Cheapest MTN Daily Data Plans For 2GB+ 2023

This post covers the MTN daily data plans, code to check the balance and other important info.

At times, you may be on a low budget.  

Maybe you want to get important information online and it isn’t much, the solution is to pick up a small data bundle that suits your needs instantly.  

Today, I will give you the code to subscribe to the MTN daily data plans that suit your needs.  

You will get:

  • The 1-day (24 hours) plan.
  • 2days plan.
  • Bonus + Awoof plans and more…

  Get them below.

mtn daily data plans bundle

MTN Daily Data Plans – Every Single One Of Them

1GBN200(MTN 1GB Plan code)30DAYS

1. MTN 2GB For N500

This is the first data plan in the table above. Yes, you can get as many as 2 gigabytes with only N500.  

This is insane! Imagine 500 naira giving you such an amount of data volume.

Now, proceed to buy this plan by dialing the simple code I added in the table above.

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2. MTN 1GB For N200 Plan

This MTN Deal Zone data bundle offers you 1 gigabyte for only 200 naira.  

Now, this plan is not just cheap.  

Check this out. It’s valid for 30 days and you can do everything that has to do with your internet and data connection.  

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One thing is; it is SIM-selective. You can subscribe to the MTN 1GB data plan for N200 using the code I added in the post. I have created a different guide on that.

3. MTN 1GB For N350

Sometimes a particular circumstance occurs that necessitates a speedy data top-up, and the MTN 1GB for 350 naira package is just what you need.

The 350 Naira for 1GB package is a valuable data deal that I believe you should take advantage of. That’s a lot of information, with plenty of time to process it. I cannot comment on the network’s overall quality. I’ve experienced issues with an MTN SIM, but there’s no denying that the plans are fantastic.

Here’s how to subscribe successfully:

  • Load a total of “at least” N350 into your MTN account.
  • Now, send “154” to 131.

After that, you will definitely receive a message to confirm the purchase and activation of the plan. After that, you’ll get 1GB to browse for a day.

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4. MTN 200MB For N200 (Now N50)

In this section, I will share with you another new MTN data plan that can get you 200MB for N200 only in order to browse all your favorite websites.

Now, I heard that the plan is now N50 for 200MB. Just follow the guidelines below to activate this data bundle:

  • Dial *121# with your MTN SIM card.
  • You will be presented with several alternatives; enter 1 to pick TopDeal4Me.
  • You will see a list of possible deals for you; if you are qualified for the 200MB for N50 deal, you should see the choice at number 3.
  • Now, input 3 to choose 200MB for N50, assuming you are eligible for the promotion.

That’s all.

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5. MTN 75MB For N50

This is another mtn daily data plan that may excite you.

These mtn daily data plans are intended for emergency use and for individuals who are unable to afford large monthly data plans. Although the data capacity is limited, we refer to it as an emergency data plan or even an affordable data plan.

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Aside from the MTN 75MB for N50 naira and 200MB for N200, MTN also offers 200MB for N50 naira and 1GB for N200 naira. So shortly, I will show you how to subscribe to any of these plans.

  • Simply dial *121# and go for Data4Me.
  • Or dial *131*1# and select this daily plan from the list you find.

6. MTN 25MB For N50 Daily Data Plan

MTN 25MB is available for N50. To activate, send 114to 131. This plan is Valid for Iday, which is about 24 hours from the time you subscribed.

How To Check Your Daily Plan Balance Easily

To know your data bundle balance on mtn, whether the 24-hour 2-day package you can always check with a shortcode.  

I always advise that you track your available Megabytes to make sure your device isn’t consuming so much data.  

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You bought it for exhaustion, right? That’s cool, but getting it wasted without your permission isn’t funny.   Check your account regularly.    

Which MTN Daily Data Plan Did You Buy?

Out of all the internet bundles, I provided for you to subscribe to above, I believe you must have selected your preferred mtn daily data plan.  

So which one did you buy? Let me know in the comment section.  

Do you have a question? Ask me for free answers.  

In the meantime, read other related resources below:

  Peace and blessings.  

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