How To Deactivate Caller Tune On Vodafone

Learn how to deactivate Caller Tune On Vodafone without stress. Yes, you know the amount that is always deducted from your account isn’t it? If you’re worried about extra charges and want to cancel or stop caller tune service on Vodacom, this is what you need.

Most phone caller tunes are very interesting whenever they sound, and the majority of mobile phone users love to use caller tunes that suit their interests. But sometimes, there may be a need to either change the caller tune or de-activate it entirely.

Who doesn’t love having a caller tune in today’s world? While some make use of interesting and classic music of their choice as caller tunes, others make use of simple and cool music.

Other people use animal sounds, such as the sweet chirping of birds, to brighten their day or as the best way to remember certain interesting and funny experiences in their lives.

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While others make use of popular songs by recognized artists as their ringtones. Today, you’ll get the code to deactivate Caller Tune on Vodafone.

Deactivating Caller Tune On Vodafone

This article is very interesting to read and understand as it is part of the experience I had and the outcome of the research I conducted to provide information on how to deactivate caller tune on Vodafone.

Vodafone makes use of two effective methods, which are SMS and toll-free numbers, to deactivate a caller’s tune. So, if your caller tune is becoming tedious and you want to delete or deactivate it, simply follow the steps outlined in this article.

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How can I deactivate Callertune using SMS if I have a prepaid number on Vodafone?

I have made the necessary findings to answer this question correctly. Continue reading to get the answers below.

  • Simply send SMS “CANCT” to “144“. Within 15 minutes, your subscription will be activated.

In some cases where you wish to cancel the subscription, it may take as long as a day to deactivate the caller tune. Never be hasty because you will get the result.

What If You Have a Postpaid Number?

You can make use of the SMS or toll-free number OR simply text SMS “CANCT” to “111”. Just like the prepaid number, it may take 15 minutes or 24 hours to be deactivated.

As simple as the procedure may look, be careful while ensuring to follow the steps.

How To Use The Toll-Free Method To Deactivate Caller Tune On Vodafone

To use this method, dial 22622 (toll-free) from your Vodafone postpaid number. Using this method, you can deactivate your phone’s caller tune on Vodacom from your postpaid contact.

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Note that in deactivating Vodafone CallerTune, you can also download the new CallerTune app and manage your services OR send “stop” to 155223 (toll-free).

This is done in case you can’t keep on with your caller tunes service.

To ensure that your issue regarding your caller tune has been resolved, you will receive a confirmation SMS with the details.

How Can A Qatar Vodafone User Deactivate A Caller Tune?

Your Qatar phone doesn’t make your phone any different, but it can be done by following these steps:

  • Dial 230 as a subscription code or send the word “sub” to 230.
  • If you have an unsubscribed code, dial 230 or send the word “unsub” to 230.
  • Note that charges are involved, so don’t think it is free. Nothing like this comes cheap or free.

What Can I Do to End Vodafone Company Calls?

When it comes to this, send an SMS to 1909 (toll-free).

You can change the DND service or call IVR 1909 (toll-free) to activate it.

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How Can I Block Unnecessary Calls? 

If you are tired of seeing and picking up unnecessary calls and beeps and decide to block such contact, all you can do is take note of the numbers and add them to the block list.

Call from the number you want to register and never struggle to do a free call list. You can decide to block the number using your phone’s settings app.

How Can I Close My Vodafone Postpaid Number? 

Using your Vodafone postpaid number, you can call your customer care number 195/141 and request to deactivate your VI postpaid phone number.

Your verification number will be required during this process, after which your phone number will be temporarily deactivated.

Have You Deactivated Caller Tune On Your Vodafone Line?

Instead of being distressed at your phone caller tune, take action regarding what has been discovered concerning your Vodafone and get it resolved. I hope this article has revealed the essence of changing your caller tune to fit your standard.

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This article should help you to deactivate your caller tune on Vodafone and also answer other related questions.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Co-written with: Peter Okoroji

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