Airtel Flashing Code To Make Free Calls

Are you looking for the Airtel flashing code to flash other numbers without airtime?

You should agree with me that;

  • You need airtime to make calls
  • Sufficient credit is needed to send messages across all networks in Nigeria.

But, what a situation whereby you have no credit to do call a friend or send an emergency text?

Stay tuned. In this post, you’ll learn the airtel to airtel free call code.

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About Airtel Flashing Code

Airtel is amongst the most popular and recognized networks in Nigeria. And no doubts, you have a lot to enjoy as a loyal customer.

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Regarding the Airtel flashing code, there is no specific name given to the beeping service.

You need the simple trick I will be sharing with you shortly to flashing anyone on the Airtel network.

As long as you make use of an Airtel SIM card, you can apply it and get results.

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airtel flashing code to make free calls

Airtel Flashing Code To Beep Other Customers

  • Simply dial **Phone Number. For example, to call 07012345678, dial **07012345678 on your phone dialer.
  • Once you dial the number, it will cut short fast. Don’t worry.
  • The number you called will get a ‘Missed Call” alert.

The essence of this is to ask someone to call you when you have a ZERO (0.00k) account balance to make calls.

Just add “**” before the number you want to flash and you’re good.

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Alternative Ways To Make Call On Airtel Without Airtime

  • Use the Airtel call me back code. Simply dial *140*Phone Number# to request a call from the person you want to call.
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The receiver will call you back in no time.

  • You can also make calls with the WhatsApp, Duo app, and other mobile applications that allow voice and video calling.

You just need an active data plan to power these apps.    

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Answer To Questions On Airtel Flashing Code

What Is The Airtel Flashing Code Limit?

At the moment there’s no limit to this service. Yes, you can flash as many people as you want.

How Can I Flash Without Airtime On Glo?

For this specific question, I have written a quick-to-read guide a few days ago.

How Can I Check My Airtel Number?

  • Simply dial *121# on your phone.
  • Reply 3′.
  • Reply ‘4’.
  • You will see your phone number in a pop-up message.

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What’s The Result?

After trying out the Airtel flashing code to make free calls, what’s your experience?

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Did the receiver call back?

Leave a comment below.

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