How to Change MTN Tariff Plan

Learn How to Change MTN Tariff Plan by following the simple guidelines, I will give you today.

If you are tired of the current tariff plan you’re using then, it’s about time you change it. Imagine other new tariff plans in Nigeria giving wonderful bonus offers on recharge and your current plan gives you nothing.

That’s sad.

Changing Your Current Tariff Plan On MTN

Many Mtn users do not know how a subscriber can change from one Mtn Tariff plan to another. MTN Tariff Plans are MTN rates and cost schedules for monthly subscription fees, monthly inclusive benefits, and usage charges.

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There are notably 5 MTN Tariff plans that you can select from. Dial *123*2# and you will see the following:

  1. Beta talk
  2. iPulse
  3. mPulse
  4. XtraSpecial
  5. XtraValue

How to Change MTN Tariff Plan Fast

To change your tariff plan on MTN, what you must do is migrate to another tariff plan entirely.

For example, if you’re currently on MTN Pulse and you want to change to BetaTalk, just dial the MTN BetaTalk migration code to change immediately.

Do you understand?

Now, get the code to change your current tariff plans from the list below:

1) Change To MTN Beta Talk

On every recharge of N100 and higher, MTN Beta Talk offers its customers a 300% airtime bonus and a 200% data incentive.

MTN also has special bundles that are also available, including 40MB for N50 and 250MB for N200, and free 10MB of data on the first recharge or first call of the month, which is valid for only 30 days (1-month offer).

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To change to this MTN tariff plan, simply dial *123*2*6# and follow the instructions.

Example of MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan Bonus

  • If you prepay N100, you get N100 + N200, so you will get N300.
  • If you recharge N200, you get N200 + N400, so you will get  N600.
  • If you recharge N300, you get N300 + N600, so you will
    have N900. And so on.

2) Change To MTN iPulse Tariff Plan

The MTN Pulse tariff plan is arguably one of the most recognized MTN tariff plans in the network service.

This plan comes with some unique features never before introduced on any plan from the MTN network.

  • Calls to the MTN line: 15 kobo/sec or 11 kobo/sec after 40 kobo/sec for the first 60 secs to the MTN line.
  • Non-MTN lines: 40 kobo/sec.
  • Get 1GB at N500 for a week and 500MB/night at N25
  • Prepayment for N100 = 10MB of data bonuses 10MB (once a week for 24 hours).
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To change to this MTN tariff plan, simply dial *406# and select 1 to continue and complete the process.

3) Change To MTN mPulse Tariff Plan

mPulse is targeted at tweens and teens aged 9 to 15 years old. This tariff is a creative new prepaid service crafted to provide important life and digital skills to young kids in Nigerian schools.

Users of this plan can be successful and progressive in an ever-changing competitive world by assisting kids in learning, playing, and improving.

To change to MTN mPulse, dial *123*2# or text mPulse to 131. Also, every first recharge or first call of the month comes with a free 10 MB of data that is valid for 1 month.

4) Change to MTN XtraSpecial (MTN XtraSpecial, Prepaid)

You can make calls to chosen international destinations and all local numbers at a flat rate of 15.36 kobo per second. Only on MTNXtraSpecial are there no daily, monthly, or access costs.

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Simply dial *123*2# to change to this MTN tariff plan and enjoy the benefits.

Every first recharge or first call of the month gets you a free 10MB of data that is valid for  30 days.

5) Change To Mtn XtraValue

Get an amazing deal on a bundle of airtime for voice and data communications. To switch to MTN XtraValue, dial *123*2# to change to this MTN tariff plan.

MTN XtraValue offers two types of bundles (XtraTalk and XtraData) at different prices ranging from N300 to N20,000.

While roaming with N2,000 and above in 10 countries, you can also make outgoing calls, send SMS, and receive incoming calls, providing you better value for your money. Customers on both postpaid and prepaid plans can use the features in this Mtn service.

6) Change To MTN TruTalk Tariff Plan

You will receive a set rate for calls throughout all local networks in Nigeria after paying the full daily access fee. Dial *400# or *123*2#, or send TT to 131.

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Every first recharge or first call of the month gets you 10 MB of free data that lasts for 30 days.

You can switch to the MTN TruTalk tariff plan at any moment for free without being charged a dime.

  • For MTN Tru Talk+, dial *123*20#.
  • For Mtn Beta Talk, dial *123*2*6#.
  • For MTN ZONE, dial *135*1#.
  • For MTN XtraPro, dial *401# and select 1.
  • For MTN Xtra Special, dial *408# and select 1.
  • For MTN Pulse, dial *406# and select 1.

Have You Changed Your MTN Tariff Plan?

When it comes to changing to any MTN tariff plan, you have a lot of options. Note that if you change plans more than once within 30 days, you will be charged a migration fee of N102.

I believe this article answers your question about how to change MTN tariff plan. I compiled a list of all MTN tariff plans and how to change to the tariff plan of your choice, including their migration codes.

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