to the internet via your connection. If Wi-Fi is enabled, the Airtel MiFi can be used as a wireless modem.

If you need to know more about Airtel MiFi data plans, carefully read the rest of this page.

The Airtel MiFi is one of the greatest for several reasons, including price, ease of use, and portability.

The device is small enough to fit in a pocket and may be carried around without drawing attention to itself.

These fantastic Airtel MiFi data plans allow users to connect to the internet via 3G or Wi-Fi. MiFi and MiFi Plans from Airtel.

Airtel MiFi Data Plans & 4G LTE Activation Codes

A MiFi connects to 3G or 4G mobile phone networks to generate a tiny wireless broadband cloud or hotspot.

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It gives wireless internet connectivity to a wide range of devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets.

You’ll learn how to buy Airtel MiFi data plans following the guidelines in this section.

Airtel 4g MiFi Data Plans

You can check out the active MiFi data bundle on Airtel Nigeria below:

Package PriceData PlanValidityActivation Code
N20,000110GB30days*370# (smartphone)

Alternatively, you can buy a MiFi data plan using this URL: Use it when you’re connected to the Mifi device.

Airtel MiFi Unlimited Data Plan

How much is unlimited data for airtel MiFi? Airtel is now the only Nigerian mobile network that provides subscribers with unlimited data plans, which include:

Airtel Unlimited 10 Data Bundle:

This plan provides unlimited data for N10,000 and is good for 30 days; however, after 40GB, a fair usage restriction applies. If you want to subscribe, dial *462*10#.

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Airtel Unlimited 15 Data Plan:

This Airtel plan provides unlimited data at N15,000 for 30 days; however, a fair usage restriction applies after 65GB. You can subscribe by dialing *462*15#.

Airtel MiFi Unlimited 20 – Data Plan Code

The plan provides unlimited data for N20,000 for 30 days. It should be noted that the fair usage policy applies after 100GB. You can subscribe by dialing *462*20#.

This is valid for 30 days; however, after 65GB, the fair usage policy applies. You can subscribe by dialing *462*15#.

Please be aware that a fair usage policy merely means that, once the designated data point is reached, the speed will be decreased to 250 Kbps. A MiFi or Airtel Router can be used to enjoy the Unlimited plans.

Airtel MiFi Ultra Plans

Package PriceData PlanValidity
Ultra 1000040GB + 250MB daily upon exhausting the main bundle30days
Ultra 1500075GB + 500MB daily upon exhausting the main bundle30days
Ultra 20000120GB + 1GB daily upon exhausting the main bundle 

How to Check Airtel MiFi Data Balance

  • Simply dial *121# from the USSD menu on your Mifi. After that, select the necessary option to send an SMS with your airtel data balance and expiration information.
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The topic of how to check Airtel Nigeria MiFi data balance appears to be causing some controversy.

And it shouldn’t be because the task isn’t at all challenging.

It works just as well as monitoring your phone’s data balance.

Additionally, to check your balance, you don’t have to take your SIM card out of the Mifi.

Airtel MiFi Price 2023

The reasonable price is one of the factors that makes Airtel MiFi one of the best.

It is small, transportable, and simple to use as a shoulder bag. With the Airtel MiFi, you may use Wi-Fi or 4G to access the internet.

Right now, if you visit any Airtel dealership, the cost of an Airtel 4G Mifi in Nigeria is listed at 5,000 Naira. It includes 5GB of data for 30 days. Moreover, this is not a sale pricing.

You can buy it from stores like Jumia or Konga, on Jiji, or by simply walking into any Airtel location countrywide.

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If you’re looking for the Airtel MiFi Promo price, you can check out Jumia on Black Friday if there’s an existing offer.

Airtel Router Bundles & Price

In areas where 4G service is available, Airtel Router bundles are specialized MiFi data plans created just for routers to provide an extremely fast internet experience.

The data cannot be used outside of Airtel’s 4G service area because they locked the bundles to Airtel Router on the network. You can check out the Airtel MiFi Data Plans given earlier.

To purchase an Airtel 4G Router for N25,000 and receive 100GB of data for 30 days, visit any Airtel Service center.

  • The Router includes 100GB of free data that is valid for 30 days.
  • Free 10GB per month for six months with a recharge of N10,000 or more in bundles.
  • You can connect 32 wifi-capable devices simultaneously.
  • For easier connection, the router now has a WPS push button.
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How to Recharge Airtel MiFi | 4G Data Plans

In this section, you’ll learn how to recharge your MiFi device on Airtel.

You can connect your system to the Airtel MiFi device and let your friends connect theirs through you while browsing the internet. And when Wi-Fi is activated, we can use it as a wireless modem.

Follow these guidelines to recharge your airtel line and buy a MiFi package Airtel:

  1. Decide on the Airtel MiFi data plan you’ll like to buy.
  2. Then, dial the activation code provided by Airtel Nigeria.
  3. For example, you can buy 1GB for N5,000 by dialing *370# on your smartphone.
  4. Scroll up to see the list of active Airtel MiFi data plan and their subscription code. 

Additionally, you can immediately set up a wireless network connection using the default settings. After that, you can use the Internet. The WLAN can be configured using the access point (AP) feature.

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The MiFi has a concurrent wireless user limit of 10, which is the same as that of MTN and the Ntel Notion MiFi.

Airtel MiFi Data Plans FAQs

See the answers to the most asked questions about the MiFi data bundles below:

How many GB comes with Airtel MiFi?

The MiFi device comes with 5GB of free data that is valid for 30 days, according to Airtel Nigeria.

100% BONUS is offered every month for six months after recharging N5,000-N15,000 bundles.

This is not the case, though. Someone who uses the device said that the 25GB of free data attached to the Airtel MiFi is valid for 30 days. If you’re still struggling with this, please review the Airtel MiFi Data Plans given in this post.

You will receive a free 5GB of monthly data for a total of 6 months when you recharge with N5,000 bundles or more.

Now, up to 10 WiFi-enabled devices can simultaneously connect to the internet using an Airtel MiFi device.

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Is Airtel MiFi unlimited?

No, Airtel MiFi is not unlimited.

How much is Airtel unlimited WiFi plan?

I’m yet to discover the Airtel unlimited WiFi plan, but you can check out the available MiFi Router package below:

Package PriceData PlanValidity
Unlimited Ultra Lite 5,00030GB + 1GB daily upon exhausting the main bundle7days
Unlimited Ultra Standard 15,000120GB + 5GB daily upon exhausting the main bundle30days
Unlimited Ultra Standard 20,000200GB + 10GB daily upon exhausting the main bundle30days
Unlimited Ultra Diamond 30,000300GB + 10GB daily upon exhausting the main bundle30days
Unlimited Ultra Platinum 60,000550GB + 10GB daily upon exhausting the main bundle30days

Apart from using the USSD code above, you can Buy here when connected to the Router.

In areas where 4G service is available, Airtel Router bundles are specialized data plans created just for routers to give extremely fast internet.

Since the bundles are tied to an Airtel Router on a 4G network, no data can be used outside of the Airtel 4G service area.

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How Much is an Airtel Pocket WiFi?

Airtel Pocket WiFi device ranges from N8,000 to N25,000. It all depends on where you’re buying from.

Conclusion – Airtel MiFi Data Plans

A MiFi is any wireless router that can serve as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Using a mobile data sim card, MiFi devices can connect up to 10 to 15 devices simultaneously.

Anyway, in May 2009, Novatel Wireless unveiled the first MiFi gadget in the country.

I hope you’ve learned all you need to know about the Airtel MiFi Data Plans, the WiFi router price, the website, and other necessary information you need.

If you have any challenges with the MiFi device, the 4G LTE, and the unlimited data plan, let us know in the comment section below this post.

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