Crazy Airtel 200 Naira Data Plans Code for 2GB & More

If you stumbled upon this post then definitely, you are searching for the Airtel 200 Naira data plans for Android, iPhone, and other smartphones.

It’s no longer news that Airtel Nigeria offers cheap data plans just like Glo the Giant of Africa.

Of course, Glo offers HUGE Data Holmes for little money spent on airtime.

That will be a discussion for another day. Right now, you will see available Airtel cheap data plans for 200naira.
Read on…

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Airtel 200 Naira Data Plans For Android & Other Phones

In this section, you will find the list of data plans that suits your need. Pick one from the list below:

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Airtel 2GB For N200

Yes, it’s correct. Or, are you surprised?

It is the Airtel 2G Pack Plan that allows you to browse with more data and little money.

This plan works with 2G Network and it lasts for 10 days.

The 2gigabytes data for 200naira is not the only plan on this package, you can also get 6GB for N500 that is valid for 28 days by dialing the simple activation code.

  • Simply dial *482# to activate this plan. airtel 200 naira data plan 2gb

After that, you will receive a message from your service provider that the activation of the 2G pack plan was successful.

(The above message is for the Airtel 200 naira data for 2GB, meanwhile, Airtel will state the activated plan in the SMS)

No doubt, it works 100%. Just make sure you’ll account is recharged with at least N200 on it.

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Airtel 1GB Data For N200

This is another available data bundle you can subscribe to for 200 Naira. It was launched for both new and existing customers to enjoy browsing on the internet and worry less about spending much.

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But there’s a trick, in case you don’t get data, avoid buying data bundles for at least 3 months then dial the USSD code given below.

Yeah, it is related to the 1.5GB Smarttrybe data plan I published a while ago.

To subscribe to this plan;

  • Simply dial *141*241# on your phone dialer. airtel 200 naira data plan 1gb

You will receive a confirmation message after this action.

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Airtel 1.5GB For N200 – 200 Naira Data Plans

This is the Airtel Smarttrybe data bundle plan that allows subscribers to browse almost free at midnight.

It’s also known as the “Night Plan” specially designed for prepaid customers on the Smarttrybe tariff plan.

You are given 5 hours (12:00 AM to 5:00 AM) to exhaust the data you receive.

See the Quick Code To Subscribe To Airtel Night Plan.

Here is another Airtel cheap data plan for 200 Naira.

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Airtel 200MB Data Plan For 200 Naira

This is an official data bundle package from Airtel Airtel Nigeria. It is called the 3-day Data Plan and was created for users who want to access the internet on a low budget.

As it sounds, you are given three (3) days to consume data, or else, it will be taken.

  • Simply dial *412# to subscribe. airtel 200 naira data plan 200mb

You will get a response immediately.

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How To Buy Data Plans On Airtel (+ 200 Naira)

It’s not a must to always buy the 200 Naira data bundle from the Airtel list, you may choose to subscribe to other available data plans next time.

  • Simply dial *141# and follow the prompt to buy your preferred data plan today.

Make Sure You Activate The Airtel Smart Trybe Data Bonus Today!

How To Check Airtel N200 Data Balance

You are doing a very BIG mistake if you don’t track your data from time to time while browsing or after subscribing to a new data bundle plan.

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What if something is wrongly arranged on your device and data is being consumed excessively without control?

  • Simply dial *140# to check your data balance on Airtel Network.

You will see a pop-up that reads;

“Wait while your request is being processed” or related and you will receive a message containing your data balance details shortly.

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Airtel Nigeria has done a great job by providing different data bundles on the Network so that everyone can buy according to their pocket.

Do you need small, average, large, or even mega plans? They are all available.

And there you have it, the available Airtel 200 Naira data plans for Android, iPhone, and other devices that connect to the internet.

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