How To Check Your MTN Tariff Plan Fast

Are you also looking for how to check your MTN tariff plan in Nigeria?

There are several reasons why you want to know your current tariff plan. Maybe you want to opt out of the present plan as a result of unknown charges and migrate to a new one.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll learn how to view your tariff plan on MTN right now.

Checking Your Current Tariff Plan on MTN

Keep aside all calculations, whenever you register a new sim card from the Local Network service center or nearest MTN office in your area, they usually inform you in words that you were registered in a particular tariff plan on activation.

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Meanwhile, if you weren’t informed, you will receive a message from MTN about your new SIM registration.

And the problem is that you don’t read those messages. All you know is insert the SIM on your phone and start making calls, sending SMS, or browsing the internet. (lol)

That’s not a problem. If you still don’t know your current MTN tariff plan, I’ll show you how to check it in a few seconds.

Learn How To Check Your MTN Phone Number Faster

how to check mtn tariff plan

How To Check MTN Tariff Plan

Below is the code to check your current tariff plan on MTN:

  • Simply dial *123*1*2# on your phone.

After that, you’ll see a pop-up and also receive a message from MTN with the complete information regarding your current tariff plan.

You can also dial *123#, then follow the prompt to see your current call plan.

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Alternative Ways To Know Your MTN Tariff Plan

  • Call MTN Customer Care
  • Read Glo Offer Messages
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Handpicked MTN Tariff Plans With Amazing Bonus Offers

On the MTN Network, you’ll find many tariff plans with free airtime and a data bonus attached to them.

It depends on the package you choose to opt-in. However, some selected tariff packages are most popular this day.

You can check out the best MTN tariff plans for data and airtime here…

Below are some call plans you can opt-in below:

How To Migrate Out Of MTN Tariff Plans

You may want to opt out of your current plan as a result of the high service charge on calls or internet browsing packages.

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What Is Your Current Tariff Plan on MTN?

I believe with the shortcode I have given above, you now know your ongoing tariff plan.

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The problem is not about the SIM card you use, how you registered your account, or whatever. Following my guidelines, you’ll get your Tariff plan information sent to you instantly.

That’s all on How To Check MTN Tariff Plan.

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