How To Check Glo Account Balance

Learn how to check your Glo account balance with the step-by-step process in this post. In case you don’t know your current account balance on Glo, get the code to check in a few seconds.

Knowing the code to check the Glo account balance is essential to every user of this network provider. It’s likely that you don’t understand how to check your account balance if you’re a new customer.

You might not be a new subscriber, but you still have to check your airtime, data, bonuses, or any other balance on your Glo personal phone number.

Glo is regarded as having affordable data and call rates. Glo is among the top mobile communications corporations in Nigeria and it has been commended by the users it’s services.

The instructions on how to check your Glo account balance are provided in this article. Before I detail the necessary USSD codes that can be used to check the amount, data, or bonus on your Glo credit account, let’s look at Glo as a company and the services its subscribers can take advantage of.

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How To Check Glo Account Balance

As long as you can recall the USSD code, accessing your Glo account’s balance is simple. There are two methods you can use to get this process perfectly done.

First Method:

To view the balance of your Glo credit account without a problem, just follow the directions below.

  • On your connected Glo sim, dial #124#.
  • Press the “dial” or “send” option.
  • After doing so, a prompt message will appear requesting you to press 1.
  • Press 1 to send, and your remaining Glo airtime will be shown.
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Second Method:

Similar to the first, but simpler, is the second approach. If you’re having trouble following the instructions above, simply send them by dialing #124#1# on your registered Glo SIM card. The remaining Glo amount of airtime will be shown to you on the device.

After explaining the USSD code to use to check the balance of your Glo account on your mobile phone, let’s move on to the procedures to view the balance of your bonus account.

How To Check Glo Bonus Account Balance

Several bonuses and a minimal call rate make Glo a favorite. If you’re looking for instructions on how to check the balance of your Glo bonus account, you must first be specific about the bonus’s type before checking it.

You don’t have to feel nervous about this. The list of codes to check the balance of your Glo credit and bonus accounts is stated below:

1. Checking the Glo Bonus Account Balance

Most Glo Bonus accounts can have their balances checked by dialing #122#. You only need to send it by dialing #122# on your registered sim card.

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However, if this does not work, it indicates that the bonus is a Post-Paid or Prepaid plan hidden benefit. You might need to attempt some of the additional codes that are listed below.

2. Checking Glo Welcome Back Bonus Account Balance

This bonus primarily applies to recently found lost Sims. You can check the balance of your Glo welcome-back bonus account by dialing #122*34# on your mobile phone.

3. Checking Glo Locked Welcome Back Bonus

By dialing #122*35# on your mobile phone, the balance of the locked welcome back bonus account would be visible for you to see.

4. Checking the Glo Campus Booster Bonus

What you have to do to check the balance of all your Glo Campus Booster Bonus accounts is call #122*10#, and then your account balance details will be shown.

5. Checking Bumpa Package Bonus

You can verify your Bumpa Package Bonus by calling #122*2# on your associated Glo sim card.

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6. Checking Glo Yakata Airtime Balance 

By dialing #220*1# on your phone, the remaining airtime on your Glo Yakata account will be displayed on your mobile device.

7. Checking Glo Jumbo Bonus Balance

Dial #122*23# to view your account balance if you’ve been curious to know how to check the balance on your Glo Jumbo bonus account.

How To Check Your Glo Data Balance

One of the top network service operators, Glo is regarded for its affordable data balance and satisfying data duration. You should understand how to check your Glo Data balance as a solution.

You have a variety of options for checking your Glo data balance. Yes, you can check using their website, use a USSD code, or send a message to Glo.

Fortunately, we’ll go over every option you have for checking your Glo data balance. so that you can apply the alternative approaches if the first one doesn’t work.

Glo USSD Code To Check Data Balance

Glo has created some USSD codes specifically for checking your data balance because they recognize how important it is.

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First Method

By dialing *777# on your USSD device, you can check your Glo data status. To check the balance of your data, follow these instructions.

  • On your registered Glo sim card, dial *777#
  • To purchase a plan, choose 1 from the available options on the screen.
  • To manage the service, choose option 4 once more from the list of available choices.
  • Repeat the procedure by choosing Option 4, “Get Data Balance,” once again.
  • Finally, the details of your Glo data balance will be displayed on the screen.

Second Method

When you dial *127*0# to check your Glo data plan, your Glo data amount will be shown on the screen of your mobile device. If you consider the first approach challenging, you can use the second method.

How to Check Data Balance on Glo Via SMS

Despite being really simple, many individuals do not understand how to check their Glo data balance by SMS. Simply sending “INFO” to 127 as you would any other message is all that is required, and you’ll receive a response with your Glo data balance.

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This article is comprehensive details on how to check the Glo account balance. Now that you have this knowledge, you ought to be capable of checking the balance of your Glo credit, data, and bonus.

Additionally, you ought to be able to access your Glo data balance via SMS or a code. Similarly to that, since the details in this article are made available, checking the balance of your Glo bonus account would not be difficult.

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