How To Create Ha Tunnel Files – Setup Local Network & Free Internet 2024

This post shows you how to create HA tunnel files for Airtel, MTN, Vodacom, Telkom, MTN Uganda, Cell C, Econet, Airtel Uganda, and other networks you’re using.

The request for working configuration files for the HA Tunnel plus VPN keeps rising and the only way to solve this problem is by creating your hat file.

Follow every step in this article correctly to create a ha tunnel config file for yourself.

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Creating HA Tunnel FIles

After posting the latest and working free browsing settings on the NetworkPalava telegram channel, most people keep asking for help on how to create a working ha tunnel hat file.

The plan is to browse with your hat file without exposure to the new settings you’re using, right?


No worries, this post covers the working tips on how to create hat files for MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, Glo, Vodacom, Telkom, Digicel, Cell C, etc…

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Free browsing cheats can be scarce these days and the major reason is the lack of working servers or active settings to power the Ha Tunnel VPN and other browsing Virtual Private networks to work.

In a few minutes, you’ll learn how to create ha tunnel files in the easiest way possible. Most people don’t seem to understand how free browsing works.

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However, that will be covered in a different post. Go check out the Latest Free browsing or Internet cheats here

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how to create ha tunnel files

How To Create Ha Tunnel Files

With the right knowledge, you can create a working ha tunnel file using any Android smartphone device.

Yes, the device must have an active internet connection and also be compatible with the HA Tunnel mobile application.

Follow the guidelines below to create your ha tunnel files. These tips can help you create as many hat files as you want.

  • First, Download Ha Tunnel Plus VPN on Playstore
  • Select a Connection Mode. Now, the mode you select depends on your host. Keep reading…

For the sake of this tutorial, I will select Custom Payload (TCP Mode). So, let’s proceed.

  • Tap on the 3dash at the top left corner.
  • Locate and select <> Payload Generator.

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You’re required to fill the blank and tick the boxes with the right settings. Apply the settings below:

  • URL Host: Enter your host URL
  • Method: “HTTP-BUG”
  • HTTP Version: HTTP/1.1
  • HTTP Headers: Tick ✔ Keep Alive, Tick ✔ User Agent, and also, Tick ✔ Online Host.
  • To proceed, Tap on Generate button
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Now, take a step back and go through the settings. Make sure all is set correctly.

Take note: Some hosts can’t be accessed with ‘HTTP’, so you may need to add ‘s’ after HTTP, which makes it HTTPS.

  • You’ve successfully created your own ha tunnel file with your mobile phone.
  • Now, hit the START button, then wait for a few seconds for the ha tunnel plus vpn to connect.

The next thing to do here is export the hat file to your desired folder.

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How To Export Ha Tunnel Files After Creating It

You must confirm that your configuration settings are working before trying to export them. If not, the hat file you just created will be of no use to you.

Follow the guidelines below to export the ha tunnel config file you created and make useful to many:

  • First, Open the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN
  • From the Home Page, tap on the 3dots at the top-right corner of yout screen.
  • Tap on Import/Export.
  • After that, select Export Config.

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Now, you’ll be prompted to enter the name of the file, the description, and other boxes to tick.

  • File Name: Enter the name you’ll like to save your hat file with.
  • Description Message (HTML): tick the “Add Description/Message” box to type in some text the empty box you see below.
  • PROTEXTRAS: You can leave the boxes unticked or probably tick the Password box.
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Finally, tap on the EXPORT button to save the h tunnel config file you just created.

These tips work in Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, and other countries.

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How To Setup Local Network On HA Tunnel Plus

Since most of you are asking for guidelines on how to set up a local network on HA Tunnel VPN, this section was created to bring the solution closer.

Now, there are several ways to setup your local network host to work and probably give you unlimited free browsing on the go.

Follow the guidelines to create your ha tunnel file (local network):

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Method 1: Set Up Local Network Using Custom SNI (SSL/TLS Mode)

This Custom SNI is one of many ways to set up a local network on ha tunnel plus VPN.

Any trick is possible with this technique. This covers strategies that provide unrestricted free access without requiring payment, as well as social media packs, eLearning packages, free hosts, etc. For Telikom Papua New Guinea and MTN Ghana, respectively, I’ll use and

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Now apply accordingly below:

  • Download The a free host here…
  • Launch the Ha Tunnel Plus app.
  • Enable Custom Setup by going to Connection Mode.
  • Tap on the drop-down icon and choose Custom SNI (SSL, TLS Mode)
  • Now, you may enter your SNI into the Custom SNI field, select Use Realm Host (v2), and click Start.
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Recall that I said I would utilize the host mentioned above. Use your own instead of the ones I mentioned above.

If you are using SNI and are having trouble connecting, try adding www. to your host or removing it altogether if it was already there.

For instance, using did not work when we tested it, therefore we will try using without the www. 

The same is true if you try to use and run into a problem; just add www. This small issue may prevent your connection from working.

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Method 2: The Custom Host Header (HTTP Mode)

This is another way to set up a local network on ha tunnel plus VPN

There is writing indicating HTTP Mode, but other than the name and a Custom Host/Payload, nothing else is visible.

If you follow the guidelines correctly, you’ll be able to create your own untapped HA tunnel plus VPN config file and start browsing for free.

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Just like they did with the TCP, the developers of this app need to have provided this person with a payload generator.

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I will advise you to connect through an HTTP Proxy if the connection protocol must be HTTP and not TCP or SSL. If not, ignore it.

In the section marked “Select Port,” enter your Custom Host and choose the port it will use. Check the log section as well to see how your connection is doing.

Hope it helped you.

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FAQs – How To Create Hat Files

How To Create A Tunnel Files?

First, download the HA Tunnel Plus VPN. Then, find a working host with the configuration settings that comes with it.

Please, scroll up to learn the simple way to build your hat files.

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Is It Working For You?

You must take note of a few things before you go.

Now all host works for a long time. You may need to check for more updates and create new files for ha tunnel VPN to connect and browse for free.

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These are the major reasons why your file won’t work:

  • Your configuration is Wrong
  • Settings are Outdated
  • You configured the wrong network.

That’s all for today. Hope you’ve learned How to create HA tunnel files without stress.

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