How to Migrate to Glo Free Tomorrow Now

Learn how to migrate to Glo Free Tomorrow by following the simple guidelines in this post.

There are many people struggling to choose a tariff plan to migrate to in this season. Yes, they’ve been cracking their heads and wondering which Glo tariff plan is the best to opt in to.

Well, maybe today’s guides on the code to migrate to the Glo Free Tomorrow tariff plan will help you decide faster.

Read below…

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Migrating to Glo Free Tomorrow

You have the option to receive DOUBLE your daily usage back the next day with Glo Free Tomorrow.

Usage costs 28k/s, N4 every SMS, and 5k/Kb, whereas Bonus costs 56k/s, N8 per SMS, and 10k/Kb.

Whatever you use today with Glo Free Tomorrow, you get DOUBLE back FREE the next day.

No restrictions are present. The following day, you receive double as much as you used the day before.

Yes, it’s as Simple as that. That’s what you get when you learn How to Migrate to Glo Free Tomorrow tariff plan today.

Any money you spend from your Glo primary account is awarded DOUBLE (200%) under the FT plan.  The additional usage is subject to a small restriction, though.

Only Glo to Glo calls are eligible for use of 75% of the Free Tomorrow bonus; the remaining 25% can be used for calls to other networks, foreign locations, browsing, and other things.

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How to Migrate to Glo Free Tomorrow

  • The code to migrate to Glo Free tomorrow plan is *300#. So, open your phone dialer app and simply dial *300# to receive double your daily usage the next day. It’s FREE to subscribe.

The Free Tomorrow plan is completely free, and you can use the advantages for surfing, calling, and sending SMS to any Nigerian network.

Just dial *600# to migrate Glo Free Tomorrow, and you’ll then get a message welcoming you to your new plan. Migration is cost-free.

But before migrating to Glo Free Tomorrow in the first place, you must truly make up your mind. The reason is that all of the advantages and extras from your previous plan will expire.

You can still choose to pay for value-added services and packs like BIGGU, IDD, Jolof, Callertune, etc. out of your primary account balance, though.

Please take note that money spent on data or value-added services disqualifies you from receiving bonuses.

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After Migrating To Glo Free Tomorrow Tariff Plan

It’s not just about migrating to the Glo Free Tomorrow tariff plan, there is some necessary information you need to stay up to date.

Get them below.

How To Check Your Glo Free Tomorrow Bonus Balance

I believe you’ve learned how to Migrate to Glo Free Tomorrow tariff plan, but it’s that all? Of course not. You also need to check your GFT bonus balance to make sure it’s intact.

You’ll receive an SMS from Glo as confirmation each time bonuses are applied to your account.

  • However, to monitor your bonus usage, dial either #122# or *122*8#.

Although you will receive an SMS to confirm the exhaustion of your bonus account, you should always monitor your bonus balance to avoid using up your benefits without recognizing it.

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Now you know it’s not just about getting the code to migrate to Glo free tomorrow, you need other useful information.

It’s important to understand that any funds you have in your bonus account won’t be carried over. In other words, you must use your bonuses each day to avoid losing them.

Additionally, using your bonuses will not count toward your Free Tomorrow for the next day. As a result, you must first use your bonuses before using money from your primary account balance to be eligible for another bonus the following day.

Glo Free Tomorrow Call Rates & Other Info:  After Migration

Once you migrate to Glo free tomorrow tariff plan, the follow call rate and charges are what you stand to get:

  • Call charges with the Glo Free Tomorrow plan are rather low at 28 kobo/second for calls, N4 for SMS, and 5 kobo/Kb for broadband.
  • Charges from the bonus account, on the other hand, are somewhat higher and exactly double those from the main account. For calls, N8/SMS, and data, bonuses are charged at a rate of 56 kobo/seconds, N8/SMS, and 10 kobo/Kb.
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The Glo Free Tomorrow bonus has a time limit as well. In other words, it is only valid for a single day and ends at 11:59 p.m.

FAQs – How to Migrate to Glo Free Tomorrow

How can I migrate to Glo cheapest tariff?

See how to migrate to Glo cheapest tariff plans here… In that post, you’ll find several tariff plans with enticing airtime and data benefits.

If I already have money in my Free Tomorrow bonus account, would I still receive free airtime the next day?

No; to receive the bonus the following day, you must use all of the credit in your Free Tomorrow bonus account and add extra from the Main account.

How long is the free airtime bonus offered by Glo?

  • All the Bonuses end precisely at 23:59 each day.

If I have Airtime on my Main Account on Glo, which account will be charged first?

When a call is placed, the New Glo Free Tomorrow account will be charged before the main account, which will only be charged once the bonus account has been used up completely for the day.

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What must I do to take advantage of the lower international calling rates to the most well-known locations?

Nothing! Once you have successfully migrated to the Glo Free Tomorrow plan, all calls to the USA, UK landlines, Canada, China, and India will be charged at a rate of 22k/s.


As soon as you migrate to the plan, you can start taking advantage of Glo Free Tomorrow’s features. To select the Free Tomorrow profile, dial *600#.

You can even call well-known foreign countries including Canada, the United States, China, the United Kingdom, and India using the Glo Free Tomorrow bonus.

I hope you’ve learned how to migrate to Glo free tomorrow tariff plan with the instructions in this post. Enjoy yourself.

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