Dark Tunnel Config File Download 2024 (Jio, Airtel)

Are you also looking for the Dark Tunnel config file download link? No worries, this post is created for you.

People keep asking all the way; where can u download the latest dark tunnel configuration file for Android?

Yes, I understand that you need a free internet browsing cheat. So you are here for the latest Dark Tunnel config file download link, You are in the right place, keep reading.

We have uploaded the config files for the following networks;

These new Dark Tunnel Config files are working perfectly and can save you the stress of looking for other files.

About Dark Tunnel App

Dark Tunnel App is an Android app designed for the purpose of unlocking the code to the free internet. The app helps users to gain access to the internet for little to no money spent on buying airtime at all.

You get to enjoy unlimited free access to your favourite web pages. Yes, This app allows you to access the tunnel server behind the firewall.

  • The Tunnel Type includes; SSH, SSH Through DNSTT (SlowDNS), VMess, VLess, Trojan, and Shadowsocks.
  • Transport Network; TC, Websocket, and gRPC.
  • Inject Mode; Direct -> Target, Direct with SNI -> Target, Proxy -> Target, and Proxy with SNI -> Target.

The app Requires Android version 6.0 and higher versions to install and work properly without errors. Also, over 500,000+ people have downloaded the applications.

Dark Tunnel Config Files Summary

You may also want to know more about the Dark Tunnel Files For Free Internet. Now, the configuration files created for the Dark tunnel android apk serve a solid purpose.

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Yes, the idea is to provide you with free access to the Internet. I mean unlimited access without interruption.

But, you see, things like this are not always advisable. It may be illegal and you must be careful so you don’t infect your phone.

Dark Tunnel Config Files Download

Download your favorite configuration files below based on the network you use:

  • Jio UNLIMITED: Download here…
  • Jio Unlimited 2: Download here…
  • Jio (US) 3: Download here…
  • Jio Unlimited Free Internet 50mb/s: Download here…
  • Vi Unlimited Free Internet: Download here…
  • Airtel Unlimited Free Internet: Download here…
  • BGMI 30ms: Download here…
  • 70+MB/s for India: Download here…

Dark Tunnel Files are currently giving free internet access on all networks, in case you didn’t know.

But, don’t be too excited by hearing free browsing cheat on all networks because you need to download a working Dark Tunnel file to enjoy the free internet access.

Some Dark Tunnel Files often got blocked, and once it’s blocked no more free internet access, this is why it’s great to know the Telegram Group/Channel for Dark Tunnel Files.

Make sure you bookmark this Dark Tunnel Plus Config File Download page, so you will be able to revisit this page. Yes, to download the latest config files for your network and we are updating regularly.

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How To Import Dark Tunnel Files

Firstly, download and install Dark Tunnel from PlayStore here…

Now, follow the video instructions on how to import the configuration files you just downloaded.

Video Guideline 1: Import Dark Tunnel Config Files

Video Guideline 2: Import Config Files

So that’s it. You can connect now and if the setting contained by the files is correct and still working then you shouldn’t have any issues.

Proceed to your favourite browser and start browsing at your convenience.


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Where Can I Download The Dark Tunnel Android App?

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What is Dark Tunnel Plus Config File?

The dark Tunnel config file is an exported setting that contains a custom payload, V2ray settings, that lets you use the VPN without any need for the custom settings, all you have to do is to import your file and you are good to go.

What are Dark Tunnel Files used for?

  • To unblock restricted sites; did you ever feel you want to participate in something that is not available in your country? Dark tunnel file may be the solution
  • To keep your privacy safe; dark files establish a secure connection between you and the internet
  • To Change your IP address; You can choose your preferred server and your IP address will be changed to that server’s location.
  • For Free Browsing; you can also enjoy free browsing with Dark tunnel configuration file


There you have it. The recently dropped dark tunnel config file download link for unlimited free internet browsing.

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You can browse the internet all day long using your smartphone. Enjoy while it last.

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