Glo Data Cheat Code 2023: How To Get Free Data on Glo

Get the Glo data cheat code that enables you to browse the internet at your convenience. Yes, no more worries about the latest Glo data plans to kick-start your phone for unlimited internet experience.

Today’s post shows you what to do with the Glo data cheat code and start surfing the internet blissfully.

I have seen a lot of people complain about not getting the working settings for free browsing or the new VPN that give free access to the internet. But that shouldn’t be a problem if you follow every instruction in this post.

You’ll be getting the Glo free data cheat codes plus other necessary information you may need. So, read slowly so that you don’t miss anything.

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About Glo Data Cheat Codes

Even though today’s post is about the free unlimited cheat code on Glo, it’s important that you know some things about the Giant telecommunication company.

Mike Adenuga started Globacom Limited, also known as Glo (Global communication), a multinational telecommunications firm in Nigeria, on August 29, 2003. The company had more than 3,500 employees worldwide as of June 2018.

Before you proceed, please note that all cheat codes will work for you at this time. It’s either you’re eligible or Glo Nigeria has blocked the cheat code. 

Got it? Let’s proceed…

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Glo Data cheat Code: How to Get Free Data On Glo

In this section of the post, you’re going to find several free browsing cheat code that works for android users, iOs, iPhone, PC users, and many other devices.

Yes, once you activate the unlimited free data cheat code on Glo, you can easily browse on any device with your SIM card inserted.

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Good deal right? Let’s proceed…

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Glo Data Cheat for 100 Naira

You need to have up to 100 Naira worth of airtime on your sim in order to activate this Glo free browsing hack. Try to acquire one if you don’t have one.

The procedures below will enable free browsing on your Glo sim once you have 100 naira of airtime in your phone.

  • Open your Phone Message app and SMS 1 to 8070.

After that, wait for a message from Glo confirming that your activation of the 1GB data plan was successful. Dear Customer, Your 1 GB data bundle has been successfully enabled.

  • Dial #122*22# to check the remaining data on your data plan. Make an effort to complete your data before the deadline because the provided data is only good for 15GB.

Simply text PAYU to 127 if you run into any problems while browsing.

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Glo Data Cheat For N100 Only

The Glo data cheat for 100 Naira is the item after that on the list. This hack offers 1GB of surfing space for just N100 and is compatible with all Glo SIM cards.

Before using the Glo 100 Naira cheat code, you should be aware that the data is only active from midnight to five in the morning and that you must not owe any money to the Glo network.

The plan can be activated by following the instructions below if that’s okay with you.

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  • Purchase a registered Glo SIM (Old or New)
  • Add at least N100 worth of airtime to the SIM card.
  • Go to the dialer app on your phone now and enter *777#.
  • Choose “Data” from the menu.
  • Choose “Buy Data Plan” from the menu.
  • Give a response of 1 or 2 to indicate an auto-renewal or one-time plan.
  • Select “Night & Weekend” as your plan type.
  • Next, choose “N100 = 1GB 5 days” and buy the plan immediately.
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You must only use this bundle at night because it is a night plan. So, bear it in mind to avoid being irritated with yourself after subscribing.

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Get Over 250MB For Just 100 Naira

Make sure your Glo sim has up to 100 Naira in airtime, and that’s all there is to it.

To activate, dial the following cheat code:

  • Open your Phone dialer app and dial *303*2*1#.

The data is accessible on an Android phone, a PC, a BlackBerry, and an iPhone.

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Glo data cheat for 200 naira

The code to Get Glo N200 for 10GB and N100 for 5GB is shown below.

By dialing *603#, you can switch to Glo Jolliific. (This is the first step)

  • To acquire a staggering 5.2GB or 10.4GB after the migration, simply recharge with N100 or N200.

Your phone number must be registered and linked to your NIN for this trick to work for you.

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Glo 200 for 1GB code

The plan’s subscription code is memorable. You have the option of subscribing manually or by using the fast USSD code.

If you follow the guideline correctly, Glo will send you a success message with the outcome of your previous operation.

The Glo 200 for 1GB for 7 days code is listed below:

  • Just use the dialer app on your phone to enter *777*1*1*1*2*5*1#. After that, wait for a moment.

A popup notification will appear after you call the designated number. Just make sure your Glo line has at least 300 to 500 Naira in airtime.

Get this right: The Glo 1 GB plan is only good for a day, 2 GB for N500 is only good for two days, and 7 GB for N1500 is only good for seven days.

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Glo 200 Naira Data Cheat Code

A step-by-step tutorial for activating the 200 Naira Glo data trick on any Glo SIM can be found below.

  • Obtain two Glo SIMs
  • Glo Yakata must be the first. If you aren’t already on Yakata, learn how to migrate to Glo Yakata here.
  • Recharge Give your line at least N200 worth of airtime.
  • Take out the N200 Data plan (Yakata gives 200MB on the 1st month of recharge)

Get a second SIM card now and wait till the original SIM has received all 200MB.

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Following that, transfer the data to the second Glo SIM by dialing *127*01* (friend’s phone number).

With the second Sim that you shared the info with, you can now browse at any time. There will be no change to the 200MB data plan.

Reminder: Don’t substitute that N200 for the daily plan or the cheat will only last for 24 hours. To enjoy more, select longer plans, such as seven days.

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To get unlimited data on your Glo SIM, you basically need to activate the Glo 200 Naira data cheat code in this manner.

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Glo data cheat for 500 naira

It is recommended that you recharge at least 500 Naira on your glo line at this time. Check your account balance to be sure. Now, enter the following code:

  • The shortcode to subscribe to the Glo data cheat code for 500 plan is *777*11*12*5*12#, or *127*57# to purchase the 800MB bundle, which is valid for 10 days and includes a 2GB bonus. Please enter the code into your phone dialer app and you’re ready to go.

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But that’s not all. You just learned the Quick USSD method; in the meantime, the following is a recommended guideline for purchasing the Glo 500 for 2GB data bundle;

  • Just use your glo sim to dial *777*.
  • Select “1” to choose “Buy Data Plan”
  • Next, pick One-Off or Auto Renew by responding “2” or “1”.
  • Reply “5” to choose the Special Data offer after entering it.
  • To select Special Plans, respond “1“.
  • Last but not least, press “2” to choose Glo 2GB for 500 Naira data plan.
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This exclusive deal from Glo Nigeria lasts for two days, after which all unused data will be removed. If you’re fortunate, you might receive a rollover when you subscribe again. This isn’t always a given, though.

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Can I Get The Glo data cheat code for 500?

  • Yes. Simply dial *777# to activate it, then choose and subscribe to the weekend bundle using the on-screen prompts.

Read this: The weekend plan that gets you 3GB for N500 is essentially what the Glo data cheat for 500 Naira is. 

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More Glo Data Cheat Code That May Work For You Today!

This section contains even more Glo data cheat codes. Read carefully so you don’t miss anything.

How to get free data on Glo: Glo free data cheat code 2022

Globacom has introduced Free Data Day to provide users and other Nigerians with all-around comfort.

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The offer, which is accessible to all prepaid subscribers, grants Glo customers free data for an entire day when they reach the voice and/or data consumption threshold within seven days, according to information released by the firm at the launch.

According to Globacom, the new package allows members to the Glo network the ability to accomplish considerably more online by providing them with cost-free access for an entire day.

Well, this has nothing to do with the Glo data cheat code, though. Follow the guideline below to get the free data on Glo and start browsing the internet.

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Glo Free Browsing Cheat 2022: Psiphon VPN Cheat

Using the Psiphon Pro Lite Handler to Browse for Free

You must be aware of the Psiphon VPN Android app if you use the 2016–2017 limitless browsing trick.

Yes, this is the most popular program for integrating social media data into other apps, enabling concealed data, and even adjusting functional settings to enable unrestricted internet browsing.

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Today, the Pro-lite version is the topic.

Now, in order to make the most of this amazing limitless trick, I want you to carefully follow the instructions. You will receive the most recent settings, enabling you to use your smartphone to browse with 500MB to 3GB or more.

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Activate Free Browsing Cheat On Glo Using Psiphon

Please carefully follow each guideline to prevent missing out:

Make sure you first apply the proper APN settings. Check it out and apply it to your access point names settings using the information I provided above.

Your network coverage is crucial after that. This hack needs a reliable 3G, 4G or 5GB network to function.

  • Open Android Settings
  • Tap ‘More…’
  • Select Mobile Network
  • Choose your Preferred Network Type ( 2G/ 3G/4G or simply 3G/4G/5G)

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Download And Setup The VPN For Glo Free Browsing & Data Cheat Code

The Psiphon Pro Lite Handler can be downloaded here… You can connect to the internet with the aid of this software and enjoy limitless downloads. 

  • Install & Launch  The App. You should now install the VPN program on your phone, open it, and apply the latest settings to get started.

The most recent settings Now that the program has been installed, please input the following settings:

  • Untick the “Remove Port” box
  • Proxy type: Use Real Host
  • Proxy server:
  • Real proxy type: Select Default
  • Next, Real proxy server: leave blank
  • Real proxy port: 8080
  • Now, tap Save to proceed.

You must wait 45 seconds for the cheats to connect correctly and start working on your phone.

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Glo Unlimited Data Plan Cheat

The process to activate the New Glo unlimited data is as follows:

  • Download thunder VPN; to activate the VPN, make sure you have an opera mini bundle or other small data plans.
  • When the app’s data balance is low, pick Auto Select or Free Location.
  • Connect to the REGION to take advantage of the free data offer.
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Note: You can also get unlimited data on Glo by purchasing the Glo 7GB data bundle, which costs just N1500 and offers you almost limitless data for 7 days.

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Glo Cheat Code for Free MB: Get 5.2GB for N100 & 10.4GB for N200 Only

First, you must switch to the Glo Jollific package by dialing *603#.

Thereafter, a massive bonus of 10.4GB will be yours with every N200 bank or OneCard recharge (with the N200 PIN), and 5.2GB will also be yours with every N100 bank or OneCard recharge (N100 PIN).

  • To check your remaining data, dial #122#.

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Glo Berekete Data Cheat

For your information, the standard Glo price plan called Glo Berekete is packed with plenty of voice and broadband features.

Due to the data bonuses, you receive with each recharge under this tariff plan, you are free to browse the internet at will. This part is even about the Glo data cheat codes on the Berekete tariff plan, isn’t that amazing?

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Glo Berekete offers more perks than just data deals; in addition, you’ll receive a bonus airtime credit that may be used to make calls until you get weary.

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Follow the steps below to switch the Glo Berekete tariff plan in order to activate the bonus, which most people refer to as the Glo berekete data cheat:

  • Migrate to Glo Berekete with *230#. Now, proceed with the rest below…
  • Simply dial *777# from your phone’s dialer app.
  • Response: 1 to select Data
  • Response: 1 to select Buy Data Plan
  • Choose either 1 for Auto-Renew or 2 for One-Off.
  • Now, select Mini plans or Monthly Plans and proceed to activate your favorite bundle from the list.

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Glo Latest Data Cheat 2021/2022

Applying the available, functional settings will allow you to begin browsing on your preferred smartphone with tunnel VPN.

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It doesn’t take much to connect to this app; all you need to do is install it on your device and follow the procedures listed below.

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How To Connect Tunnel Glo Cheat For Browsing Right Now.

First of all download the Tunnel VPN app here… If the settings are applied properly, this app aids in free internet access.

  • Download & Run The App. You must install it once you’ve downloaded it. By doing this, remember to “allow installation from unknown sources.” It won’t install if you don’t. Open the app now.
  • Open Stealth Settings. The “Stealth Settings” link may be found on the home screen; tap it to access it. You will then be directed to another page; flip the switch to ON.

FREE INTERNET SECRET: Download HA Tunnel Plus Config Files

Now. make sure you configure the VPN as shown below:

  • Connection protocol: HTTP.
  • Next, Connection Port: 80 or 443.
  • Connect Via Parent Proxy: Don’t Enable.
  • Custom TCP/HTTP Headers: Enable.
  • Host:
  • Request Method: Normal.
  • Online Host: Tick.
  • Keep-Alive: Tick.
  • User-Agent: Tick.
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Press the General Button. After configuring the VPN in accordance with the preceding suggestions, touch Generate to assist in activating the settings, and then tap Save.

  • Save your stealth settings now.

Advance SSL Settings: Don’t Enable 5m.

  • Tap On CONNECT button. It’s time to launch the VPN, and if you input the provided codes correctly above, it will connect in a snap.

Enjoy an amazing browsing experience.

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Glo share data cheat

Follow the guideline below to Share Your Glo Data easily.

  • Dial *127*01*(Your Friend Number)# or send “Share (Your Friend Number]” to 127 to ADD people to your sharing list, for example, *127*01*08012345678# or Send Share 08012345678 to 127. Learn more about the Glo data-sharing code here…

Dial *127*02*(Your Friend Number)# or text “Remove (Your Friend Number)” to 127, for example, to REMOVE people from sharing your Glo data plan. Send Remove 08012345678 to 127 or enter *127*02*08012345678#.

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Simply, dial *127*00# or text “List” to 127 to get a list of people who are sharing your subscription.

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With the guidelines in today’s post I believe that you’re able to activate your favourite package using the latest Glo data cheat codes.

It’s very difficult to put this together but it’s amazing to get the free access to the internet, isn’t it?

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