Mytel Free Internet VPN Data Code (December 2023) | Bill 0 & Myanmar File Download

This post is designed for those who are in search of the Mytel free internet browsing cheat. So, if you’re looking for VPN cheats on Mytel Myanmar, the working config files, and new settings without VPN, then this post is for you.

Someone recently asked;

  • Can I get free internet with VPN and without VPN on Mytel?

Now, the short answer to that is; Just scroll slowly to find out your preferred free internet VPN code and settings to enjoy unlimited free internet on your smartphone today.

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About MyTel Free Internet

The search for new internet browsing tricks isn’t an easy one. Most people think free internet on Mytel is gone forever and never coming back again.

But, that’s not true. You need to understand the secret behind free browsing VPN settings on Mytel and other networks.

Free Data is being transferred and used in place of the free internet opportunity provided by the network. Just like the MTN, Glo, 9mobile, Airtel, Vodacom, Digicel, Cell C, Telkom, and other networks free internet VPN.

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Mytel is not different. There are also active ways to set up your MyTel line for unlimited free browsing access to the internet.

Now, you may be wondering if the MyTel free internet VPN cheat is designed for specific mobile phones but that’s not completely true. As long as your android device passes the OS version 4 and above, you’re good to go.

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You join the NetworkPalava group chat here to stay up to date on the latest free internet cheats on MyTel and other networks in different countries.

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Mytel Free Internet & File Download

Apart from the Mytel free internet VPN settings you’ll get from this post, there are many other cheat codes you’ll find online. Just make sure that it’s tested and working fine.

Now, for any active free internet settings to work, you must apply them correctly.

Yes, most times, it’s not about the MyTel unlimited free internet cheat but how well you implement them on your phone for maximum result.

In a few seconds, you’ll find the popular ways to browse the internet, the custom tweak, the configured tweak to import, and several free browsing settings on the Mytel network.

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Mytel free internet myanmar settings code

Method 1: USING HA Tunnel Plus VPN For MyTel Internet Packages

  • First, download the working Config file here…
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the HA Tunnel Plus VPN app you downloaded from the aforementioned link to launch it.
  • Select “Import Config” from the “Import/Export” menu.
  • Find the configurations you downloaded earlier, then click to import them.
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After that, wait for the connection to establish itself before clicking Start. Once it connects, you can now take advantage of the free internet.

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Method 2: Mytel Free Internet Myanmar 2023

To take advantage of this trick, users of Myanmar must buy an active Facebook data plan through Mytel. When you are finished with the subscription, follow the instructions below to set up and start using your free Internet trick.

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How To Set Up Mytel Bill 0 Free Internet

Make sure to use your access point’s default settings. Psiphon or another tunneling app can be downloaded by clicking here. After installing the app, go to Options, then click on More Options.

Now set up as described below:

  • Connect through an HTTP Proxy: Tick
  • Use the following settings: Tick it

Facebook URL ( or mobile version ( serves as the Host.

  • Port: 80 or 8080
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Connect once more to enjoy free Internet access on the Mytel 4G network.

Now, make sure you disconnect and then reconnect if connecting is difficult for you. This time it’ll work very fast.

FREE INTERNET FILES: Stark VPN Reloaded Files Download

Method 3

Mytel Myanmar Bill Zero 0 – Free Internet & File Download

Users don’t need data, airtime, or any other kind of internet pack for this trick to work; it is completely free. Your tunneling app, a Mytel SIM card with no data or airtime, and free net configuration settings are required for the trick to work.

Enjoy free, limitless Internet access by setting things up as described in this post. Follow the guideline below accordingly:

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What You Need To Proceed:

Your xSocks VPN mobile application (Find the link below), Settings for the configuration, PC, iOS, or Android device. And finally, a SIM card from Mytel Myanmar with no call credit and no data.

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How To Set Up Free Internet VPN In Myanmar

  • Download the xSocks Injector tunneling application here.
  • The configuration file can be downloaded by visiting this link
  • Open after installation.

The xSocks app’s top right corner will show an icon that resembles a FILE. Click on that icon. After that, find the file you downloaded, then import it by clicking on Import Config.

As soon as the connection is established, enjoy free internet.

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Method 3 – Alternative Free Internet APN Settings

Launch the tunneling application xSocks Injector. Select SLOWDNS after clicking Direct proxy – SSH, and then click Save. In the left-hand corner of the screen, select the hamburger icon.

Click on SlowDNS Settings and do the following:

  • Public Key: 7a4ba7da5de8a2953444afda14159c50024370ccd9c2519ef6a2a05db33bcb72
  • is the server name.
  • DNS:
  • Username: bolly
  • Set the password as 12345.
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Now, to connect and start enjoying the unlimited free browsing on MyTel; just go back and click START.

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Method 4: Mytel Free Browsing Myanmar

So, if you follow the instructions in this post, you will have free internet access. It is not as fast as SSH/SSL VPNs, but it is worthwhile and has a high internet speed. If you’re not interested in Slow DNS servers and need a faster DNS VPN, you can use this on any VPN that uses the DNS protocol.

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What You Need: Free Internet Vpn Trick For Android

No balance and data on a Mytel Myanmar SIM card, An Android device (you don’t have to root your phone), a new config file, and the Slow DNS tunneling application. You can find the VPN configuration file and settings below.

So, follow the guidelines to stay connected.

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How To Set Up – Settings Tutorial (VPN Over DNS Tunnel)

First, download the Slow DNS app on Google PlayStore. Install the program, then run it. The configuration options for the Slow DNS app are listed below;

  • Username: Leave blank.
  • Password: Skip this section.
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Choose any FREE SERVER of your choice as the server.

  • Setup DNS Server as ‘8.8.8‘.
  • Choose TXT: Response not encoded
  • LPort: 275
  • RPort: 20

Finally, Click on CONNECT button to get free internet access on MyTel.

Once it connects, wait a little while before using the Mytel Myanmar SIM to access free, limitless internet.

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Method 5: Mytel Unlimited Data Internet Cheat

You can apply these techniques to other DNS protocol VPNs, such as Hammer VPN, Droid VPN, Your Freedom VPN, etc.

Slow DNS is another DNS protocol VPN that we use for this free internet on the Mytel network. Please take note that this Mytel free internet is only for users in Myanmar.

Users of Mytel in Myanmar should use these new slow DNS settings to access the Internet for free on their Android smartphones without paying any data fees or bills; thanks to these new settings, Myanmarese users can browse the Internet without any restrictions.

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How To Set Up Slow DNS VPN For Mytel Myanmar Browsing Cheat (Android)

Download and install the Slow DNS VPN app. After installation, launch the Slow DNS VPN application.

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With this all-in-one downloader app, you can download and save social media videos from Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and other platforms.

Plsend Status Saver App is compatible with All Android Versions and can be downloaded here.

Free Internet: Download TLS Tunnel Config File

Follow the guidelines below:

Open the app after installation and set up your Slow DNS app using the settings listed below:

  • Username: leave blank.
  • Password: Leave blank.

Choose any FREE server on the list. Now, complete the other steps…

  • DNS Server: 8.8.8. or any faster TunnelGuru IP address.
  • Choose TXT: Response not encoded
  • LPort: 275
  • RPort: 20

After doing all that, just tap on the CONNECT button.

If the connection doesn’t work right away, just try reconnecting again. Sometimes connections can take a while to complete. But once it connects, you can proceed to enjoy unlimited access to the internet for free using MyTel SIM.

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How To Set Up Latest Mytel Myanmar Unlimited Free Browsing Internet For PC

To use this Latest Mytel Myanmar Unlimited Free Browsing Internet via Slow DNS VPN on your computer, you must first read this detailed guide on how to share your phone’s VPN connection with a computer. This method works flawlessly, so try it out.

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It is important to note that you can easily share your VPN connection with other Android smartphones or computers even if your phone is not rooted; to do so, follow the instructions in this post as soon as possible.

While it lasts, take advantage of Latest Mytel Myanmar Unlimited Free Browsing via Slow DNS VPN.

UNLIMITED FREE BROWSING ON Android: Download & Import HA Tunnel Plus Config Files

Method 6: Mytel SIM For VPN Free Browsing

This MyTel free net settings can be used to obtain free unlimited Internet connection, but the second element of the free internet trick isn’t a free internet trick.

You must buy a business plan to access this area. This means that a Mytel Business SIM card is required.

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Depending on your needs;

  • Simply dial 96688# to buy a pack for 7, 10, 20, or 30 days.
  • Then, dial ‘1‘ to confirm the transaction.
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You receive unlimited access to Google, Facebook, and Viber when you buy the 7-day pack, along with 3GB of data and more than 100+ minutes of calls.

The user can front the free sites for free Internet access by using Psiphon, Proxy Tunnel, or other tunneling programs. Specifically, when the user has used all of the data allotted to them.

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How To Set Up Mytel Free Internet Package

This mytel free data code and business plan may require a portable VPN to power all apps for free browsing on the MyTel network. See some suggestions below:

  • Use Psiphon or a proxy, or any other tunneling application you prefer
  • Open the app and set it up using or
  • Connect to the internet for free.

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FAQs – MyTel Internet Tricks

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Is It Working For You?

Before you go, here’s what you must know;

The settings given above may work well but not for everyone. One reason why it may not work is a result of not applying the required settings correctly. Otherwise, the Mytel free internet VPN setting is outdated.

Important: Please take note that this content is only for educational purposes. Your use of it and your actions are your responsibility. For ISPs to patch their vulnerabilities, NetworkPalava exclusively releases such.

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