Airtel Smart Connect Night Plan Code 2024 | 1GB, 500MB & Unlimited New

Get the Airtel Smart Connect Night Plan Code and start enjoying unlimited browsing at midnight.

Airtel SmartConnect is a plan used to welcome new customers into the network. So, if you’re looking for the code to activate night plan, stay calm for a moment.

I would say SC is a “New Customer Only Plan” which means there’s no applicable migration code. But, today’s post uncovers the Airtel smartconnect night plan code.

Let’s proceed.

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Activating Airtel Smart Connect Night Plan 

The bad news is that it has been replaced by another SmartCONNECT night data plan, which is still very affordable and cool compared to the night plans from other networks, like that of 500Mb for 25 Naira from MTN, which was one of the nicest things we have experienced from Airtel Nigeria over the years.

In addition to offering you an Airtel tariff plan with excellent call rates, the Airtel Smart TRYBE Tariff plan also offers you an amazingly affordable Airtel data bundle.

Prepaid plan SmartConnect gives clients a 100% bonus on every data bundle they purchase in addition to an eight times (8X) airtime bonus on every recharge.

Airtel Smart Connect Night Plan Code

You must switch to SmartTrybe before you may use the Airtel Smart connect night plans. In order to achieve it, dial *312#. Once that is done, reply with one to confirm your switch to SmartTrybe.

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500MB For N25 – Smart Connect Night plan

For just 25 naira, you can subscribe to the 500MB plan.

  • Dial *312# from your mobile device.
  • To view all the SmartTrybe offers, select 3.
  • After that, to sign up for the N25 for 500MB plan, select 1.

Please take note that the 500MB you will be given is only valid from 12 am to 5 am on the same night.

Airtel Smart CONNECT 1GB Night Plan & N25 for 250MB

You must first switch to Airtel SmartTrybe by dialing *312# and responding with 1.

  • Now, open your phone dialer and simply dial *312# after the migration.
  • For 250MB for N25, reply 1.
  • However, you can reply 2 to select 1 GB  for N 500 (Night Plan 12 am – 5 am).

Code To Check Smart Connect Night Plan Balance

Some said there was a code to view the balance of your remaining night bundle. Yes, take a look at these steps:

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Checking your balance is easy if you have an Airtel line and a current night subscription.

  • Simply dial *223#, then watch for a response. On your screen, your balance will be shown.

Follow these straightforward USSD code instructions to check your balance.

  • Dial *140# and press send to check the balance of your Airtel Smart Connect Night Plan using the USSD code method.

A list of alternatives will be shown to you, one of which is “Check Balance.”

When you choose that, the balance remaining on your night plan will be displayed.


Airtel Smart Connect Night Plan Validity Time

You are probably aware that the data you buy can only be used at night since it is a night plan.

The midnight plan is good for 5 hours, from midnight at 12:00 a.m. to the morning at 5:00 a.m.

However, if you use up all of your data (250MB) before 5:00 AM, you won’t be allowed to browse.

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Yes, any remaining data will expire and cannot be rolled over if you do not finish it before 5:00 AM.

Airtel Unlimited Night Plan on Smart CONNECT

By dialing *481*2#, you can sign up for Airtel 3 hours unlimited night plan. The price for this is 200 naira. However, this plan’s subscription ends three hours after being purchased.

The 6 hours unlimited plan is another limitless option and costs 500 Naira. Dial *481*1# to activate it.

Be aware that these limitless plans are only available every day from 12 am to 6 am.

FAQs – Airtel Smart Connect Night Plan Code

Does Airtel Smart Connect do Night plan?

Airtel SmartConnect provides 7 Night Call Hours at 11 Kobo Per Second between 11 PM and 6 AM.

Additionally, Smart Connect gives customers the option to make cheaper overnight calls.

Calls can be placed at a rate of 11 kobos per second between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. by subscribers.

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What time is Airtel night plan?

The Airtel smart connect night plan lasts for 5 hours, from midnight to 5:00 am the following morning.

The Smart Connect night plan does not allow consumers to roll over their unused data, thus if you did not utilize all of your data before 5 am, you lost it.

How can I get unlimited night data in Airtel?

You can sign up for an unrestricted Airtel smart connect 3 hour unlimited night plan by dialing *481*2#. This will cost you 200 naira.

Nevertheless, three hours after purchasing a subscription, the plan expires. Another infinite choice is the unlimited 6 hours, which costs 500 naira.

What is the code to buy Night Bundle on Airtel?

  • You can sign up for Airtel Night by dialing *312#.

Follow the pop-in prompt when dialing the code and choose option 3 for night browsing.


In contrast to MTN, which only allows one subscription per night, Airtel smart connect Night data plan allows you to subscribe as many times as you’d want in a single night.

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The Airtel night plan, however, may be renewed if used up, so you can sign up again after using up your initial 1.5GB. Additionally, you can use 3GB for N100 in a single night.

To wrap it all up…

The Airtel smart connect night plan code is the same as the code to buy the official mid-night bundle on SmartTrybe. Yes, Airtel smartTRYBE introduced this plan and that’s it. Airtel Smart connect comes with a lot of enticing benefits for all prepaid subscribers.

So, if your interest is to activate the Airtel smart connect night bundle, follow the instructions in this post.

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