How To Share/Transfer Airtime On 9mobile (Updated)

This post shows how to share airtime on 9mobile to 9mobile with the short ussd code and other necessary information about Etisalat airtime transfer.

Imagine a situation whereby you have plenty of airtime in your 9mobile account balance and you know, no matter what, you can’t exhaust on your own.

Or probably, someone asked you to transfer airtime to their 9mobile line for a payback.

Whatever the case may be, this quick solution to share credit on Etisalat is here…

Today, you’ll learn how to share airtime from 9mobile to 9mobile numbers and alternative methods to transfer to other networks in Nigeria.

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About 9mobile Airtime Share

The headline of this post explains what you’re to expect. Yes, 9mobile relaunched this service a few months after the migration from Etisalat to 9mobile.

The plan is to help you share airtime from 9mobile to 9mobile customers. And since then, sharing airtime is made easy.

Yes, with the shortcode introduced by 9mobile, you can transfer a minimum of ten (10) to twenty thousand (20,000) Naira airtime with other customers at once.

There’s a limit though. The 9mobile airtime transfer service is limited to One hundred thousand Naira (N100,000) credits per day.

Feel free to share airtime with your family and friends using your 9mobile sim. You may even consider helping your colleagues use their credit (lol).

This method allows you to share airtime from 9mobile to 9mobile. However, there’s a means to transfer airtime from 9mobile to mtn, airtel, Glo, and other networks in Nigeria.

Proceed to get the code to share airtime on Etisalat.

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how to share airtime on 9mobile

How To Share Airtime On 9mobile Or Etisalat

Before you start the sharing process, here’s what you must know:

  • You need a secure transfer PIN.
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Yes, to transfer airtime on Etisalat, you must create a 4-digit transfer pin.

How Should I Do This? Follow the guidelines below:

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How To Get Your Transfer Pin On 9mobile to 9mobile

Without a transfer pin, you won’t be able to share airtime on 9mobile. So, the Etisalat airtime transfer pin is the passkey for transferring credit at any time.

To create your PIN;

  • Simply dial *247*default PIN*New PIN# or dial *247*Old Pin*New PIN# on your phone dialer app.

Etisalat (9mobile) default pin is 0000. So, if you desire to set up your new transfer pin as 1234, just dial *247*0000*1234#.

You’ll receive a message which confirms that your pin was created successfully.

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How To Change Old PIN

For those asking if it is possible to change your airtime transfer pin, below is how to change the transfer pin on 9mobile:

  • Simply dial *247*Old Pin*New PIN#. Given that your old pin was 4321, and you want to change 5678 to share airtime on 9mobile.
  • Just dial *247*4321*5678# to change your PIN on 9mobile.
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Learn How To Share Airtime On 9mobile

Code To Share Airtime On 9mobile to 9mobile

  • Simply dial *223*PIN*Amount*Phone Number#. For example, to send N5000 airtime to 08012345678 and your transfer pin is 1234…

…just dial *223*1234*5000*08012345678# and N5k will be transferred instantly.

Remember: All these won’t work without a transfer PIN. Scroll back up to create a New Pin for this transaction in case you don’t have it yet.

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How To Share/Transfer Airtime On 9mobile to Airtel, MTN & Glo

Follow the simple guidelines below. First, open your phone dialer app.

  • Simply dial your bank recharge code (which bank do you operate with?)
  • Select Airtime and proceed to the next.
  • Select Others and enter the recipient’s phone number.
  • Enter the amount or price of credit your want to share.
  • Enter your mobile bank transaction pin to send the airtime.

That’s all.

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Some Note – Sharing Airtime On 9mobile

This airtime transfer service allows you to share airtime with another 9-mobile number (either close or from a distance).

  • You can share airtime on 9mobile as a new and existing customer. That you’re on prepaid or hybrid packages doesn’t matter.
  • The airtime transfer service is easy to use.
  • You will be charged N10 for every airtime you share with another 9mobile customer.
  • A minimum of N10 can be shared with others and a Maximum of N20,000 can be transferred at once.
  • Your secure transfer PIN is required for all transactions.
  • A maximum of N100,000 airtime can be shared on 9mobile daily.
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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to transfer airtime on Etisalat

First, create a 4-digit transfer pin if you don’t have one already. After that, dial *223*PIN*Amount*Phone Number# to transfer airtime on Etisalat.

How can I get my Etisalat transfer pin?

Simply dial *247*default PIN*New PIN# on your phone dialer to create or get your transfer pin on Etisalat.

How can I transfer credit from Etisalat to Etisalat?

Just dial *223*PIN*Amount*Phone Number# after creating your transfer pin.

How can I share airtime on?

This question is incomplete but I get it. Scroll up slowly to learn how to share credit on 9mobile easily.

Have You Shared?

At this point, I believe you can transfer airtime to as many of your contacts as possible. Just make sure that the recipient is also a 9mobile user.

If not, you try the other method to share credit with mtn, airtime, or Glo users.

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Also, bear in mind that Etisalat airtime transfer service is not free. There is an N10 service fee attached to it.

That’s all on how to share airtime on 9mobile easily.

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