How To Buy Airtime From Bank With MTN 2023

You will learn how to buy airtime from the bank with MTN by following the guidelines in this post correctly.

It doesn’t matter your activity on the MTN network. Buying airtime from your bank has nothing to do with you being a new or existing customer.

There are some simple tests you must pass to start buying airtime from the bank with your MTN phone number.

Today, you’ll get the short USSD code to buy airtime from the bank with mtn. Let’s proceed…

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Buying Airtime From Bank With MTN

It all started as a surprise. To date, some individuals find it difficult to adapt to the changes in technology.

We’re gradually moving from buying recharge cards to buying from banks to our MTN phone number.

You’re smart and that’s why you’re asking for guidance on how to buy airtime from your Bank to MTN sim.

Myself, I can’t remember the last time I bought a recharge slip talkless of applying MTN recharge code on my phone. (lol, real talk)

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how to buy airtime from bank with mtn

How To Buy Airtime From Bank With MTN

This post is for you if you’re the busy type and you’re not chanced to go out of your office. You can just buy from your bank buying dialing the ussd code on mtn.

Before you proceed, there are some things you to set up in place otherwise buying airtime from your bank with mtn sim won’t be possible.

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Different banks have different airtime recharge codes and because of this, I created a post a few days ago that gives you All bank recharge codes for airtime and data in Nigeria.

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Code To Buy Airtime From Any Bank

In summary, below are the codes to buy airtime from your Bank with MTN:

  • Access Bank Plc – *901*Amount# (₦5,000 limit daily)
  • First City Monument Bank (FCMB) – *329*Amount# (₦5,000 daily)
  • First Bank Of Nigeria – *894*Amount# (Daily limit of ₦3,000)
  • Guaranteed Trust Bank (GTB) – *737*Amount# (₦5,000 daily)
  • United Bank Of Africa (UBA) – *919*Phone No*Amount# (₦5,000 limit)
  • Fidelity Bank Plc – *770*Amount# – (₦5,000 limit)
  • Sterling Bank Plc – *822*Amount# (₦20,000 daily)
  • Polaris Bank Limited – *833*Amount# (₦5,000 limit)
  • EcoBank – *326*Amount# (₦5,000 daily)
  • Zenith Bank Plc – *966*Amount*Phone No# (₦5,000 limit daily)
  • Union Bank Of Nigeria – *826*Amount# (₦20,000 limit)
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc – *909*Amount# (₦5,000 daily)
  • Wema Bank Plc – *945*Amount# (₦10,000 limit)
  • Diamond Bank Plc – *302*Amount# (₦3,000 daily)
  • Unity Bank – *7799*Amount#
  • Heritage Bank Plc – *745*Amount# (₦20,000 limit)
  • Keystone Bank Limited – *7111*Amount# (₦20,000 daily)

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The process is different for all banks in Nigeria. If you want to buy call credit or data plan from your bank using your phone on MTN, you must register for a USSD transaction.

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Yes, your bank allows you to create a 4-digit PIN to enable you to buy airtime from Bank with MTN.

Depending on the bank you use, you may be asked to enter the last 6-digit on your debit card to register for a mobile ussd code transaction successfully.

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How To Buy Airtime From Your Bank To Another Phone Number

If you’re also searching for tips on how to buy airtime from a bank with mtn to another person’s phone number, it’s possible.

You can buy airtime for anyone using mtn, airtime, 9mobile, and glo as long as your bank support ussd airtime transactions.

Now, apply the recharge codes below:

The easy way to go about this is to dial your bank ussd code and follow the prompt to load credit then select the option that allows you to buy airtime from mtn to another phone number.

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Let’s take access bank and FCMB for example;

  • Access Bank Plc: Dial *901*Amount*Phone Number# then enter you transaction PIN and send. For example, dial *901*3000*09012345678# then enter 4-digit PIN and send it.
  • FCMB: Dial *329*Amount*Mobile number#.

You can apply this to your current bank. Just dial your bank recharge code provided earlier in this post, type in the amount you want to buy, enter the recipient phone number and enter your PIN.

Again, you can purchase airtime from MTN to Airtel, Glo, 9mobile, and more using your bank recharge code.

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  • How to buy airtime from first bank
  • Buy mtn airtime online with debit card

How To Buy Data From Bank On MTN

The simple way to about this is to get the recharge code for your bank. Yes, as explained earlier regarding the code to buy airtime from the bank with mtn.

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Dial the ussd and follow the prompt to buy an internet data bundle from your bank. See the procedures for different banks below;

  • Dial your Bank USSD Code (scroll up to find it).
  • Follow the prompt to buy a data plan.
  • Finally, enter you transaction PIN.

Now, if you’ve bought airtime from your bank with MTN and you want to convert to data, kindly follow this post on how to buy data on mtn to solve that problem for you,

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How To Recharge MTN Nigeria Airtime

Little things like recharging your MTN account may skip your mind at times. It’s a normal thing.

Now, the post was created to help you buy airtime from the bank with MTN. Follow the link below to see the code to load credit on mtn fast;

Most Asked Questions On Bank Recharge With MTN

How can I buy airtime directly from the bank?

We’ve given this code to buy airtime directly from the bank with MTN. Scroll slowly to see for yourself.

How do I recharge from my bank?

Things are made easy this day, no more stress of having to go outside the sun to buy recharge cards with tiny figures. Recharge slips though, you can use that if you want.

To recharge from the bank using mtn, find your bank transfer code, dial it and enter the amount your want to buy.

Did You Buy Airtime?

There you go. I hope you’ve learned how to buy airtime from the bank with mtn the easy way. The process is less complicated when you know your bank recharge or transfer code.

Now, you don’t need to worry about buying a recharge card slip. Just dial the ussd code given above to recharge your MTN SIM through the bank.

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