How to Convert 9mobile Bonus to Data

This post is about how to Convert 9mobile Bonus to Data. Yes, how to convert bonus data to normal data, including how to unlock data bonus on 9mobile Nigeria.

Read carefully to discern what information about how to unlock Etisalat locked data bonus is accurate and what is not.

There has been a lot of false information spreading about the ability to convert airtime bonuses on 9mobile into data that can be used to access the internet.

Many 9mobile users are unhappy with the complimentary airtime they received. They did say that they couldn’t use their airtime for web browsing and that they would be happy to transfer their 9mobile bonus to data as a result.

There isn’t a problem. I’m assuming you know how to convert a free bonus from 9mobile Nigeria to data for browsing the internet.

Summary: Convert 9mobile Bonus To Data

I am aware that you are having the same problem, and you want to know if you can use the 9mobile bonus as a data bundle to access the internet.

Not only you, though. More and more users are looking for a simple way to convert their 9mobile bonus credit to data before it expires.

Now, if you frequently use the 9mobile network, you can receive a bonus. You will be given detailed instructions on how to use the 9mobile data bonus, it has been repeatedly confirmed.

How To Convert 9mobile Bonus To Data

You’ll discover many techniques in this part for converting 9mobile bonus credit to data so that you can use it to browse the internet.

How to convert 9mobile bonus to data was a topic that some of my friends on Telegram also posed. Stay tuned if you have any similar queries because the information in this post addresses them all.

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Step 1: Call This Number on 9mobile

To register a complaint, contact 9mobile Customer Care at 200 or 0809 000 0200. Remember to dial the number from the phone you want to use to convert your 9mobile bonus into data.

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Before you have the opportunity to chat with a 9mobile Nigeria agent, carefully follow the instructions. The representative will show you how to convert bonus 9mobile credit into data in the shortest amount of time.

After contacting customer service, there is no assurance that you will be able to convert the 9mobile incentive to data.

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Step 2: Go to 9mobile Office Near You

Here is yet another tip on how to use airtime bonuses to pay for data on 9mobile.

Visit the 9mobile Service Center if speaking with someone face-to-face is more convenient than doing so over the phone. You can at least call with a 9mobile representative directly, explain your situation, and then you’re ready to go.

You can even us Google to locate the nearest 9mobile office by conducting a search for it.

They can also offer you suggestions on how to turn your 9mobile YouTube Bonus into mobile data. You can continue reading below.

Note: Following the IVR instructions doesn’t guarantee that you’ll successfully convert bonus data to normal data on 9mobile.

How To Use 9mobile Data Bonus

The quarterly SMS that you receive from 9mobile Nigeria always makes this clear. Before you keep reading to learn how to change bonuses into data on 9mobile, let’s take a closer look at this.

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How do you use the 9mobile data bonus?

  • It’s simple. Just read the text message’s instructions that 9mobile sent you.

Yes, you should be able to examine the 9mobile data bonus usage rules, which include what to use it for, when to use it (date, time, day, or night), and how much data you are allowed to use.

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How To Check 9mobile Data Bonus

You can get all the information about your balance and plan, including bonuses, by dialing *200# for free.

When using a 9mobile phone, dial *200#, then select the option (menu prompt) for checking balance.

All information, including bonuses, will then be displayed.

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What’s About The 9mobile Bonus Code?

One of the well-known USD that gives you access to fantastic deals is the 9mobile bonus code. I’m talking about reasonably priced internet data packages.

There are some plans to consider: See The best 9mobile Tariff plans for data and calls in Nigeria.

I know the point of this post is to help you convert your 9mobile bonus to data, but I think you’ll also find this information useful.

Therefore, how to approach this is to;

  • You can get more information about your bonuses and when they expire by dialing *200#. All of your bonuses, both local and abroad, would be included in this.

If a pop-up window with the message “Dear Customer, Thanks for your interest bla bla bla. You do not have an offer at this time, please try again later.” displays. There isn’t a 9mobile data bonus offer available for you right now if you get the message.

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How To Convert 9mobile Bonus To Airtime

Likewise, I took attention to this request. your free 9mobile airtime bonus being converted into airtime. Hmmm…

Here is the information you need to convert your 9mobile bonus to data or regular airtime.

  • There are a few limitations on the free airtime offer, including calls only.
  • 9mobile deliberately offers free bonuses. They are not foolable, despite what some online experts claim.
  • You might only be eligible for data bonuses with social media or certain browser restrictions and a data volume cap.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How do you convert 9mobile airtime to data?

It is the same thing as buying a data plan from 9mobile. Just recharge your line with sufficient Airtime and dial the data plan code.

First, Go to the call button on your phone to convert your 9mobile airtime to data;

  • Now, dial *200# and adhere to the directions. The option to convert an airtime plan to a data plan is “Data” (so select option 3). Next, select “Buy Data” which is option 1 and tap SEND.
  • Depending on how much data you want to buy, choose daily and weekend, weekly, monthly, or Facebook flex plan (options 1, 2, or 4) and tap SEND.
  • Choose Auto-renewal or One-off (options 1 or 2) and tap SEND to subscribe to a data plan.
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This is the exact method convert airtime to data on Etisalat today.

How to convert airtime bonus to data on 9mobile?

Learn the kind of bonus you received. You are unable to purchase a data package or utilize it to browse the internet if your usage is restricted to calls only.

A bonus for unlimited airtime, however, may be converted. To buy a 9mobile data plan in this instance, simply dial *200# and reply 2.


How Do I Get 9mobile Awuf Data?

To keep current customers updated, 9mobile frequently updates them on new promotions. You should also receive the Awuf data offers if you are active.


You’ve Converted Isn’t It?

You should now be able to see how it works. If you want further clarification, feel free to ask a question in the comments below. You only need to know this information to convert 9mobile bonus to data.

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