Glo Gbam Plus: How To Migrate & FREE Night Calls 2023

See the Glo Gbam Plus Migration Code, the benefits, call rates, SMS charges, and other necessary information you need.

There are many tariff plans in Nigeria posted on NetworkPalava. And these tariff plans are from different Network Providers. Yes, Glo has the full list of tariff plans like GBAM. 

Airtel Nigeria also has good call rate tariff plans. MTN tariff plans migration code for data and calls is highly wanted too.

But hey, today’s post is about the Glo GBAM Plus tariff plan. Learn more below…

About Glo Gbam Plus / Extra

All prepaid Glo subscribers can make calls to all networks at 11K/sec. Yes, after paying an access fee of N5 per day with Glo Gbam Plus (+).

GLO GBAM Plus is the newest and most affordable call tariff option.

You should also be aware that the N5 is only taken off on days when you place a chargeable call.

As a result, days, when you do not place a call will not result in a charge for the N5 daily access.

You can call the US, UK, China, India, and Canada, as well as five other international locations, using the Glo Gbam +.

Local and international SMS prices are N4 and N10, respectively.

Due to the fact that calls to any Glo network are charged at a rate of 11k per second, Glo GBAM Plus may be the perfect package for somebody who enjoys making those lengthy conversations.

Voice calls to specific foreign locations and other GSM networks will be charged at a rate of 15k/second.

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Glo Gbam Plus Benefits

Below are the known benefits of Glo GBAM at the moment:

  • Each month, Glo 11k per second customers will receive 10 minutes of free browsing.
  • The monthly free data is good for seven days.
  • With this prepaid plan, you can make calls for as little as 11k per second.
  • Customers of all ages are welcome to switch to the Glo 11k/s tariff plan.
  • If you haven’t already utilized your one free migration slot available every 30 days, you can switch for free to Glo’s 11 kobos per second plan.
  • You will be able to call for less the rest of the day when the daily access cost of N5 has been deducted. At 12 am, it’ll be renewed.

Glo Gbam Plus Migration Code

  • Glo Gbam Plus tariff plan activation code is *211#. That’s the code to migrate successfully.

You’ll also be switched over to the Glo Gbam tariff plan.

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You may now send SMS for 4 Naira each SMS, make calls from Glo to Glo for 11 Kobo per second, call from Glo to other local networks for 18 Kobo per second, and call internationally for 20 Kobo per second.

Old Code To Migrate To Glo GBAM + (Glo GBAM Extra)

  • Simply dial *100*6*1# on an active glo mobile number to take advantage of this fantastic tariff deal. Migration to the Glo Gbam plus (EXTRA) tariff plan is completely free.

If you run into any problems with the migration or the costs, you can either visit a Glo store nearby or just phone customer care at 121.


Glo Gbam Plus migration code

How To Migrate To Glo Gbam Plus

The below method is easy to follow and recommended if you’re not so good with Tech stuff. Learn how to migrate to Glo GBAM Plus tariff plan:

  • Just Dial *777#.
  • Select “My Tariff Plan” under Option 4.
  • Choose option 6 – Additional Plans
  • Respond with “3” Gbam Plus.
  • Finally, select the “Migrate Now” option.
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That’s all there is to it; you’ll now be on the Glo Gbam tariff plan, where you can start taking advantage of local calls at 11k/sec and international calls at 20k/sec.

Confirmation: Open your Phone Dailer App and dial #100# to check on the status of your migration after some time.


  • The Glo Gbam plus data
  • Glo Infinito
  • Glo Berekete

Glo Gbam Plus Call Rate & Charges

I have talked about this time and time again in this post. Well, this section is focused on the GBAM SMS and call rate on Glo Network.

All prepaid Glo members are now able to contact all networks at 11K/sec thanks to this new tariff plan once a daily access cost of N5 has been subtracted.

See a simple break down below:

  • Voice call between two (2) Glo Numbers at 11 k/s
  • 11k/sec Glo-to-Other Network
  • 5 foreign Numbers (20K/sec): Canada, UK, US, India, and China.

Glo GBAM Plus SMS Rate & Charges

  • N4 Glo-to-Glo
  • N4 on the Glo-to-Other Network
  • Five (5) international numbers (UK, US, India, China, Canada)
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Glo Gbam Plus Details

The newest and most economical tariff package offered by the Glo network is the Glo Gbam plus. Yes, you should be aware of this.

After a daily access cost of N5 has been subtracted, the Glo GBAM Plus tariff plan allows all prepaid Glo members to call all networks at an average rate of 11K/sec.

How to Stop Glo Gbam Plus Daily Subscription

You can stop Glo Gbam Plus Daily Subscription by moving to a new tariff plan. To do this…

  • Just open your phone dialer app and dial *777# and select “My Tariff” as your response.
  • Choose “Other Plans” from the list of options.
  • Now, select your favorite option from the list.

Once you move to a different tariff plan on Glo, you’ve automatically opted out of all subscriptions you previously activated.

Now, you can either ignore buying Gbam Plus daily subscription or migrate to a new tariff plan. That’s it.

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Glo Gbam Extra

Another amazing prepaid plan that enables you to use Glo services at a greatly lower price is Glo Gbam Extra. The Company’s goal includes making sure that everyone on the network may take advantage of and experience fantastic benefits. 

Don’t get it twisted though, the Glo GBAM Plus is equal to Glo GBAM Xtra. Don’t let the EXTRA and plus (+) sign mislead you.

Glo Gbam plus is an affordable tariff plan made available by the Glo network. All Glo subscribers with prepaid service can now communicate with all networks at 11K/sec.

Glo GBAM Plus Free Night Call

Using N200 from the prior week will provide you with 35 hours of free night calls. Usable between 12 am to 4:59 am (roughly 5AM sha).

Here, things are starting to become interesting.


The 11kobo/secs chain has been completed by GLO GBAM Plus. All telecom networks in Nigeria have a flat charge for calls.

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Code To Deactivate Glo GBAM Plus Tariff Plan

No matter how beneficial a tariff plan is, not everyone will like it. 

Yes, in case you don’t like the features of Glo GBAM, you can opt-out immediately and migrate to a new tariff plan.

Now, It’s easy to say that Glo GBAM + deactivation code is 12345 or 54321 but, No. That’s not the case.

You may easily opt out of Glo Gbam plus by switching to any other Glo call tariff plan, such as Glo Yakata, Glo Bumpa, Glo bounce, or Glo infinito.

See how to migrate out of any tariff plan here…


How can I migrate to Glo Plus?

To migrate to Glo GBAM Plus, just dial *777#, Select “My Tariff Plan” under Option 4, Choose option 6, Choose Other Plans, and Respond with 3 to select ‘Gbam Plus‘. (Note that the number may change, but make sure you select GBAM plan).

Finally, select the “Migrate Now” option to migrate to Glo GBAM plus.

What is the Cheapest Tariff Plan on Glo?

Glo Yakata is among the cheapest tariff plan on Glo. You may also add Glo GBAM plus if you please.

There are several cheap tariff plans on Glo, you can check out the top 9 cheapest glo tariff plans in Nigeria here…

How do I migrate to Glo 11k plan?

To switch to the Glo 11k per sec plan, which provides 11k/s to all Nigerian networks, simply dial *311#.

After paying an access fee of N7, which is billed together with the first call of the day, You as a Glo user will be able to call all networks in Nigeria at a rate of 11 kobo per second.

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Interesting, isn’t it?


While everyone is looking for the next tariff plan to migrate to, you, on the other end, have a package like Glo GBAM Plus (Extra) to activate.

Yes, you can start enjoying the benefits right after activation.

Ask your questions in the comment section.

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