How To Check Airtel Data Balance Faster

This article shows you how to check airtel data balance easily.  

If you’re an internet surfer like me, you are likely to run short of data. And for this reason, you must endeavor to check your available data balance on your airtel line to make sure you aren’t using too much on the web.

No doubt, Airtel is amongst the top competitive Network service providers (Telecommunication Company) in Nigeria.

They offer cheap data plans for their customers to browse the internet with little to no cost.

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How To Check Airtel Data Balance Easily

The following are working codes to view your available data balance:

How To Check Airtel Data Balance

Airtel balance Enquiry Via USSD

  • Simply dial *140#. code to check airtel data balance
  • You can also dial *123# to view airtime balance.

This is a quick, shortcode to check your airtel data balance in general but there are other methods below.

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SMS Method

To check Airtel Data Balance Via SMS;

  • Kindly send STATUS to 141

The above SMS code is an alternative to make a request your data plan balance on Airtel.

Once your request is accepted, you will receive a text message from Airtel with your data balance details.

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How To View Airtel Data On Android, iPhone & BlackBerry

  • Simply dial *223# to check data balance on Android and iPhone. code to check airtel data balance on android and iphone  
  • Type in *123*10# on your phone dialer and send it.
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While the above method works for Android, iPhone, iPod, and BlackBerry, it can also be applied to your modem.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Insert your Airtel SIM card on the Modem device.
  2. Connect Modem to your computer (PC)
  3. Go to the Dialer or USSD code section.
  4. Dial any of the above codes to check your airtel data balance.

Note: Some Modem devices may be connected before you can be allowed to take any action. And also make sure you have an active Airtel data plan if you must see the result.

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How To Check Airtel BIS (Blackberry Internet Subscription) Balance

  • Simply dial *123*9# Or
  • Send STATUS to 440

And your Airtel BIS balance will be shown to you in a short time.

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Other Simple Ways To Check Internet Bundle Balance & Bonus on Airtel

  • Simply Dial *123*10# Or
  • Dial *141*11*0# Or
  • Dial *140# for all data balance inquiry.
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Just in case other codes didn’t work for you to check your available data balance on Airtel, the above-listed USSD will help.

If you are on Airtel 4g, these codes can also help you to check the airtel 4g data balance easily.

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Checking Airtel Data Bundle Balance Online

Here’s how to check your remaining balance online in a few simple steps:

  • Kindly Go to or
  • Call Airtel customer care, ask for your data balance details and that’s it.


Stay guided. This article is all about how to check Airtel data balance easily.

And if you’ve read carefully, you will see that every single method on this post works 100% as stated.

Make sure you bookmark this page for future purposes.

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