5+ MTN Data Plans With Bonus & AWOOF Codes 2024

Are you looking for the MTN data plans with bonus right now?

Today, I will give you the list of cheap data plans you can subscribe to that offer BIG data volume for less pay.

MTN is known as one of the top network service providers in Nigeria and is being used by a large population of individuals in different states. Indeed “MTN Ie Everywhere You Go”.

Now, it doesn’t matter how widespread these networks may be, nothing is permanent. Network problems may arise at times, not only on MTN though, but it also affects other popular Networks such as Glo, 9mobile, and Airtel.

So back to the purpose of this article, the mtn data plan bonus code.

MTN Data Plans With Bonus

Select from the list of data plans that comes with extra bonuses on them.

mtn data plan with bonus
(Just For You)

1. MTN 50MB For N100 (Mtn Data Bonus Code)

This is one of the MTN data plans that give bonuses. On this plan, you will get 50megabytes plus an extra 25MB for 100naira spent on airtime to browse on your line.

It lasts for 1 day and to activate, simply dial *131*104#.

mtn data plan with bonus 50mb

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2. MTN 150MB (+75MB Data Bonus) for N200

With N200 airtime recharge on your mtn line, you will receive 150megabytes plus 75MB after dialing the simple activation code.

This data plan price is related to the MTN Welcome Back plan that offers 1GB for N200 to runaway customers who abandoned their sim cards for 30 – 180days without partaking in MTN products and services.

And to activate the 150MB, simply dial *131*113#. It’s

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valid for 2days.

mtn data plan with bonus 150mb

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3. 500MB (+250MB) For N500 (MTN Bonus Code)

Kindly recharge your line with 500naira and dial the shortcode to activate this data plan.

You will be given 500megabytes plus an extra 250MB which is equal to 750MB.

Now, you are given two (2)/weeks to exhaust the data plan or it will be renewed after 14days.

  • Simply dial *131*103# to subscribe. mtn data plan with bonus 500mb

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4. MTN 1GB (+500MB) For N1000

This is one of the MTN monthly data plans. Normally, you are given 1gigabyte to browse the internet but right now, the game is changed.

Once you recharge your line with 1k or more and dial *131*106#, you will receive 1.5GB instantly.

mtn data plan with bonus 1gb

MTN updated their data plan volumes recently without changing the plan prices and of course, the changes are beneficial to the majority.

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The 1.5GB plan lasts for 30days.

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5. MTN 2.5GB (+1GB) For N2000 (Data Plans With Bonus)

After the revolutionization done by MTN and its competitor, a lot has been changed but here is how it all started.

Earlier on, MTN offered 2.5gigabytes for 2k and attached an extra 1GB of data which makes it 3.5GB. The 2.5GB data, in this case, remains the actual volume you are given while the 1gigabyte was marked as the bonus data which can only be used in a specific time (1:00 AM – 7:00 AM).

But right now, this data bundle has been shifted to 3.5GB for N2000.

Is that not cool? To me, that’s huge data benefits (a whopping 1024megabytes extra).

  • Simply dial *131*110# to activate. It’s valid for 30days. mtn data plan with bonus 2.5gb

Did You Notice Something?

Most of the data plans above offer a 50% data bonus on them and that’s awesome.

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And also, before the new changes are done by MTN, their available data bonus is to be used between 1:00 AM to 7:00 AM every day on Deal Zone till its expiry date.

But right now, you are allowed to use it at any time. It’s been merged.

Now, let’s proceed to some more cheap data plans with BIG data volume and little money spent on airtime.

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6. MTN Data Zone – Plans With Bonus

It is also called the MTN Welcome Back plan that offers subscribers affordable lists of plans to subscribe to.

MTN didn’t indicate if these data plans work for New or Old customers but it was stated that; ” MTN Subscribers who kept their sim cards unused for 30 – 180days will be eligible for this offer.

Now, there are three (3) available data plans on Deal Zone, which are:

  • Get 4GB For N1000. With 100naira, recharge on your line, you can get a whopping 4gigabyte data to browse and connect with people online. Simply dial *131*65*3# to activate. It’s valid for 30days mtn data plan with bonus 4gb
  • 1GB For N200. Simply dial *131*65*2# to activate. It lasts for 7days. mtn data plan with bonus 1gb

See everything you must know about the MTN Data Plan 200 For 1GB.

  • 250MB For N100. Dial *131*65*1# to subscribe. (3days validity) mtn data plan with bonus 250mb
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More Mtn Data Bonus Code For You

In case you need a cheaper data bonus on MTN Nigeria, you can consider subscribing to the internet bundles below:

You see, those are some mtn data plans with bonuses attached to them. Inside each of the posts you open, you’ll get the working bonus code to subscribe with hesitations.


There you have it. The list of MTN data plans with a bonus.

MTN Nigeria has got several types of data plans. Some are limited to a particular tariff plan, some are limited to prepaid customers while others are generalized for every MTN user regardless of tariff plans. The

Kindly pick one from the list I have provided above.

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Peace ✌.

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