How To Borrow Data From Airtel Faster

Are you also looking for how to borrow data from Airtel?

In a situation whereby you can’t go out at midnight to get recharge cards, load credit, or even buy data using your bank recharge codes, what will you do?

In a few seconds, you’ll learn how to borrow data from Airtel fast.

Borrowing Data On Airtel

It’s called the Airtel Credit Loan Service that enables all Prepaid customers who recharge at least N100 or more monthly.

Airtel CLS allows you to borrow data to browse the internet and pay back on your next recharge.

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This is how it works;

  • The amount of data your borrow is equal to the amount for that subscription. And you’ll pay 15% extra later.

For example, 10MB costs N50 which is valid for 1 day. Now, you’ll pay back N57.7 on your next recharge.

The same thing applies to higher megabytes you borrow. Airtel will deduct 15% extra as interest.

Follow the guidelines below to borrow unlimited airtime from airtel

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how to borrow data from airtel

How To Borrow Data From Airtel 4G SIM & Others

First, you need to check your eligibility status and to do this;

  • Simply dial *500# on your mobile phone. You should see the Borrow Data Menu on your smartphone screen.
  • Now, reply ‘3’ to select the ‘Borrow Data‘ option.
  • After that, you’ll see the data volume you are eligible to borrow.
  • Proceed with the request.
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You’ll receive an SMS alert immediately after your data request is granted.

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Before now, having an exhausted data bundle balance wasn’t a joke. Imagine you got a notification that your existing internet pack just finished and you need to buy a new plan to continue browsing from where you stopped.

Impossible. Why? Midnight Palava.

Back then, you needed to buy a recharge card slip, load it manually, then buy data from Airtel. That’s so much stress now.

This day, you can borrow data from Airtel just the way you borrow credit when you have an insufficient account balance.

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Airtel LCS Service Charges

Below is a breakdown of how the Airtel data borrowing service works:

DATA VOLUMEPRICEVALIDITY                                     PAYBACK 15%

Fast USSD Code To Borrow Airtel Internet Data Bundle

  • Simply dial *500*3# on your phone dialer to borrow data on Airtel fast.
  • Alternatively, dial *500# then, respond ‘3’ to proceed.
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Uganda customers can also borrow data by dialing *143# on Airtel.

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Important Note On Airtel Credit Loan Service.

  • The Airtel Credit Loan Service is more beneficial to active users on the network.
  • The quality of airtime you recharge daily, weekly, or monthly determines the amount you will be allowed to borrow.
  • The higher you recharge the higher MB you’re allowed to borrow.
  • Airtel charges 15% extra on any amount of data you borrow.
  • Using Airtel 4G LTE SIM, 3G or 2G has nothing to do with CLS. You can borrow data if you’re eligible.
  • You must pay previous loans before requesting a new one.
  • All Airtel Prepaid users with registered SIM are qualified for this service.

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How Do I Borrow Data From Airtel Without Paying Back?

There’s no way. You can’t run away from the debt you owe.

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Yes, if you borrow data on Airtel, you must pay it back unless you cease to use that SIM Card for Network Operations.

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Have You Borrowed Data?

After following the guidelines given above, were you able to borrow MB on Airtel?

Now, if you’re amongst those asking if it is possible to borrow data without paying back, there’s a problem. You must pay back your debt.

Hope you learned how to borrow data from airtel successfully?

What’s your experience? Leave a comment below!

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