Cheapest Airtel Data Plans For 1 Month (11GB Code 2024)

If you are looking for Airtel data plans for 1 month, this post is for you.  

I know internet packs can be expensive, so I also included:

  • The cheapest data packages for you.
  • Default Airtel monthly data plans
  • And more…

About Airtel Monthly Plan In Nigeria

Buying internet browsing plans can be very exciting especially when it is cheap. But how long it lasts matters.  

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You may purchase a plan with a huge data volume and the validity period is short.  

Imagine buying 30GB that is valid for 2 days. Whether exhausted or not, it goes away after 48 hours.   Not cool.  

Now, the value of getting a plan that lasts for one month and beyond is that the volume is large. The price may be a bit high but it usually turns out good.  

Yes, most times you get a double data bonus or benefit that can be used during a specific time.   Ok, let’s proceed with the list of data plans that last for 1 month and beyond.    

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airtel data plans for 1 month

Airtel Data Plans For 1 Month Subscription Code

It depends on your budget. Measuring what you want to use the data for automatically tells you the amount to buy.  

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Well, this doesn’t matter when it’s cheap and lasts long. Grab your best Airtel data plan code below:

Data VolumePriceActivation codeValidity

Buy 1.5GB For N1000

  • Dial *141*1000# to activate this plan.

It is one of the default packs on the Airtel network service. You will get a value of 1.5 gigabytes to browse and do your favorite stuff on the internet.  

You don’t need much. Just make sure of the Airtel recharge code to load airtime on your line.   Once you are done with that, dial the simple code to subscribe to the Airtel 1.5GB package.  

To confirm your purchase was successful, you will receive a message from your service provider.   If you are lucky you will get double the data.

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That’s if you’re amongst the selected customers. Learn how to be eligible for Airtel X2 double data offer.   This plan is valid for 1 month (what you are looking for).    

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Buy 3GB For N1500

  • Dial *141*1500#.

The plan is convenient for the average internet user. Android and iPhone users can subscribe to this plan as it suits their surfing needs.  

Last week, the Airtel N1500 data plan was updated. It was included in the Airtel “My Offer” pack where you get X2 of what you buy.  

Yes, you get 6 gigabytes for 1500 naira. It wasn’t nice at all to know that the plan has been reshuffled.  

New and old SIM cards qualify for this offer. No jokes, it was very nice with good internet browsing speed.  

Now, make sure you have an N1500 recharged account balance to proceed with the activation process.   After confirmation, you can dial the shortcode above to get 3.5GB instantly.  

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It is valid for one month. Yet another cheap Airtel data plan for 1 month.    

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Buy 4.5GB For N2000

  • Dial *141*2000#.

This plan is positioned as the 100% data pack that offers you BIG data volume for 2k. It’s included among the default Airtel internet bundles.  

Well, it may appear selective but it’s not. All Airtel prepaid customers (including you) are allowed to subscribe to the 4.5 gigabytes plan as long as you meet the simple requirements.  

What is it? Make sure you load the 1500 naira credit to kick-start the process.  

Having a sufficient balance guarantees you get your desired volume. So dial *123# to confirm your airtime balance.  

This package lasts for 1 month calculated from the day you opt-in.    

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Buy 6GB for N2500

  • Dial *141*2500# to activate the 6GB Airtel data plan for 1 month.
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As you can see, this is an amazing opportunity for telecom network users like you to have a better browsing experience.  

While others are complaining of slow internet speed, you can opt-in for this data plan and surf like a pro.   It accepts 2G,3G, and 4G LTE networks precisely, and also isn’t device selective.  

If you make use of a Wi-Fi device, an Android mobile phone, an iPhone, or a PC, this plan is right for you. It doesn’t discriminate. You can subscribe to the Airtel N2500 bundle using the step-by-step USSD method.  

It’s simply done by dialing *141#, and then you reply to the code that selects the Airtel 4G Data Plan in Nigeria.   After that, you can select “Monthly Packages” in which you will find the 2500naira plan that gives you 6 gigabytes.  

(Note: Price and data volume may change at any time. It’s totally out of NetworkPalava and its Contributors control.)

Now, scroll back up and dial the short activate code.    

Have a look at the Airtel Smart Connect FREE Bonus Data Subscription Codes.

Buy 8GB For N3000

  • Dial *141*3000#.
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You know, in this telecom tech world, every individual has a taste. That is, everyone knows what suits them best.

For instance, Mr A may use the internet for common research on projects and Mr B may be most interested in downloading stuff from the internet.  

This Airtel data plan for 1 month is referred to as Heavy and Light Internet User.

Heavy internet users visit websites that upload large files for download, while light users do the reverse.  

And no doubt, this plan fits both researchers and BIG internet users.   The Airtel  8GB data plan is a portable plan that can be used to stream movies online, play online games, make research, download file, and more like that.  

So kindly dial the code above to activate it. The N3000 bundle expired after 30 days which is 1 month.    

You can’t ignore these. Buy 40GB Starting from N500 Airtel, MTN, Glo, 9mobile.

Buy 11GB for N4000

  • Dial *141*4000#.
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It’s included as part of the default monthly data bundles on the airtel network.  

And as you see 4000 naira gives you 11 gigabytes of access to the internet. Well, that’s huge compared to the ones stated earlier.  

There is no specific time frame for this plan. Yes, you are allowed to do your favorite stuff online 24/7. That’s 24 hours every day for a month, day and night.  

Now, if you are amongst the lucky customers who are eligible for the Double Data Offer, this means you will get 11GB as the actual bundle you purchased and an extra 11 gigabytes as a bonus.  

And the sweet thing about the bonus data is that it finishes first before consuming your primary data.  

Now, have you subscribed? Make use of the quick USSD code above or buy from the *141# system.    

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Cheapest One Month Data Plans On Airtel.

I have listed the Airtel default data plans that are currently available. Right now, you are about to see the cheapest data bundles on this network.  

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Yes, you will get BIG DATA for Less Pay. No jokes, with these packages you wouldn’t want to spend too much money on common data to browse the internet.  

Get them below:



This plan is different from the one you see normally. Like, you don’t have to conclude what you know nothing about yet.  

Even though the amount is close to the default plan, I recommend you go for it. Promos come up a lot of times and this source will help you save 50% of your money.  

Looking for the shortcode to subscribe? No, no. As I said earlier, this data bundle is different.   To buy this plan, tap the “Buy Now” button or click here the connect on WhatsApp.  

Why I Like This Data Plan – Airtel data plans for 1 month

Browsing Speed:

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Compared to other internet bundles, this plan lasts for 1 month and it accepts the latest Network broadband upgrade.  

For real, you will enjoy a fast browsing experience and the data consumption is low.  

No, you must agree with me that Airtel browsing speed is OK, which means you will enjoy every bit of your data.

No Story That Touch:

You get what you paid for. For example, if you buy the Airtel 3G data plan, you will get the complete 3000MB on the number you provided.  

No Delay:

Data transfer is 5minute at maximum. That is, you will get your data between 1-5mins request.  

Long Validity:

All data pack on this list lasts for 1 month. Yes,  for real.   It makes a lot of sense to buy data very cheaply and gain a lot of time to consume your data.

Free Promo Offer:

From time to time, we offer flash sales bonuses, free airtime, and data giveaway.   What does the flash sale mean? Once in a while, I will take a BIG data volume and sell it for little to no fee.

  • For example, I can sell 11GB for N200. That’s what it means.
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Enjoy the Airtel data plans for 1 month.

All Networks Data Plans Price List 

 Now, take the amount we sell Airtel plans currently:

  • 1.5GB @ N1050
  • 2GB @ N1250
  • 3GB @ N1500
  • 4.5GB @ N2000
  • 6GB @ N2450
  • 8GB @ N2900
  • 11GB @ 3900

Benefits of Airtel Monthly Plans 

  • You Get Enough Time To Use Data. Instead of looking for invaluable things to download, just to exhaust data, you are given 30 days to connect as much as you want.

  I call it “Time Freedom” (lol). That’s for real.  

  • Good Data Volume. As long as it is a monthly data bundle, you will always get a decent data volume.

  I know the price may differ but it is still worth it.  

  • No Limit On Network. Most Airtel monthly data bundles don’t select specific network services to work on (unless it’s a browsing cheat).

  Yes, you are allowed to browse on 2G/4G/5G and all possible broadband, Once your data connection is on, you are good to go.  

  • Unlimited Access. You can’t browse online on a specific browser or social media app.
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  The data plans on this page work for everything on your phone, personal computer, and so on.   You can browse your preferred browser software and chat on your favorite social media account (and sites).  

  • Free Double Data Bonus. If you get lucky, the Airtel X2 offer always comes alongside monthly plans.

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How To Check Your Monthly Data Balance Fast

I always put force on this. Yes, check your data all the time. It’s very necessary. You don’t know, maybe, your data is being consumed by a third-party application or a fault from your provider.  

Now, keeping a close eye on your bundle balance helps you notice what’s going wrong in time, and boom you turn off your data connection.  

There are several ways to check your available balance:

  • By USSD
  • By My Airtel App
  • By SMS
  • Online and others…

Go, see the simple codes to check your data balance on Airtel right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get 1GB For N200 On Airtel?

First, check your account balance and make sure you have at least N200 airtime available.

  • Now, dial *141*205# to subscribe to this plan.
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You will receive a confirmation message immediately. After that confirm the 1GB data by checking the data balance.

Follow the link I shared on the post in case you don’t know how to.  

Go Buy Your Favourite

Today, everything has changed. Most of the things we do offline are close to “Not Existing Anymore”. It’s all coming online.  

So you see the urge for internet packs. Without an active data bundle, you can’t access the internet.  

But you don’t need to go expensive, right? For me, it’s a No, No (Cheap & Long is bae).  

I have provided the cheapest Airtel data plans for 1 month you can buy from.  

Don’t miss this opportunity. Buy from here.  

Feel free to ask me a question on Facebook, or WhatsApp, or leave a comment below.  

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Peace and blessings.  

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