MTN 100 Naira Data Plans Code: 1GB, 500MB, 250MB 2023

Are you looking for the mtn 100 naira data plans in Nigeria? This post shows you the complete list of data bundles you can subscribe to for N100.

Let’s get started.

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MTN launched the 4G/LTE service in Nigeria to improve the internet speed and enable you to enjoy a browsing experience.

Since then, a lot of individuals have been asking about the available mtn 4g data plans for 100 naira to make them turn up for the service.

(Abi, you wan carry last?)

The thing is, the data plans remained the same until they launched the New MTN 100 Naira Data Plans and prices that changed everything.

Follow the link provided above, to see the awesome packages MTN has got for you.

And for now, let’s proceed with the purpose of today’s post.

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mtn 100 naira data plans Nigeria

MTN 100 Naira Data Plans In Nigeria

MTN 75MB For N100

  • Simply dial *131*104# to subscribe. mtn 75mb for n100 data plan  

If you are used to buying data plans from MTN with the short USSD code (*131#) the definitely, you must have seen this plan.

It’s one of the MTN default data plans that’s valid for 24hours (1day).

Once you dial the code, you’ll see a popup that brings up the Auto-renewal and One-Off Purchase option, select Autorenewal to renew automatically after the expiry date, choose One-Off Purchase to end subscription after validity.

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MTN 250MB For 100 Naira Data Plan

  • Simply dial *131*65# and reply ‘1’ on the next menu to activate this plan. mtn 250MB for N100 data plan  
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This plan is the first on the list of MTN Welcome Back data plans. And in case you don’t know, WB is a plan specially created for MTN customers who have performed ZERO data activities on their SIM in the last 30 to 180days.

Now, this means that for you to qualify for this data plan your SIM Card must comply with the above requirement.

Just that and you’re good to activate this MTN N100 data plan.

Dial the given code to get 250megabytes for only 100naira.

You can also SMS WBD1 to 131 to subscribe. It’s valid for 3days.

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MTN Blackberry Plans For N100

In this section, I have provided three (3) categories of data plan you can subscribe to.

Now, you might say; “I’m an Android phone user, I don’t need BB Plans”. What? Blackberry plans work 100% on Android devices and I have included it on the complete list of MTN Data Plans in Nigeria.

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Subscribe to your preferred below:

MTN 100MB for 100 Naira Data Plans

To activate the BB Complete plan for N100, SMS BBCDAY to 21600. Valid for 1day.

BB Absolute Plan – MTN 100MB For N100

  • SMS BBDAY to 21600. Valid for 1day

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BB10 MIDI – 15MB For N100

  • SMS BBMIDID to 21600.

BB10 MINI – 10MB For N70

  • SMS BBLITED to 21600.

BBM Weekly Plan – 25MB For N100

On this plan, you will be given access to the Blackberry Messenger app to chat and connect with other friends on the platform.

  • SMS BBMW to 21600.

You will receive a confirmation message that your request was processed.

Valid for 7days.

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MTN 1GB For N100 – MTN Cheat Code 100 for 1GB

This data plan gives you 1000MB which is 1GB to browse the internet the way you want.

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You can download your favorite movies, games, software, and others on your phone. All you need to do is recharge up to N100 on your line, dial the activate and you are good.

  • Simply dial *131*100# to activate. mtn 1gb for 100 naira data plan  

You will see a pop-up message after this. Select one of the options as explained earlier.

Data is valid for 30days (1month). Most people refer to this data bonus plan as the MTN Cheat Code 100 for 1GB. Mehn! The 1Gigabyte Data Volume is HUGE for just N100.

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MTN 200MB For N200

This is another plan officially launched by MTN.

You are given 200megabytes for only 200naira to browse the internet.

  • Simply dial *131*113# to subscribe. mtn N100 related data plans  

It lasts for 2days and can be renewed if you accepted autorenewal.

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1GB For N200

Scroll back up, you will find the MTN plan that you 250MB for only 100naira.

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Yeah, the MTN Welcome Back plans comprise of three (3) data bundles which are: 200MB for N100, 1GB for N200, and 4GB for N500.

Now, it’s about the 1gigabyte plan that can be activated for 200 Naira spent on airtime.

Want to know the quick activation code? See the MTN 1GB for N200 data plan code.

That’s the list of MTN 100 Naira data plans in Nigeria.

Hope it helps you.

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