How To Check Glo Airtime Balance Now

Are you asking; how to check glo airtime balance the quick way? This post shows you how to do it all yourself without stress.

After using one of the glo recharge codes to load credit on your line, you may need to check your account balance to make sure nothing has tampered with your airtime.

As you already know you may have borrowed airtime for one reason or the other, and according to the service terms and conditions, you must pay on your next recharge.

Now, let me show you how to check your glo airtime balance via SMS or USSD code.

About Checking Your Account balance On Glo

Glo Nigeria is good at offering free bonus airtime from time to time to Existing and New customers join the Giant network.

Meanwhile, the data bonus isn’t counted out of this. With the Yakata airtime and data bonus code, you can enjoy the value of the money you spent on airtime.

The code to load a card on the Glo network is simple to memorize, but it’s not a permanent situation, you may forget. The same thing applies to the code to check the glo account balance.

Now, the call rates on the glo network are pretty Ok, compared to some similar network providers. You don’t need to worry about excessive consumption when it has to do with calls.

You can use the airtime on your account balance to buy your favorite data pack, connect with loved ones on phone calls, or even download your favorite stuff online.

how to check glo airtime balance

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How To Check Glo Airtime Balance Fast

Below is the quick code to check glo airtime balance easily:

  • Simply dial #124*1# to see your glo balance immediately.
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Or, you can manually do this by following the guideline below:

  • Simply dial #124# on your phone dialer. You should see a popup asking you to reply to the respective code to see your account balance.
  • Reply 1. Yes, kindly type in ‘1’ in the space provided.
  • At this point, you should see your complete account balance in a popup or send it to you as a Message.

You must check your airtime balance from time to time to avoid “stories that touch the heart” he he?. Yes, check to make sure there are no existing tariff services you unknowingly opt-in that’s slowly taking your airtime.

The earlier you notice this, the better. That’s why you should always check your glo account balance.

And also, take note of this. The airtime you checked with the code above which is the default code to check airtime balance on glo can be sharable.

You can share with friends, family, or anyone you like.

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How To Check Glo Airtime Bonus Balance

Several plans give bonuses on the Glo network. You must have heard or experienced the free bonus offers attached to airtime recharges you make on your data-enabled phone.

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Some tariff plans that give bonuses are;

  • Glo Welcome back: This one is focused on glo users who abandoned their sim card for 30days or more. Yes, if you get lucky you will get N6000 free airtime and data by dialing #122*35#.
  • Glo Yakata Tariff Plan. You are entitled to get Free 6GB plus a 2,200% airtime bonus in your first 6months on this plan. Great right? Read on…
  • Glo Bumpa Tariff Plan. Bumpa enables that you get a 200% instant bonus of the value you recharge. For example, if you recharge N100, you will get an N300 airtime bonus to call all networks in Nigeria.
  • Glo Campus Booster Tariff Plan. Once you migrate to the Campus Plan, you automatically qualify for the 10X data bonus offer. That is, you get 10 times every data bundle you buy. For instance, if you buy an N200 data plan, you will receive N2000 worth of data to browse the internet on Glo Campus Booster.
  • Glo Jumbo Tariff Plan. On Jumbo, you get a 500% extra airtime bonus and free data. For example, N100 (main balance) recharge gives you N500 (bonus balance) plus 50MB data and more like that.
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So the simple codes to check the glo bonus airtime are as follow:

  • Glo Welcome Back – #122*34#
  • Glo Yakata – *220*1#
  • The Glo Bumpa – #122*2#
  • Glo Campus Booster – #122*10#
  • Glo Jumbo – #122*23#

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How To Check Glo Data Balance

If you have an existing internet data bundle on your prepaid or postpaid line, you can also check it with a short ussd code.

Don’t skip this part every time you have an active data bundle on your line. It’s very important to check your data balance. Who knows, maybe some additional application, software, or other third-parties is consumed so much MB.

And when checking, you must use the respective code to check your available MB balance based on your current tariff plan.

Glo Yakata and some more tariff packages do give data bonuses and you can’t check them with the same code as the default glo data balance.

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Have you checked? The code is different from checking your glo airtime balance.

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How To Load Credit On Your Glo Account

What if you don’t know how to check your data balance. No worries, follow my simple guideline to recharge your glo number easily.

  •  Simply dial *123*Recharge PIN#. For example, if your recharge card PIN is 0123 4567 8901 234, just type-in *123*012345678901234# and sends it to load airtime on your phone.

Don’t mistake the code to load credit. Some recharge codes may be limited to calls only. Yes, Glo introduces new tariff packages from time to time and recommends that your use a given code to load credit to get X2 or EXTRA airtime bonus to call your loved ones.

Most of the time the airtime bonus is unshareable, you can’t buy data with it, and more like that. But if you want to take total control of your airtime, make use of the default recharge code for glo.

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How To Earn Free Airtime On Glo

I know say you like “BETA Thing! He He ?”.

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Yes, you can get free airtime on glo with the working method highlighted below. Kindly watch the short video, follow the steps slowly to activate your free airtime bonus.

The good thing about the free airtime or data bonus tips and trick in the video above is that; the airtime or data you’ll get is completely yours.

That is, you have complete access to your airtime. After getting the free airtime, make use of the working codes to check your glo airtime bonus. Once you confirm, feel free to buy data, make calls, or share it with your friends. It’s all yours.

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What Next?

Ok, now that you’ve checked your airtime balance on Glo, what’s next?

Do you want to make calls or buy an internet data package to connect with friends and family or browse the latest news online?

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It’s your choice. Hope you know how to check Glo airtime balance easily today?

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