How To Port Bsnl To Jio

Learn How To Port Bsnl To Jio by following this simple tutorial. If you’re currently using BSNL and you want to move, migrate, or port to Jio, read slowly to find out how.

You may occasionally desire to change your mobile phone network operator but not know how to go about it. Compared to several other providers in the sector, the rate at which your requests are failing has increased dramatically.

At busy intersections where other carriers have linkage, your BSNL correct number receives very weak signals, which have nearly no network connectivity. Alternatively, some other provider may be giving you the best terms with more potential advantages than the prevailing plan.

In this article, you will definitely learn the best way to port BSNL to Jio. Read through this article attentively, follow the guiding steps, and apply the information as you are guided. You will definitely get the information you need after reading this article.

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Porting From Bsnl To Jio

Reliance Jio provides a variety of postpaid and prepaid cell phone options to its customers. These strategies are also extremely effective. Be informed that in addition to the asset management position of the corporation, you are given several advantages, like additional free access to Jio Apps and Hotstar VIP access.

This indicates that Jio’s data packages provide a significant amount of value. However, in addition to this, Jio also provides its customers with long-term packages. For instance, Reliance Jio offers a variety of long-validity plans.

Be informed that you solely need a form of identification to switch your current BSNL number to Jio during the process. That’s only what’s required, and you can provide it by providing a driver’s license or other paperwork based on your officially recognized record.

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What are the factors to consider while porting from BSNL to Jio?

When you are making a porting request through the MNP network service, you need to consider and ensure that your connection has been functional for over 90 days. This is one of the main criteria that will qualify you to apply for porting.

If it’s not been long since you ported your number and you are making another request, it might be rejected.

How To Port BSNL to Jio Through Website

As stated above, you have the option of requesting your SIM delivery from Jio online. You can also make a porting request offline by going to the closest store outlet.

Information like proof of identity and residential address would be requested for the online and offline porting processes. Therefore, it’s advised that you get the documents that contain your personal details ready. Please note that the online SIM delivery is accessible only by postpaid users online.

  • To do this, you must first visit the Jio website and provide both your mobile phone number and complete name.
  • Next, you must select the Generate OTP button.
  • You will receive an OTP via SMS on the same phone number you provided here, as soon as you complete this step.
  • Next, you must input the OTP and tap on the Verify OTP button.
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You will now see a different screen where you will be prompted for your address-related details. Your whole address, containing your location, house address, pin number, local landmark, etc., must be entered here.

Continuation: Porting BSNL Number to Jio Through Website

  • You then need to select the confirmation button and hit the send button before you can complete the SIM delivery request.
  • After that, Jio will contact to ask for an arrangement to bring the new SIM card.
  • During this process, you must obtain details on the MNP service and obtain a Unique Porting Code (UPC).

You can receive this by typing PORT on your mobile device, giving a space, then typing your mobile phone number, and sending it to 1900.

You must have an existing connection that you have been accessing for the past ninety days before you can qualify for a port. This is important to take into consideration when attempting to make a porting application using MNP solutions.

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If your number has recently been ported, the request to port it again will be denied.


The detailed information in this article is well-analyzed to help you port BSNL to Jio without complications. Be informed that your BSNL current number will remain properly operational during the porting process. 

When your BSNL service expires, you can switch it to a Jio sim card, recharge it with the right plan, and your BSNL connection will start functioning again.

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