Airtel Smart Connect Bonus Data & 2X Codes 2024

This post shows you the available data bundle plans on Airtel smartconnect including the DOUBLE Data bonus, subscription code, small money big data, migration code, and more.

Who no like better thing? No, for real, do you like spending much on data plans that can be bought for a much cheaper rate?

Make Smartconnect your choice if you love spending time on the internet like me.

Airtel Smartconnect offers you X2 on every data bundle you buy. And to callers benefits, you get 8X the value you recharge.

Read more mind-blowing benefits of this plan.

About Smart Connect Data Bonus

If you’ve read the full guide to the Airtel smartconnect tariff plan, you will see that the bonus data on this plan is a continuous thing. That is, you get it every single time you a data bundle from your account balance (90days).

You already know that it applies to all data plans bought below N5000.

Not clear to you, right? Read on to understand better.

Airtel Smart Connect Bonus Data Plans Subscription Codes

How To Get Double Data On Airtel Smart Connect

It’s simple. You just have to follow the procedures to get X2 of every data bundle you purchase.

Kindly go to the Airtel service center near you, buy a New SIM Card, Register and Activate your SIM, Recharge your line, you will get an 800% percentage of your recharge.

Now, you are ready to get the DOUBLE Data on Airtel.

Select from the data plans below.

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Airtel Smart Connect Data Plan Codes

A lot of individuals ask about the Airtel Smart Connect data bundle and they also want to know if there are working subscription codes for the plans.

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I guess you also ask the same questions, that’s why you are here.

See the list of data plans you can buy on Airtel SmartConnect below:

Daily Plans

  • Buy 20MB for N50. You will get 40MB.
  • Buy 75MB for N100. Get a 150MB bonus value. Valid for 1 day.

3-day Plan

  • Buy 200MB for N200. Get a 400MB bonus value. Valid for 3 days.

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Airtel Weekly Plans – Smart connect Bonus

  • Buy 350MB for N300. Get a 700MB bonus. Valid for 7days.
  • Buy 750MB for N500. Get 750MB extra equal to a 1.5GB data bonus. It lasts for 14days.

Monthly Plans

  • Airtel 1.5GB for N1000. Get 3GB data volume in return. Valid for 30days.
  • Airtel 3.5GB for N1500. On this plan, you are given 6gigabytes which is divided into day and night plans. That is, 5GB can be used during the day and 1GB at night. It’s valid for 30days.
  • Airtel 3.5GB for N2000. Get 7GB. valid for 30days.
  • Airtel 6.5GB for N3000. Get 1GB which is divided into 11GB for the day and 1GB at night. Valid for 30days.
  • Buy 9.5GB for N4000. Buy this data plan get 17GB to browse and download stuff with 15GB in the day time and 2GB at night. Valid for 30days.
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The above are the available data bundle packages on Smartconnect. However, you can subscribe to these plans with the activation code below.

  • Simply dial *141# to buy data plans and get DOUBLE.

Remember, you must be migrated to the airtel smartconnect tariff plan to enjoy these benefits.

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How To Check Airtel Smart Connect Data Balance.

After receiving the awesome data bonuses on Smartconnect, you will have to check, just to confirm that the data volumes are correct.

To check data balance;

  • Simply dial *123*1# to check bonus data or dial the new code *323#.
  • Dial *140# to check all data balances. check airtel smart connect data balance

Alternatively, you can check data manually by:

  • Dialing *141#, you will see the menu.
  • Reply ‘1’ to check immediately.

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Airtel Smart Connect Small Money Big Data

If you are amongst these asking about the Airtel small money, BIG DATA plan, then this section is for you.

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Airtel Smartconnect SMBD is a plan launched by airtel Nigeria and specially created for Smartconnect subscribers to offer you BIG Data with Less PAY.

SMBD is very much connected to Airtel SC. you can activate this plan by following the simple procedures.

  • Buy and register a New SIM Card.
  • Recharge your line with at least N100 and make calls for a few seconds to get SIM activated.
  • Now, dial *141# to buy data plans. You will get on every data bundle you purchase.

So you see, the Airtel Small Money BIG DATA plan is linked with Smartconnect and only New Customers can enjoy the benefits.

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How To Share Data On Airtel Smart Connect

It is possible to share data bundles you bought from Airtel but you are not allowed to share bonuses.

Airtel Nigeria means it when they said the 800% and data bonus is limited to new customers who activate SmartConnect.

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Yeah, follow the guide below to share data on Airtel:

  • Simply dial *141# you will see a pop-up menu.
  • Select “Share Data”, “Gifting” or “Me2U” by replying to its code.
  • Follow the prompt to qualify for the data-sharing service.

Now, you are allowed to share a maximum of 200MB daily. And you can share data with only two people (200MB each).

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Before you pay for data plans next time, consider the amount of money you are losing. Instead of paying BIG for Less, why not pay less for MORE Data?

Go buy and register a new SIM card to get started.

Now, you have the Airtel Smart Connect Bonus Data Plan Subscription Codes.

Don’t Dull.

See more helpful resources below:


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