How To Check/Know Your MTN Number Faster

Want to learn how to check your MTN number? There are two ussd codes to check the MTN number on your phone.

From time to time, you may need to confirm your phone number for personal reasons.

Check this out. Maybe you made a new business deal and your new clients request your phone number to call you later regarding the job you concluded on.

This is where the USSD code comes in. Yes, on-demand and you can’t call it offhand.

Follow my guidelines to check mtn number in Nigeria.

Checking Your Phone Number On MTN

You have your reasons to check your 11-digit number. You can’t predict when you need it most but the main point is that;

  • You must check your MTN number…
  • …when you need it.

It was impossible to view your mobile number on MTN using the shortcode until now. Yes, the popular way to know your number previously is to call a friend, and copy and paste the digits somewhere else.

Now, it’s a different story. It’s simple. By dialing the shortcode given below, you’ll see your phone number on your screen.

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how to check your MTN number free

How To Check My MTN Number Right Now

  • Simply dial *663# on your phone dialer. It is the working mtn number code. Immediately, your phone number will display.


  • You can dial *123*1*1# to check your mtn number.

That’s another USSD code.    

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Ignore the MTN tariff plan you’re currently migrated to. It doesn’t matter in this case.   Yes, once you get the shortcode right, dial it on your phone, and you will get the result your desire.

All prepaid and postpaid customers are not limited to using the Number check code.

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Other Ways To Check Your MTN Phone Number

SIM ToolKit Method

The SIM ToolKit is found on any phone that has a SIM card on it. Just that most people ignore and never notice the work of the app.

Everyone wants to connect on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Follow the guideline below to view your MTN phone number using SIM ToolKit app:

  • Open SIM Toolkit. It’s located in the menu section
  • Select 9mobile.
  • Tap “My Service“.
  • Next, Tap “My Account“.
  • Tap “Show My Number“. You need to scroll up a bit to see this option.
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That’s your MTN phone number in front of you.

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SMS Method

Backing up this method, you can send a free text message to your friend.

This is how it goes;

  • Simply dial *133*Friend Number#. For example, if your friend’s number is 09012345678, just dial *133*09012345678# on your phone.
  • Your friend will receive a short message asking for a call back from you.
  • Now, once he or she calls you, ask for your phone number. Simple.

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Using MyMTNApp

First, you must have the official MTN mobile application downloaded on your smartphone.

Yea, once you get that right, just open the app.

On the first screen you see, you will find your mobile number at the top left corner.

Take a pen and paper and copy it out.

Note: This guideline is for those who have registered their phone number on the app previously. So be guided.

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Call MTN Customer Care

This one is a popular solution to get your phone number on MTN. Whenever you have an issue that’s difficult to solve, immediately you call Customer Care, right?

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You need it at this point.

Connect with a Representative through the following means:

Call A Friend

This one is well-known, and one of the popular ways to remember your phone number.

  • Calling Someone Close to you.

Once the phone rings up,  just check your mtn number there.

For your information, whether you’re a new customer or an existing MTN user you’re allowed to check your number with ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Shortcode To Check Mtn Number?

  • Simply dial *133# to see your number now.

How Can I Check My Glo Number?

To view your glo number is also simple. If you’re a glo user, go ahead and see the USSD code to check Glo phone number here…

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How Can I Track An Mtn Number?

  • Contact MTN Customer care. Simply dial 180 or connect with an agent through one of the means I shared with you above.
  • Give them the number you want to track.

How Do I Check My Airtel Number

  • Simply dial *121# on your phone dialer.
  • Reply ‘3’.
  • Reply ‘4’
  • After that, you will see your phone number in front of your screen.

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How Can I check MTN SIM Serial Number?

To check your MTN Serial number, call 180 which is the Customer care service.

Alternatively, you need to get your SIM Pack. Yes, you would find it there.

Have You Checked Your MTN Number?

After dialing the ussd codes I gave above, what’s the result you got?

Or did you make use of the alternative methods? Which one worked for you?

Leave a comment below.

That’s all on how to check your mtn number in Nigeria faster.

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