MTN Mifi: 4G LTE, Data Plans & Price 2024

This post is about the MTN MiFi device, the data plans, its price, and other important information you must know.

Have you ever come across people who use WiFi routers?

If you work in a company that requires internet access to operate, then seeing the MTN MiFi router is very common.

Yes, the MiFi device is very necessary to share an internet connection via WiFi Hotspot. This makes it possible to connect 10 – 15 persons at the same time.

There’s no point in buying a data plan manually. The MTN MiFi device will help you save money. This way, you can put money in other areas of your business.

Today, you’ll learn everything you must need to know about the MTN WiFi router, the price, and the MTN wifi data plans.

About MTN MiFi & Broadband Data Plans

The MTN MiFi device is a choice for your household. That is, it’s core possible to give multiple users free access to the internet (if they have the WiFi network router’s password).

Most people call it Family size WiFi.

You can connect MTN MiFi with your smartphone and other portable devices. These devices include; Android phones, iPhones, Laptops, iPods, Smart TVs, Game Consoles, and any other data-enabled device with a WiFi network in it.

But remember, to make this possible, you first subscribe to one of the mtn 4g mifi data plans.

Let’s proceed with other information about the MTN MiFi device.

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mtn mifi data plans and price (4g lte)

MTN MiFi Price In Nigeria

See the MTN MiFi Device Prices as shown in the table below:

JijiN17,000 – N25,000
JumiaN17,000 – N25,000
KongaN17,000 / N24,000

That’s the price for the MiFi device on Jiji, Jumia, and Konga. However, you can buy from the MTN Office near you.

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In short, the MTN LTE MiFi makes it possible for multiple individuals with a WiFi-enabled device to gain internet access at the same time.

The most common devices are smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, Game Consoles, Smart TVs, and more…

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MTN 4G MiFi Data Plans (Broadband)

This is mistaken for mtn wifi data plans. Yes, people are wondering if there’s a difference between MTN MiFi and WiFi devices.

Get this right. The MiFi you see everywhere is the name of the portable device. While the WiFi network helps you connect to the MTN MiFi router.

Do you get it now? Select one of the MTN MiFi unlimited data plans provided in a bit.

The MTN Mifi Device can be kept from a distance, and an average of 10 to 15 people can be connected to the internet at the same time. Note that the 4G LTE signal is preferable to 3G or 2G network coverage.

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Subscribe to one of the MTN Wifi data plans below:

Data PlanPrice (NGN)Free Data Bonus (Daily)Validity
40GB Plan10000300MBMonthly
75GB Plan15000500MBMonthly
110GB Plan200001GBMonthly

Apart from the MTN MiFi data plan above, you also dial *131# to activate any of the selected MTN broadband Data Bundles and enjoy up to a 100% bonus on data bundles below N5000.

To check data balance on mtn mifi, simply dial *131*4#. You remove the sim from the Router and insert it on your phone or probably log in to your account online.

In Addition, if you still find it difficult to buy a data plan for you WiFi Router, please contact the nearest MTN service center in your area.

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MTN MiFi Free 30GB Data Offer

MTN Nigeria recently added a Free 30GB Data Bonus to the MiFi internet subscription. Below is how to get the free 30GB MiFi Data for yourself.

  • You get the Free 30GB of data (for your WiFi device which last for 30 days) when you buy a data plan and activate MTN MiFi.
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More Benefits Of MTN MiFi Device

  • Get 2X the value of data plans for buying from N3,500 to N20,000. This 100% data bonus is given for 6 months straight to your New SIM card.
  • Make sure you register and activate your new SIM to qualify for free MTN MiFi benefits.
  • You will get an AMAZING top-up option on the MTN MiFi Monthly data plan you activate.
  • Gain access to get 3GB for N1000 only. Simply dial *131*1*5*3# to activate with your linked phone number.
  • Get FREE Data daily. This starts from the seventh month of using the MTN MiFi 40GB, 75GB, and 120GB Monthly data plan.

That’s according to MTN Nigeria.

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MTN MiFi Xmas Offer (Broadband)

MTN gives you access to all MiFi users to get FREE 10GB of data to browse the internet this Christmas season.

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This package is called the “MTN Broadband Xmas Promotion offer“.

You can only qualify to get a free 5GB or 10GB of data on your MTN MiFi and HynetFlex device when you buy a monthly data bundle. This is from 3,500 to 20,000 Naira on MiFi Routers and from 8,000 to 25,000 Naira data plan on HynetFlex devices.

This Xmas offer is limited to a given period, which is;

  • From December 2021 to January 31st, 2022.

You will get bonus data on every eligible data plan you buy with your device’s SIM within the offer period.

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How To Recharge MTN MiFi

There are three (3) major ways to recharge your MTN MiFi device and they have been explained below:

Recharge MiFi Via USSD Code

Please, note that only linked phone numbers can recharge MTN MiFi devices with this code.

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First, open your phone dialer app

  • Type in *131# and send it. You’ll see a popup menu.
  • Select Data Plans.
  • Reply 6 to select MiFi Plans
  • You can select Recharge Device MiFi Device or
  • Select Buy Data Bundle On Device
  • Reply 5 to select MiFi Bundles

Then proceed with the rest.

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Recharge WiFi With MyMTNApp

First, download the MyMTN App from Playstore (if you don’t have it yet).

Register your phone number and proceed to log in.

From the Home Page, tap on the “Bundle tab”. After this, you can select a data bundle and buy any but to buy MTN MiFi data plans, continue reading…

Select HynetFlex Bundles and buy a data plan for your WiFi router there.

Note: you must have a sufficient airtime account balance to buy any MTN MiFi data plan from this list.

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MTN Customer Service Shop

In case the two methods above didn’t work for you, kindly visit the Nearest MTN Customer Service Center in your area and seek assistance.

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Tell them that you’d like to recharge your MTN MiFi device.

Alternatively, you can also call MTN Customer care.

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MTN MiFi Login: How To

You may be required to log in to your MTN MiFi account from time to time. All that is required is your active login details. Most especially, your password.

  • Your password must be kept a secret.

How To Check Data Balance On MTN MiFi

Make sure you check your data balance with the phone number you linked with your MiFi device.

  • Simply dial *131*4# to view your MTN Mifi data bundle balance.

You’ll receive an SMS from MTN in a short time.

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MTN MiFi Summary

MTN Mifi is a Wireless Router that provides an uninterrupted connection to multiple users at a time. It serves as a WiFi-Hotspot, the device can be used by small, medium, and large companies to gain access to the internet.

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Now, the MTN portable WiFi device makes it possible for you to browse on social media platforms.

This includes; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or probably downloading your favorite movies, games, and mobile applications.

People keep asking about the MTN 4G MiFi data plans to browse the internet but, there’s more to it than you may think.

If you’re in this category, the thing is; MTN 4G LTE consumes more data volume compared to 3G and older broadband versions.

But, it’s a result of high internet speed. You enjoy a better experience while browsing online with the 4G LTE network coverage.

The first MiFi device was introduced by Novatel Wireless. Yes, in the United States and in May 2009.

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FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

How do I recharge my MTN MiFi in Nigeria?

You can recharge your MiFi device by dialing *131#. After that, select ‘Buy Data‘ and proceed to buy a MiFi data plan.

You can also recharge your MiFi device with the MyMTN App.

How much is a MiFi device?

Someone also asked; How much is MTN WIFI?

The simple answer is that the price isn’t stable. Depending on the market you’re buying from, whether offline or online market.

In short, you can buy a MiFi device for N17,000 or more.

What Else Do You Need?

The MTN MiFi Devices make it easier for more people to be connected to the internet. You keep a little distance from the WiFi router and your internet connection won’t be interrupted.

Hope you’ve subscribed to one of the MTN 4G MiFi data plans. Also, the price of the MTN MiFi on Jumia and Jiji has been exposed.

So, tell me in the comment section. What else do you need help with?

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