MTN Cheap Data Plans For Android Phones 4GB+ Code

Before you look elsewhere for expensive data plans, why not consider one of the MTN cheap data plans for Android?

So your phone is charged and you’ve inserted your SIM Card on it. Maybe, you recharged your MTN line and it’s time to buy a data plan for your Android Smartphone.

Cool, the plans I have included in this post work for both Android and iPhone users.

And without any further Ado, let’s get started.

mtn cheap data plans for android phones users & iphone

About MTN Cheap Data Plans For Android

MTN Nigeria, as one of the most recognized networks in Nigeria, offers different data bundle packages for everyone to subscribe to and have access to their favorite stuff on the internet.

And with the help of these data plans, you can browse, stream, and download Android applications, movies, tutorials, games, live shows, and much more.

Google recently presented a banner that encourages you to fuel your hustle with a large amount of content provided by Publishers.

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But how do you access these things when you don’t have data?

MTN tells you not to worry by introducing a variety of data plans that suit your browsing needs.

Interesting right, that’s not all. The Giant Network also provides a stable network service for you to have great browsing experiences.

That’s where the MTN 4G/LTE comes in. MTN 3G/H+ is fast, 4G is faster but, 5GB is Superfast when browsing or downloading online.

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Now let’s proceed with the MTN cheapest data plans for Android and iPhone users.

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MTN Cheap Data Plans For Android

This section contains the list of data bundles for Android, iPhone, Java, Symbian, modem, and PC users.

After analyzing, I found the below packages cheap and affordable. So you won’t find some of the MTN daily, weekly, weekend, or monthly plans on this list.

MTN Welcome Back Special Data Plans

MTN Welcome Back is an offer that gives you 600% of the value you recharge, and 600% of the data plan you purchase after you perform no airtime or data activities for 30 – 180 days on your line.

And for users who have not performed any data activities for 60 – 180 days will get access to the special data bundle packages created for them.

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Below are the special cheap plans for you:

  • Get 250MB for N100. SMS WBD1 to 131 to subscribe. Valid for 3 days.
  • Get 1GB for N200 on MTN. This plan gives you 1 gigabyte for just 2000 naira. Kindly text WBD2 to 131 and you get your data. Valid for 7 days.
  • Get 2GB for N500. With 500 naira, you will get 2 gigabytes on MTN. Just send WBD3 to 131 to activate it. Valid for 14 days.
  • Get 4GB for N1000. Recharge 1000naira on your line, SMS WBD4 to 131, and you will receive a confirmation message from MTN that the activation was successful. It lasts for 30 days.

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MTN Double Data Plan For Android

To enjoy double all the data bundles you buy MTN, you need to apply a few actions. And when it comes out successfully, you are good to go.

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Follow the procedures below:

  • Open the Messaging App On Your Android phone.
  • Sms “DOUBLE” to 131.

You will get a message like the one below:

“Y’ello! Your request has been processed bla bla bla” or “Sorry the command you have entered is incorrect”.

Make sure you receive one of the messages above or both before proceeding to the next step.

  • Ignore the message and SMS “Free” to “131“.

Now you will receive another message like;

“Dear customer, Enjoy Data offers on MTN Deal Zone, Dial *131*1#”.

From this moment, any default data plan you buy from MTN, you will get DOUBLE of it.

  • Simply dial *131*1# to buy data and get a 100% bonus.

Remember, you must get the confirmation message above first.

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Other Cheap MTN Data Plans For Android and iOS Users

You will find the list of data bundle packages to buy right now.

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MTN 1GB for N300

On this plan, you will get 1 gigabyte to browse the internet for 300naira spent on airtime.

  • Simply dial *131*155# to activate. It’s valid for 1 day.

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MTN 200MB for N200

Just recharge your line with N200, dial the simple code below to get 200megabyte data immediately.

  • Simply dial *131*113# to subscribe. Valid for 2 days.

MTN 2GB for N500

You don’t need much. Use one of the MTN recharge codes to load 500 naira airtime on your line, then dial the activation code to get 2 gigabytes.

  • Simply dial *131*154# to subscribe to this plan. Valid for 2 days.

MTN 300MB For N350

With 350Naira, you will get 300 megabytes to browse and connect online.

  • Simply dial *131*102# to get started. Valid for 7 days.

Now, it’s time to move to some BIGGER cheap data plans for Android phones. It works for other devices as well.

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MTN 4.5GB For 2k

You will be 4.5 gigabyte for 2000 naira on your MTN line.

  • Simply dial *131*110#. Valid for 3 days.
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MTN 10GB for N3500

This is another data plan for Android. I call it the ” My Choice” data bundle package. With this plan, you can do all you want in one goal.

  • Simply dial *131*107# to activate. Valid for 30 days.

MTN 15GB for N5000

With 5000naira, recharge on your line, you will be given 11 gigabytes after dialing the short USSD code.

  • Simply dial *131*116# to activate. Valid for 30 days.

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MTN 40GB For N10000

You are given 30 days to exhaust the 40gigabytes which cost 10000naira on activation. And you are allowed to top-up once data is exhausted before the expiry date.

  • Simply dial *131*150# to subscribe.

MTN 75GB for N20000

You go browse TA YA. Lol ?.

If you like watching videos (comedy, tutorials, music, etc), you can subscribe to this plan, go online, search for your favorite movies, and start streaming.

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But wait! Is it possible to exhaust this data before its expiry date?

  • Simply dial *131*118# to activate. It lasts for 60 days (2 months).

MTN 120GB for N2300.

  • To activate this plan, simply dial *131*138#. It’s valid for 60 days.

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MTN 150GB for N50000

  • Simply dial *131*133# to subscribe to this plan. It lasts for 90 days (3 months).

See The Complete List Of MTN Data Plans In Nigeria Right Now.

Out of all, you are about to see the cheapest MTN data plans for Android phones.

MTN Cheapest Data Plans For Android, iPhone, Java, Symbian Phones & PC.

In this section, you will find the list of cheap data plans you can subscribe to with little money compared to what you usually spend.

And guess what, it’s ALL valid for 30 days and longer if you want.

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Below are the available data bundle packages for you:

  • Buy 1GB for N500
  • Get 2GB for N1000
  • Buy 3GB for N1500
  • Buy 4GB for N2000
  • Get 5GB for N2500
  • Buy 10GB for N3500
  • Buy 15GB for N4900
  • Get 20GB for N5900
  • Buy 40GB for N9700
  • Buy 75GB for N14,500
  • Purchase 110GB for N19100

You don’t believe it? See customer testimonies on NetworkPalava Cheap Data Plans Solutions.

If you are not an MTN user, see the screenshot below to select a plan from the list:

networkpalava cheap data plans 1GB for n400

I know someone is asking; Please, how do I activate These Cheap Data Plans?

It’s simple. Call or WhatsApp: 09032027013, ask for the data plan you want, get your data.

It’s as simple as that. No stress.


MTN Nigeria has different kinds of data bundle packages for their subscribers to buy from and of course, they also provide good network coverage for you to enjoy browsing on the internet.

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But one problem is the price, which I have provided the MTN cheap data plans for Android users in this post. Another is the validity, and yes the NetworkPalava cheap data plans solution fixes that for you.

Read more helpful resources below:


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