FREE Mtn Call Me Back Code To Request Calls Fast 2023

Do you need the MTN Call me back code to send call requests to another number?

You don’t have a problem. That is what this post is about.

You will get to know the mtn call back code I use anytime I’m low on credit and can’t make use of the bank transfer method or the manual mtn recharge code process.

There are several scenarios where you need to send the “Please, Call Me Back message”. I just stated the major reasons why I use this service at times, so you can add yours in the comment section.

It has nothing to do with being broke. Yes, you can request a call from a friend where and whenever you want to.

And at the same time, the call me back package on MTN is not limited to a particular Call Tariff. All MTN users on any tariff plan can send call requests using the code I’ve given below.

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Airtime can be expensive at times. For this reason, you may choose to give this service a try.

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mtn call me back code

Below Is The MTN Call Me Back Code:


  • Simply dial *133# on your phone dialer.
  • Enter Phone Number. This is where you are asked to enter the phone number of the person you’re expecting to call you. For example, if you want “07012345678” to call you, enter it in the space provided.
  • Select A Message. This is where you are asked to send one of the automated messages by typing the given code 1, 2, 3, 4, o5 5.
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See them below:

  1. Please, Call me
  2. Please, call me back. I love you
  3. Please, Send me credit
  4. Please, Call me. I have a gist for you
  5. Please, Call me. I need your assistance

After that, send it.

The recipient will get your message and call you back as soon as possible. So that’s how to send call me back on mtn.

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Quick Codes To Send Call Me Back On MTN

While you can use the above method to request a call from your friend or family member, you should understand that it’s a manual method.

Yes, there is a shortcode to achieve this. Get them below:

1. Call me

  • Simply dial *133*1*Phone Number# to Ask the recipient to call you. For example, if you want to send a ‘call me back’ message to ‘07012345678’, dial *133*1*07012345678#.

The person will receive a simple message that informs him or her that you need a callback.

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2. Call me back. I love you.

  • Dial *133*2*Phone Number# on your phone dialer. This one sends the call request and attaches a compliment to it. Like;

“Please call me back, I love you so much”.

3. Send me credit.

“Hello, please call me. I’m low on credit.”

4. Call me. I have a gist for you

  • Dial *133*4*Phone Number#. This one is for ‘AMEBO PIPU’ (lol).  If you have an important thing to discuss with a friend, you can ask them to call you with this code.
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5. Call me. I need your assistance

  • Dial *133*5*Recipient Number#. In this case, you’re asking another MTN user to call you back that you need their help on something. It can be for quick findings, funds, or whatever.

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What You Must Know About MTN Call Back Request

  • It’s Free. Yes, there are no charges for using this service. You can send call requests as SMS to other MTN customers for free.
  • Unlimited Message. There used to be a limit on the number of requests you can send a day but as at the time of this article, there’s no limit attached to it.  Yes, you can send as much call me back message as you want on MTN as long as you bear the below in mind.
  • For MTN to MTN Line Only. You can send unlimited call me back requests but it must be to MTN to MTN numbers only. Yes, that’s what it is.
  • No Airtime Recharge or Bonus? You can send free call SMS.
  • No Tariff Plan Limit. You don’t need to be migrated to a particular tariff plan to qualify for the MTN call me back service.
  • Saves Credit. No need to worry about recharge cards or airtime recharges, just ask your friend to use their credit to call you.
  • No specific time. You can send mtn a call me back request at any time, during the day, at night, on the go, at work, etc.
  • New And Old MTN Customers. As long as you make use of an MTN SIM card, just dial one of the Call me back codes above send requests.

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How To Make Call On Mtn Without Airtime

It’s related to sending “Please, Call Me Back”. Yes, the difference is that;

  • On MTN CMB, you wait for the person to call you.
  • But in this case, you’re the Caller.
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Now, how do you make calls for free on MTN?

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Make Use Of Your Data

  • Yes, install WhatsApp on your phone and make calls using your data.

What if you don’t have data? Follow the guidelines below…

How To Get Free Airtime On MTN

You can also get free airtime on MTN if you want to. Watch the short video below:


What Is Your Result?

Have you sent the “Please, Call Me Back Request? What did you get?

Did you receive a call back from your recipient?

Leave a comment below.

That’s the MTN call me back code I use to send call requests to friends and family.

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Peace and blessings.

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