Orange Free Internet VPN Settings Code (December 2023) | How To Get & Configure

Are you also looking for the new Orange Free Internet browsing cheat using VPN or other methods? No problem, you’re not alone.

A whole lot of people are in search of working tricks for the Orange network and you can’t be left behind if you pay attention.

Today, you’ll get access to the free internet codes that work on Orange lines without limitation and disconnections.

Let’s go…

Learn How To Browsing For Free Using This FREE DATA CODES

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About The Orange Internet Codes

Don’t get confused about this whole Bill 0 internet thing using your Orange SIM card. Working free browsing cheats are not always easy to find, but one way or the other, you get the opportunity to enjoy unlimited internet on your phone.

Yes, no other way but to apply the correct free internet codes to your Orange line, wait for it to connect, then start browsing like a KING.

This is how these free internet tricks work;

You need to download an active VPN that enables unlimited free browsing. But that’s not enough, you also need the new settings to make the ORANGE internet trick work.

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Otherwise, there’ll be nothing for you at the end of the day.

This is not a case of Orange network users only, though, Other networks, like Ooredoo, Mytel, Vodacom, and Telkom, in countries, like Myanmar, woman, Egypt, Botswana, pakiety, za granicą and so on, also have working free internet cheats.

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And all the same. To make it work on your android phone or PC, it’s required that you have the working hosts, Virtual private network (VPN) or settings applied.

Anyway, scroll slowly to learn how to set up your Orange for unlimited Bill 0 internet today.

orange free internet vpn settings code

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Orange Free Internet Settings & VPN Browsing Codes

You should mark yourself as ‘Missing Alot’ if you’ve never used any Orange unlimited internet cheats in real-time.

There are handpicked of them but not all work well though. You may be notified of the new free browsing settings on the Orange network daily and without paying full attention to the requirements, you’ll probably miss out.

Now, for any of the orange free internet hacks to work fast, you must implement the hosts and settings you are given correctly.

At times, you will have to dial the USSD code to buy a data plan or just go straight to the point, download a VPN and apply the in-app settings.

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Without further stories, let’s get to it.

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Method 1: Orange Free Internet VPN Settings 2023

One well-known Bill ZERO internet hack that does not require a USSD number is Orange unpaid internet using VPN settings. In this instance, free internet access is made possible by virtual private networks (VPNs) applications.

Users can freely browse the internet using a VPN without being noticed by their ISP. Using a VPN to browse is not illegal; it just enables users to browse the internet anonymously.

Continue reading if you’d like to learn more about orange internet codes, unlimited free internet in Cameroon, Giga data, and more.

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How To Set Up Free Orange Unlimited Internet

You can activate free, limitless browsing with Orange. Follow the steps below if you want to take advantage of this Orange Free Internet Code.

  • Visit the Google Play Store.
  • Then, search and Download the Netloop Tunnel VPN app
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To get free internet, apply the setup settings listed below.

  • Setting in Configuration: Check Enable Proxy
  • Proxy host:
  • Proxy Port: 8080

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Turn on header Tweaking and Select tweak type as ‘Injection’.

  • Inject Query/URL: http://mobie.
  • Inject Host: mobile. is the host.

On the injection line: Tap Enter 4X (four times). Now, Go back to the main menu of the Android Simple Server and select “Local server settings.”

  • Buffer size: 8092
  • Concurrent connection: 10

Select “DEBUG” under log level, go back to your homepage and Tap on CONNECT.

Simply wait for the app to connect after that to begin using Orange free internet code with VPN.

Hope you’re able to activate the free internet tweak.

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Method 2: Orange Unlimited Browsing – using SM Tunnel VPN Settings

From the aforementioned website, download SM Tunnel VPN, Open the app after installation, and Select Settings by clicking on its icon.

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Now apply the orange free internet settings as follows:

  • Connection Protocol: HTTP
  • Connection Port: 443
  • Connect via Parent Proxy: Leave it unticked
  • Custom TCP/HTTP Headers: Enable

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Set Host as: ‘’ or ‘’ and continue below:

  • Request Method: Get
  • Injection Method: Normal
  • Forward Host: Tick
  • Reverse Proxy: Tick
  • Keep-Alive: Tick
  • User-Agent: Tick

Now, Tap on the GENERATE button and save the settings.

  • Don’t tick ‘Advance SSL Settings

Finally, save the Stealth Settings you just configured.

Click on connect and wait a few seconds for the app to connect. Once it connects, you can proceed to browse for free on the Orange line.

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Method 3: How To Configure Orange Free Internet Settings

All of the below-listed Orange Free internet hacks are active as of right now. If you attempt it and it doesn’t work, be aware that Orange Telecommunications has closed the gap that allows the cheat.

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Continue reading to learn how to configure the app.

All Orange subscribers can use this code to receive limitless, free browsing all day long.

You can access the internet using this free internet code, which is brand-new and completely functional. It should be noted that this is an unlimited internet code for Orange subscribers, not a 5GB Orange internet data plan code.

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What You Need To Get Orange Internet Codes To Work

Get a SIM card that’s older than 3 months ready and a 4G LTE-enabled mobile phone.

If you meet these two (2) conditions, you are fully prepared to begin browsing for free. Do not be too concerned; your number won’t be blacklisted because the free internet code is incredibly secure.

These tricks are valid from midnight (12 AM) until 6 AM. Follow the instructions in the step-by-step procedure below to activate Orange free internet data code. No doubt, it’ll lead to unlimited free browsing.

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How To Set Up Tunnel VPN Internet For Orange SIM

Turn On your phone and wait for it to process correctly.

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Then open your Phone Dialer App and call the following code:

  • Simply dial *141*1*1*1# and you’ll see a quick popup message on your screen. And when the code is not recognized, an SMS will be issued to you.

Now, dial that code again. That’s twice to activate the free internet cheat on Orange.

Finally, restart your phone, wait for it to boot, then open your favorite browser to continue using the free internet on your phone.

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Orange Internet Code For PC Users

You must follow this comprehensive instruction on how to share your phone’s VPN connection with a computer to enjoy this Orange Unlimited Free Browsing Internet with SM Tunnel VPN on your computer. This technique works, so don’t ignore it.

Even if your phone is not rooted, you may still easily share your VPN connection with other Android smartphones or a computer by following the guidelines correctly.

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How To Set Up For Orange & Free Internet For All Countries

In this section, you’ll learn how to get free internet by connecting the Orange network with an Android (iOs) phone and Computer.

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Install the Proxifier app on your computer, then follow the setup instructions below, to share your VPN connection with your PC.

Click the following link to download and install the proxifier program and its license key.

  • Download Proxifier PRO MOD cracked Version for PC Download here.
  • Proxifier LIfetime PRO activation key can be downloaded here.

Now Open the activation key file you downloaded, copy the activation name and key, and then go to your PC to unzip and install the proxifier software. You can now activate Proxifier for free by choosing ‘ACTIVATE’ and entering the key.

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Connect your Android smartphone’s VPN now, Enter Settings, Activate hotspot tethering on your phone and connect to the hotspot on your computer’s WiFi.

Now, as directed above, go to Every proxy and generate an http proxy.

  • Launch Proxifier, Tap on Proxifier, and Tap on the Proxy server. After that, Tap on the ‘add’ option and round the settings below.
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Paste the IP address and port number generated by Every Proxy, then choose Sock 5 or HTTPS as seen on your screen.

  • Click on Test; when the test is finished, click OK.
  • Finally, launch your browser and browse the internet using your VPN-enabled connection.

That’s how to connect to your PC for unlimited Orange free VPN internet.

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FAQs – Orange Unlimited Browsing Codes

This is the answer to the most asked questions about the Orange unlimited free internet codes:

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Is This Orange Tweak Working On Your Phone?

Now, you must understand this right here; Not all free internet settings may work for your phone.

Yes, many factors back up the activity of the current Orange free internet codes.

Just make sure you follow every instruction in the post and implement it accordingly.

You see, the reasons why any of these tricks won’t work are because of wrong settings, you’re not eligible or the free internet settings have expired. Got it?

Very Important Information: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only. NetworkPalava has no intention of infringing Orange internet settings. This post should be treated as an eye opener to block any leakage on the network.

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