Ooredoo Free Internet VPN Code (October 2023) – myanmar, Oman, Zero

If you’re looking for the current Ooredoo free internet cheat, you must be living in Myanmar, Maldives, Kuwait, Oman, or probably close to these areas.

The question has always been; could there be any possible free VPN browsing data code for Ooredoo network users?

And the answer is simple. There’s a free browsing cheat working for Ooredoo users in Myanmar and the only way to take part is by applying the correct settings to your phone.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

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About Ooredoo Free Internet

You can’t be left out if you follow the trends of bill-zero internet codes well. Some people think that free internet settings no longer exist but that’s not the case.

Once you know the right VPN to use and the working method to connect to the Ooredoo free internet in Myanmar, then you don’t have any problems.

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To make any browsing trick on Ooredoo work for you, the required android device must be present alongside a smart internet Virtual private network.

Now, Ooredoo is not the only network with a working free net offer, you can find new settings on MyTel, Cell C, Telkom, Vodacom, Digicel, and others…

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Ooredoo Free Internet Settings

In this section, you’ll find the list of bill 0 internet offers in Myanmar and oman using Ooredoo SIM cards. Yes, activating these tricks takes a little effort, just a few clicks here and there, and you’re good to go.

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Now, you must take note of this; Not all Ooredoo free internet settings will work for you. However, you must try it out to confirm if it works for your Android phone or not.

On the other hand, some tricks may not work for you no matter how you apply them. With this in mind, let’s proceed to the next phase.

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Here, you’ll learn how to configure your Ooredoo sim for unlimited Ooredoo free browsing in Myanmar and more…

ooredoo free internet vpn code


  • Ooredoo free internet Kuwait
  • Ooredoo Qatar free net

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Method 1: Ooredoo Bill 0 Internet Codes Using HA Tunnel Plus VPN

Before you process, you must first subscribe or activate the YouTube Pack on Ooredoo.

One benefit of this YouTube package is that consumers get limitless surfing time at a very low price. Depending on what you want, you can choose from the time-based, daily, weekly, or monthly subscription options.

  • Dial *929*5# on your phone dialer app.
  • Then, press 2 to purchase data under the “Music & Music” subscription.
  • Next, dial 0, followed by 0,
  • After that, press 0 and select your favorite data plan.
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Finally, this free internet trick is just for Users in the Maldives using the Ooredoo network.

Now, it’s time to configure HA Tunnel Plus VPN for the unlimited Ooredoo free browsing cheat.

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How To Set Up & Activate Ooredoo Free Internet

You’ll find the Ooredoo bill 0 free internet trick useful if you are familiar with the hot hat unlimited browsing cheat for all networks (including Kuwait and Qatar). Anyways, let’s continue with this free net offer.

To connect to Ha Tunnel Plus VPN and take advantage of free, limitless Internet tricks, follow the instructions below:

First, download and install HA Tunnel Plus VPN by clicking here. To download the Ooreedoo network configuration file, click here.

  • Go to the app’s home screen and select the three dots in the upper right corner of the display.
  • Tap on “Import/Export” and select “Import Config”.
  • Search for the configurations you downloaded earlier and then click to import.
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Then, as the connection attempts to establish itself, click Start. when it does, minimize it and take use of the free internet.

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Disconnect and re-connect if necessary, or upload a new file and try again if you face any challenges.

Watch this short video on how to import the HA Tunnel config file for unlimited free VPN browsing using any network:

This short video above applies to all networks (including Ooredoo for Kuwait, Qatar, Myanmar, Oman, Maldives, and others). As long as the file is available, the guidelines above can help you import it successfully.

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Method 2: How To Get Ooredoo Free Internet

To buy a Mobile Internet Pack on Ooredoo, You’ll have to send an SMS to 114 with the activation code. This is not the way Ooredoo’s free net cheat code work, though.

After activation, you will get a confirmation email with your Mobile Internet Pack’s entire data allotment.

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But this one is not about buying a data plan, you want to set up your Ooredoo SIM for unlimited free internet tricks, isn’t it?

Scroll slowly to learn how…

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What You Need:

You need the configuration settings, An Ooredoo Tunisia SIM card with zero data and call credit, An Android device, iOS, or PC, and lastly, Your Wire Tun VPN or the tunneling app of your choice.

You’ll need all the aforementioned in place to make the free internet on Ooredoo work for you.

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How To Set Up Ooredoo Bill 0 Internet VPN Cheat

First, Download the Wire Tun VPN app by clicking here. Then, Install and launch the portable VPN app.

  • Select one server by clicking on the Servers list link.
    To establish a connection, click the “Not Connected” icon right now.
  • Finally, temporarily close the app and once it connects, start using the Internet for free on Ooredoo.
Now, take note of this: Change your server, re-start the connection, and wait for it to complete if you ever see a "Connection request timeout" warning.

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However, unless you extend the period, you won’t be able to surf the internet without restriction.

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To do that, open the Wire Tun VPN program, and then click “Add Time” to view a current advertisement to extend your time limit.

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FAQs – Bill Zero VPN Internet Settings

How can I get free Ooredoo Internet?

You can get free internet by dialing a free data code offered to you or probably downloading a tunneling VPN that works and applying the settings correctly.

How can I get free Internet in the Maldives?

Those in the Maldives have a chance of bill 0 internet offer. Yes, just follow the guidelines you’ve been given to make it work. Apply the Wire Tun VPN free internet settings to start with, then try the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN afterward.

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Are The Ooredoo Settings Working For You?

If you’ve followed up to this point, it means you’ve configured the Ooredoo free internet settings as was presented to you above. And if you reside in Myanmar, Oman, and other close areas, then you’re counted as part of it.

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Are you facing any challenges? Comment below…

Important Info: Note that this post is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only and we have no intention to hack into anyone’s privacy. Posting this is to inform Ooredoo of the leakages. You’re responsible for applying these free internet settings on your Ooredoo line.

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