How To Check MTN Night Plan Data Balance Fast

This post shows you how to check MTN Night Plan Data Balance easily.

It is no longer news that the MTN night plan is a midnight browsing bundle launched for MTN Pulse users.

This particular cheap data plan offers you 125MB for just N25 and 250MB for the cost of N50. Yes, you’ll learn how to check your night plan balance on MTN.

The former data rate of the plan was 250MB and 500MB which costs 25naira and 50naira.

But right now, everything is changed.

The MTN Pulse night plan is a cool plan for MTN users, especially the night surfers in our midst. It allows you to browse at midnight with a low data rate. Today’s post gives you the code to check midnight data bundle.

Of course, you know that night browsing is sweat. Internet servers are active, fast and network coverage is always stable at night.

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Talk more of MTN with a fast, stable network and everywhere you go.

Now, I hope you are haven’t subscribed yet, check out the MTN night plan subscription codes with outstanding benefits.

And before you subscribe you must be migrated to the MTN Pulse tariff plan to avoid restrictions.

How To Check MTN Night Plan Data Balance

How To Check MTN Night Plan Data Balance With Code

  • Simply dial *406# on your phone dialer
  • Reply ‘3’ to select the Nightlife bundle.
  • Reply ‘3’ to select balance.

You can also dial *406*3*3# or *559*96# to check the Midnight plan balance.  

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Alternative Way To View Night Plan Balance on MTN

It’d be easier for me to say; simply dial ***# as the code to check mtn night data balance.

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But not in this case.

MTN Pulse didn’t specify or officially provide any valid means on how to check the MTN night plan balance.

Follow the below step:

  • Kindly go to settings (on your device)
  • Locate and tap on Data Usage (you may find it in Network & Internet section)

You should see your all-time (or monthly) used data on your device.

How To Check MTN Night Plan Data Plan Balance Fast

As you can see in the screenshot above, that’s a record of my data usage from July 4 to August 3, and looking at the billing cycle, you can see clearly that this is a record of 4days of data used on my device.

Hmm… That’s not really what we want right? We need to see the exact amount of data we used at the moment.

The only way to check the exact used night plan data on mtn is by simply setting a data limit the next time you subscribe to the Pulse Nightlife bundle.

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Checking MTN Night Bundle Balance: How To Set Data Limit On Android

This is another method to check your remain mtn night plan balance. Follow the below steps carefully:

  • Go to Settings
  • Locate and tap on Data Usage
  • Tap on Billing Cycle How To Check MTN Night Plan Data Plan Balance Fast
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Now it is time to set limits.

First, Billing Cycle – Set the date on which user data can start recording monthly.

Second, Data Warning – Set a limit of which you will be informed when it’s exceeded.

For example, if you set 100MB as a data warning, you will be notified anytime you use up to 100MB and you will be asked if you want to continue browsing.

How To Check MTN Night Plan Data Plan Balance Fast

Third, Set Data Limit – Turn on the switch, click on “Data limit” and set a limit.

How To Check MTN Night Plan Data Plan Balance Fast

The data connection will be turned off, once the limit is reached.

You can now calculate your remaining Night plan balance based on what you see to make sure you are not being cheated.

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How To Check ALL MTN Data Plan Balance

It’s really simple. Dialing a shortcode on your device gets your data balance information on your screen.

No matter the data plan you are in, I’ve given the working codes to check the MTN data plan balance. Yes, the post include the code to check mtn nightlife balance.

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You will find how to check your available data balance via USSD, SMS, and other easy methods in a single guide.


Buying data plans has become a part of our lives these days.

An average human can’t do without data on their phone. It’s not a bad thing though, with so much information on the internet, one should subscribe to cheap data plans to be updated on the latest trends.

Well, it’s not enough to buy data plans. Meanwhile, it is more important to check and monitor your existing data to make sure, you aren’t getting cheated.

And this guide shows you how to check MTN night plan data balance easily and fast.

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