How To Stop Auto-Renewal Of Data On MTN (Cancel Now)

Content: how to stop auto-renewal of data on mtn.

Anytime you try buying a data plan on MTN, you have encountered the Auto-Renewal and One-Off Purchase feature.

Now, in case you don’t know, the Auto-renewal feature means; once your current data plan expires, it will be activated automatically without your content- (and if you have sufficient airtime balance).

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the One-off purchase means; after you purchase a data bundle, it won’t be renewed when it reaches the expiry date. Yes, you will have to subscribe anytime you want to.

Now, what if you activated auto-renewal unknowingly and you want to deactivate auto-renewal on mtn.

In today’s post, I will give the answer to all your answers based on the topic “How To Stop Auto-Renewal Of Data On MTN’.

It’s going to be a form of question and answers (Q & A), so I have brought together all your frequently asked questions (FAQs) and give an answer to each of them below.

how to stop auto renewal of data on mtn

Q & A: How To Stop Auto-Renewal Of Data On MTN Network

Yes, I have answered the available questions in this section, so you can always ask yours in the comment section if it’s not included.

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How Do I Stop Auto-Renewal On MTN Monthly Data Plan

Ok, you’ve subscribed to one of the monthly data plans that are valid for 30 days or more and it renews the purchase after expiry.

First, which of the plans did you subscribe to? See the list below and use the shortcode to cancel auto-renewal on mtn monthly plan.

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Now, copy the activation code from the complete list of MTN data plans in Nigeria, then, SMS NO+Activation Code to 131.

For example, to deactivate autorenewal on 1.5GB for N1000 data plan, SMS NO 106 to 131.

After this, you will receive a message that you’ve successfully canceled automatic renewal on MTN.

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How Do I Stop Auto-Renewal On MTN Xtra Value Bundle?

XtraValue is a tariff plan that offers more airtime and more data depending on the service you request for. You should also learn how to stop Auto-Renewal of data on MTN to avoid issues.

Yes, it is divided into two (2) namely XtraTalk which gives more airtime for calls and text than data, and XtraData that gives more data for browsing the internet than airtime.

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In this case, you are asking for the XtraValue Bundle which has right (8) popular data plans starting from N300 to N20000.

See the list of available data plans below and its activation codes:


After that, copy the subscription code of the plan you subscribed to at the moment.

  • SMS NO+Subscription Code to 131 to cancel autorenewal. This is how to cancel autorenewal on MTN Xtra Value.

For example, the subscription code for the N300 data plan is ‘D300’, so open your Messaging App and sms NOD300 to 131.

You will receive a confirmation message after this action.

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Can I Cancel MTN 50MB Daily Data Plan?

Yes. This particular plan can be crazy if you activated autorenewal after subscription. If you don’t how to stop Auto-Renewal of data on MTN, you may be worried.

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Of course, you may decide to buy a daily data bundle to research a few things online and that’s all.

But hey, it’s not all. MTN will continue to renew the plan as long as you turn ON the automatic renewal feature and you have a sufficient airtime balance.

So how do you stop mtn from deducting your airtime next time?

See the list of MTN daily data plans and their subscription codes below:


You said. You are subscribed to the 50MB daily plan, right? The code is “114”.

SMS “NO+Subscription Code” to 131 to opt-out of autorenewal on MTN.

So send NO114 to 131 in this case.

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I Want To Stop MTN Facebook Auto-Renewal, Please How?

MTN Facebook Social Bundle has three (2) plans on it, which are;

  • Daily – N25 – FBD
  • Weekly – N50 – FBW
  • Monthly – N100 – FBM
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Facebook PlanSMS to 131Validity

It depends on the data plan you are subscribed to.

Kindly sms “STOP+Subscription Code” to 131. For example, send STOPFBD to 131 to turn off autorenewal on a Facebook daily plan.

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There is no magic code to stop MTN Autorenewal. You just have to identify the activation code of the particular data bundle you bought and follow the instructions I gave in this post.

Is it MTN Daily, Weekly, Monthly, GoodyBag Data plan you are subscribed to?

You’ve just learned how to stop the auto-renewal of data on MTN.

I hope it helps save your airtime next time.

Kindly leave a comment below to let me know your results.

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