9mobile Tariff Plans & Awoof Bonus Codes 2024

Are you also in search of the 9mobile tariff plans code for free airtime and data bonus in Nigeria? This post is the best fit for you.

There are various reasons why you may want to migrate to a new tariff plan on 9moible. Yes, maybe as a result of you not getting enough bonus any time your recharge your phone.

No worries, it’s time to change that. You’ll get the cheapest 9mobile tariff plans and the codes to migrate to your favorite.

9mobile tariff plans codes

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9mobile Tariff Plans And Bonus Codes 

In this section, you’ll get the full list of 9mobile tariff plans, their benefits, and the USSD migration code to get started.

MoreFlex Plus*320#
MoreLife Complete*620*1#
MoreBusiness 2.0Check out the post
MoreBusiness ComboPakCheck out the post

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9mobile MoreFlex Plus Tariff Plan

9mobile MoreFlex Plus is a tariff plan designed for prepaid users to give you an amazing data bonus to browse the internet and also free airtime to call family and friends.

No, check this out. Once you load credit on your Etisalat line, there are huge numbers of bonuses waiting for you to activate.

This is how Moreflex works:

There are three (3) available bundles introduced on the 9mobile tariff plan and they are;

  • N500 For 500MB + N1000
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This is the Moreflex plus 500  Naira package that gives you 500megabytes plus free 1000 Naira airtime to make calls, send SMS, and PAYG (Pay as you go) to local and international countries.

  • Simply dial *320*1*1# to activate. Valid for 7days.

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N1000 For 1.5GB + N2000

Yes, you can also jump on the Moreflex plus 1000 bundle that gives you Awoof 1.5GB and 2000 naira credit to browse, call, send a text message,s and others with Local and international destinations.

Just dial *320*1*2# on your phone to activate. It lasts for 14days.

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N2000 For 3GB + N4000

Just like the above plans on the MoreFlex Plus 9mobile tariff plan, You’ll get more value for your recharge. Yes, as always, the higher amount you spend, the higher returns you’ll get.

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Once your recharge 1000 Naira on your 9mobile account and dial *320*1*3#, you’ll get 3gigabytes plus 4000 Naira airtime for local and international connections. Valid for 30days.

You should note that;

  • On/Off-net calls are charged 45k/sec
  • SMS is ₦8 per message.
  • Pay As You Go data @ 0.002k per kilobyte.

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How To Migrate To 9mobile MoreFlex Plus Tariff Plan

To migrate to the MoreFlex Plus tariff plan;

  • Simply dial *320# and you’ll receive a successful message on activation. This way, you can start enjoying the benefits that come with it.
  • To check balance, just dial *232#.
  • To opt-out of 9mobile Moreflex Plus, dial *344*0#.

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9mobile MoreCliq Tariff Plan

When you MC on this network, you know it’s the 9mobile Moreclip tariff plan we talking about. This 9mobile tariff plan is popularly known for its amazing data offers for internet users to this day.

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If you’re looking for a 9mobile tariff plan for data, then MoreCliq is your choice. This plan is well designed for all prepaid customers who meet the common requirements.

Some benefits of this plan are the 11k per second call rate after the first 50seconds (it goes back to 25k/sec), the free daily data on attainment of 50sec call of the day, the Night data plan, and the Talk N Share offer.

You can share the cost of calls with the person you called if both of you are on Morecliq by adding ‘274’ before the recipient number.

How To Migrate To 9mobile MoreCliq Tariff Plan

To migrate to MoreCliq, just dial *244*1#. on your phone dialer app. Subscription is free for the first time monthly.

Make sure you don’t miss the 9mobile morecliq data plan codes.

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9mobile MoreTalk Tariff Plan

On the 9mobile MoreTalk tariff plan, you’re allowed to make calls at 25kobo per second every time your recharge your phone. Not only that but you’ll also be rewarded with a free 10MB every week on your recharge of N100 only.

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On calls level, You will also get N300 free to call five contacts using 9mobile SIM for only 200 Naira and you get an extra N100 VALUE for your 100 Naira recharge weekly.

It didn’t end there, you can also make someone pay for the call you make by adding 268 before any 9mobile number you want to call.

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How To Migrate To 9mobile MoreTalk Tariff Plan

Simply dial *244*2# on your smartphone dialer app or,

Call 200 and press 1 to activate MoreTal on your New 9mobile SIM card.

Once, you do any of the above commands to migrate to MoreTalk, you’ll receive a confirmation message from 9mobile telling you how successful the operation was.

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For ‘You & Me’ Awoof Bonus

  • Simply dial *233*1*Phone Number# to register a number. For example; *233*1*09012345678# to add the number to your list.
  • Dial *233*2*Phone Number# to remove a number.
  • Dial *233# to see all the numbers you’ve added to the ‘You & Me’ diary.
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All must be 9mobile phone numbers, OK?

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For ‘Receiver Pay’ For The Call

To make other pay for your call;

  • Add ‘268‘ before the number you want to pay for the call. For example, type in ‘26809012345678’ and dial it.

The person will get a request asking him or her to accept to pay for the call.

Once they accept, you’re to go.

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9mobile MoreFlex Tariff Plan

9mobile MoreFlex is a prepaid package for prepaid users which gives you a Whooping 300% of the value you recharge. Isn’t that amazing?

You’re getting three times (3X) the amount you spent on airtime which can be used for calls, SMS, and browsing on Pay As You Go (PAYG) rates.

This 9mobile tariff plan has got flexible and special data bundles that suit your need from average to HEAVY internet users.

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MoreFlex comes with airtime and plenty of data bonuses. You get an extra 20% on the internet bundle you buy within the same validity period. You even gain access to free incoming calls while roaming on Ten (10) selected international destinations when you recharge around N5000 or more with a month.

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How To Migrate To 9mobile MoreFlex Tariff Plan

  • Simply dial *344*amount# to migrate and opt-in a bundle on MoreFlex. For example; dial *344*1000# on your phone dialer app. If the subscription is successful, you’ve migrated to MoreFlex.

Now, dial *232# to check your bundle balance.

If you decide to opt-out of the 9mobile MoreFlex Plan, just dial *344*0# and you’ll be out in a few seconds.

Below Are The Rates on 9mobile MoreFlex

  • On/Off-net calls are 40 kobos per second
  • Send text messages at ₦4 per SMS
  • Send Multimedia Messages at ₦100 per MMS
  • Browse on Pay As You Go data rate at 0.002k per kilobyte.
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9mobile CliqLite Tariff Plan

CliqLite is a tariff plan on 9mobile launched for all prepaid customers to gain access to free educational and learning materials to light up their knowledge.

The educational content on the plan is basically for learning students, parents, and teachers. This involves; Kindergarten, Primary school, Junior Secondary school, Senior Secondary school students.

On this plan, you’ll get a 250% extra VALUE on every recharge on your 9mobile account, the rate to call 9mobile users is at 25k/sec and 30k/sec for calls to other networks.

Cliqlite is not focused on airtime bonus only, you’ll also be getting free data weekly for the minimum of N100 credit you recharge. You’ll get 10MB for N100 recharge to browse five (5) limited educational websites plus two (2) social media platforms.

When you buy a data plan between 200MB and 10GB on this 9mobile tariff plan, you’ll get 100%. That’s 2X the data volume you purchase. For example, 200MB gives you 400MB and 10GB gives you 20GB in return.

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How To Migrate To 9mobile CliqLite Tariff Plan

Existing 9mobile customers can dial *244*10# to migrate to 9mobile CliqLite. Meanwhile, if you’re a new customer, simply dial 200 on your phone and press 5 to select Cliqlite as your tariff plan.

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You can download CliqLite App here and register as a Student, Parent, or Teacher.

9mobile TalkZone Tariff Plan

9mobile Talkzone gives you an 80% discount on calls you make to other 9mobile numbers which makes it 12 kobos per second. It’s a tariff plan for all prepaid customers on this network.

Your call costs are calculated based on where you are calling from. This means that you get fewer charges on close-distance calls.

Also, anytime you try to make a call, you’ll be notified of the applicable discounts and charges of the particular call you’re about to make.

With all these, you should understand this 9mobile tariff plan is designed for callers. So, see how to subscribe to this plan below.

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How To Migrate On 9mobile TalkZone Tariff Plan

To migrate to Talkzone, simply dial *244*8# on your mobile phone.

To know the Tariff cost for the area you’re calling, simply dial *551# and you’ll get the information immediately.

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Tariff Costs & Charges

  • The cost for SMS is 12k/sec at an off-peak time (12:30am to 4:30am).
  • Send text messages at the rate of ₦4 per SMS, for national SMS to on-net & other networks, International SMS at the rate of ₦15 per message.
  • Send Multimedia Messages (MMS) at the rate of  ₦100 per SMS
  • Then, Pay As You Go Data (PAYG) at the rate of 5k per kilobyte.

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9mobile MoreLife Complete

This particular 9mobile tariff plan comes with data and airtime benefits. You can enjoy calls to all local networks in Nigeria including top selected international destinations for as low as 11k/sec and get amazing data offers for little money spent on airtime.

MoreLife Complete is a Prepaid plan that allows you to get 11GB of data to browse the internet for N3000 only after dialing the short USSD code.

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How To Migrate To 9mobile MoreLife Complete

Wait, before anything, you must note that migration is only available to 9mobile customers on MoreTalk, MoreCliq, MoreFlex, Talkzone & MoreSIM. Also, migration is free!

  • To migrate to MoreLife Complete, simply dial *620*1#  or SMS ‘1‘ to 620 via the text message app on your phone.
  • To buy the 11GB data for N3000 only and other super data, just dial *230*1# on your mobile phone dialer app and you’re good to go. Valid for 30days.

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9mobile MoreBusiness 2.0

The 9mobile MoreBusiness tariff plan is a package that suits Small and medium business owners to get more value out of every recharge.

MoreBuness offers amazing voice benefits to all prepaid users who migrate to the plan and also, you get much better data volumes for browsing the internet.

This 9mobile tariff plan got you covered on Insurance plans, CUG, Chat Pak, Internation call bundles, and much much more.

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Yes, save cost on voice and data bundle every time you have insufficient balance.

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How To Migrate To 9mobile MoreBusiness 2.0

To migrate to MoreBusiness, you’re required to subscribe to a plan on this tariff plan. There are several bundles to purchase to stay connected and start enjoying the benefits instanter.

Select a bundle below:

MoreBusiness 1000

Make sure you recharge at least 1000 Naira on your line, then dial *246*4*24# to activate. After this, you’ll get 70min calls plus 750MB for browsing online and downloading your favorite stuff.

This MB1000 bundle is valid for 30days.

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MoreBusiness 2000 

Simply dial *246*4*21# to subscribe to the MB2000 bundle that gives you 150mins on calls and 1.5GB for internet surfing. You must have a minimum of 2000 Niara on your account balance to make this possible.

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Valid for 30days.

MoreBusiness 5000 

Enjoy free 300 minutes to make calls and 5GB of data valid for 30days. Simply dial *246*4*22# to get started.

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MoreBusiness 10000

As you already, the higher your expenses on subscriptions like this one, the higher the benefits you’ll get. On the MB10000 bundle, you’ll enjoy 650minutes of free calls to other numbers and 10GB of data for browsing and downloads.

  • Simply dial *246*4*23# to subscribe. This 9mobile tariff plan bundle lasts for 30days.

9mobile MoreBusiness ComboPak 

This is a tariff plan that is designed for business owners most especially, small and medium-sized businesses who need internet to power their companies and move forward to the next level.

Now, you no longer need to spend too much on subscriptions using this package. MB has come to encourage small and average business owners with enticing Voice and data bundle bonuses.

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Once you subscribe to MB bundle from the list provided, you’ll get a 100% bonus on renewing your plan. Yes, that’s about 2X the bundle you buy and more benefits.

The available plans are ComboValue, ComboPremier, and ComboBlack variants. 

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How To Migrate To 9mobile MoreBusiness ComboPak

You must subscribe to one of the ComboPaks to get migrated. So, select from the available bundles below:


Get 60k per MB browsing rate plus 12k per second in bundle calls, 12k per second out of bundle calls, N2.60 per sms charges, and CUG for just N1000 spent on airtime. Simply dial *246*4*33# to activate immediately.


Get 700MB, thirty (30) National call minutes, 11k per second out of bundle calls, 10 National SMS, and CUG for N1000 only. Just dial *246*4*30# to subscribe right now.

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ComboPremier Tariff Plan Benefits

Get 2.1GB, 60 National call minutes, 11k/sec out of bundle calls, 25 National SMS, and CUG for 2000 Naira only by dialing *246*4*31# on your phone.

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First, recharge at least N5000 on your 9mobile line as it’s the cost for this 9mobile tariff plan bundle. Now, dial *246*4*32# to get 7GB plus 300 National call minutes, 11k/sec out of bundle calls, 25 National SMS, and CUG.

You can always check your balance by dialing *232# on your phone. Dial *228# to check your remaining data.

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9mobile Tariff Plans For Postpaid Users

  • MoreLife Postpaid.
  • MoreFlex Postpaid.
  • Classic Postpaid.

How To Check 9mobile Tariff Plan

If you want to know your current tariff plan on Etisalat, it’s simple. You just need to dial a short  USSD code to get the result on your screen.

There are several reasons why you think of checking your ongoing plan, maybe you don’t get a free bonus on your line or you want to show it to a friend, kindly follow the link below.

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Frequently Asked Questions On 9mobile Tariff Plans

These are the answers to your frequently asked questions.

What Is The Best Tariff Plan On 9mobile?

You can’t tell the best tariff plan on the 9mobile network, but you can migrate to the one that suits your need.

If you need more data benefits, go for MoreCliq and if you need better call rates on your recharges, go for 

Note: This is an opinion and must not be considered as the best advice.

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Which Tariff Plan Is The Cheapest In Etisalat?

There are tons of tariff plans on 9mobile and from the list above, I can say that MoreCliq has amazing data offers and MoreTalk comes with airtime bonuses attached.

How Can I Know My 9mobile Tariff Plan?

I have created a post on that previously. Click here to learn how.

How Can I Get 9mobile 200 1GB?

Follow this link to see the 9mobile 200 for 1GB data code. It’s very simple. Just dial the code given to you and you’re good to go.

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About The 9mobile Tariff Plans 

For those who don’t know, once you register a new sim on 9mobile Nigeria, you’re automatically migrated to a new tariff plan to kick start your connecting.

Yes, the representative helps you select a tariff plan on 9mobile to avoid being disconnected after registering your New SIM card.

The benefit of selecting a  plan is to ensure that you don’t miss out on the free Awoof bonus from 9mobile. Make sure you check your current 9mobile tariff plan here…

9mobile MoreCliq, MoreLife, and MoreTalk tariff plans seem to be popular this day, maybe because of Its amazing offers.

Now, the tariff plan you’re migrated to has nothing to do with the default 9mobile data plans. You can buy an internet bundle by dialing *200#, just that you get a free bonus on some of these 9mobile tariff plans.

Feel free to migrate to your preferred plan, My Friend…

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What’s Your Favorite Tariff Plans

These are the 9mobile tariff plans in Nigeria and their benefits.

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Now, tell me; Out of all which one is your favorite?

Are you currently migrated to one? Tell me in the comment section.

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