Airtel Double Data Plan Code For 9GB+ 2023

This post will teach you how to get the airtel double data plan bonus every time you buy data on your android phone, tablet, iPhone, and personal computer (PC).

For real, I know how it feels to have your friend tell you how he or she got free bonus data on recharge and data bundle activation.

It happens. Maybe, as a new customer or an existing, old airtel user.

Whatever the case may be, get ready to join the crew and start getting more DATA.

About Airtel Double Data Bonus

The Airtel bonus data plan started with a tariff plan designed for customers who newly bought and registered their sim cards. Yes, Airtel made it possible for these sets of people to enjoy X2 data volume as a sign of “Welcome to the Airtel Family”.

Normally, getting data plans from your network provider can be very expensive. And still, on it, the data consumption rate is not as friendly.

Now, compared to the DOUBLE data bonus plan, you are getting extra.

  • For example, if you buy 1GB, you’ll get 2 GB.  1 gigabyte is marked as a bonus that you must exhaust first before touching the remaining 1 gigabyte of data.

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A friend of mine used to get DOUBLE out of every plan he buys (and he said he didn’t know how it happens) until I learned the simple code to activate mine.

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If you are newly migrating your 2G, 3G sim card to 4G LTE sim, you may begin to enjoy X2 your internet bundles too. Yes.

Both new and old customers can partake in the airtel double data bonus offer. It wasn’t stated that old customers are counted out. Some selected sim cards can enjoy this offer.

Before you proceed to purchase your data plan, you need to check if you’re eligible for the double data package.

airtel double data plan bonus code

How To Be Eligible For Airtel Double Data Plan

You know how Network providers work in Nigeria. Sweet offers like this one are always limited to some categories of users.

No direct claims prove that either New or Old customers are restricted but here’s how to know your eligibility status:

  • You must have received the SMS from Airtel which say; “Airtel X2 offer is Just For You! Enjoy 3.5GB for N1000 on your data bundle purchase bla bla bla”.
  • Simply dial the activation code from your Dialer app. You should get a message like;  “Insufficient account balance” or “low credit” or something related.
  • You get other free bonus offers from Airtel Network.
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These are quick signs that you’re amongst the selected users. And you can get X2 for your data bundle purchase.

After the eligibility test, you can proceed to activate your preferred plan below.

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How To Activate Airtel Double Data Offer

The eligibility test is mainly for old airtel users. If you are about to join the Airtel Smartphone Network, below is how to qualify for this offer:

  • Buy a new Airtel SIM card from the nearest service center in your area.
  • Ask the agent to register and activate your SIM.
  • Insert the SIM Card on your mobile phone, modem, or whichever device you use.
  • Recharge your line and buy one of the data plans below.

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List Of Plans That Give You Double On Subscription

50MB25MB25MBN 50*141*50#1 Day
150MB75MB75MBN 100*141*100#1 Day
400MB200MB200MBN 200*141*200#3 Days
700MB350MB350MBN 300*141*300#7 Days
1.5GB750MB750MBN 500*141*500#14 Days
3GB1.5GB1.5GBN 1000*141*1000#30 Days
6GB3GB3GB1500*141*1500#30 Days
9GB4.5GB4.5GBN 2000*141*2000#30 Days

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Cheapest Airtel Data Plans For You Below

With the high cost of data plans these days, buying internet plans can be a challenging activity and it’s a must for the average, modern-day individual like you and me.

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At the NetworkPalava website, we are continuously looking at how we can make things affordable to our active users. And in this section, you find the cheapest data plans on Airtel for all users including New and Old.

Imagine buying 1GB for N1200? That’s expensive now. Take a look at our data plans prices in the image below:

airtel double data plan code

Below are the available NP Airtel data plans and their prices:

  • 1.5GB – N1050
  • 2GB – N1250
  • 3GB – N1500
  • 4.5GB  N2000
  • 6GB -N2450
  • 8GB – N2900
  • 11GB – N3900


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Some More Cheap Airtel Internet Bundles For Today

Airtel Data Codes For 500 Naira

There is a good list of affordable data plans you can buy for N500 at the moment. Yes, they involve;

  • 6GB for N500
  • 2.2GB for N500
  • 1GB for N500
  • Airtel Unlimited 6hour browsing plan for N500
  • And more…
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The good thing about these plans is that you can subscribe again and again. The valid period is cool, not just the daily kind of data that disappears after one night of surfing the internet.

Airtel Data Codes For N200 Naira

The plans in this section are not part of the Airtel double data pack but there is a better deal with less more spend on airtime.     I include the following plans in the list:

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How To Check Double Data Balance

Don’t ignore this part. You can’t just buy a data plan, browse and download on your 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, or  5G and expect your data bundle balance to remain the same.

How will you know when your data is exhausting excessively?

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It’s very important to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Have You Activated Double Data On Your Airtel Line?

Yes, with the guidelines I have highlighted, I believe you’ve successfully activated your line’s airtel double data plan.

How many times do you try before it finally worked? Let us know in the comment section below.

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