Pay For Me Code For MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile 2023

Are you also looking for the Pay For Me Code on MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and Glo? This post is for you.

Many individuals have been asking;

  • How can I get people to pay for my call whenever I call them?
  • How to make someone you are calling pay for your call on mtn?
  • And more questions like that.

No worries, after following my guidelines correctly, you will be able to apply the trick and make others pay for your calls.Make sure you don’t miss the Glo Data Plans Code Thats Gives 101GB & Other Amazing Plans…

About The Pay4Me Service

I formed the name actually. Who knows if there’s an existing package that enables free calls for the caller at the expense of the receiver.

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I just haven’t seen any official announcement regarding someone else paying for my call.

It’s not something legal and not advisable to do. Unless the person is aware, then fine.

Follow the guidance below.

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pay for me code for mtn, airtel, glo & 9mobile free

MTN Pay For Me Code 

It is called the MTN Collect Call Service that allows you to make calls with another mtn number. It could be your friends and family members. The plan is that;

  • The person you’re calling pays for the call.

Now, how do you activate it?

  • Simply dial *121*Phone Number# on your phone dialer. For example, if you want 09012345678 to pay for the call you’re about to make, just dial *121*09012345678#.

After that, the system will confirm if;

  1. You’re in the Allowed Tariff Plan.
  2. If your friend is in the ATF.
  3. Your friend is an MTN Network User.
  4. Your friend has sufficient airtime required to pay for the call.
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If the person qualifies for this, you’ll see a message like;

“Call in progress. Please wait while your call is being connected”

After that, the person you’re calling with get a notification like this;

Welcome to MTN Collect call service. Press 1 to accept, Press 2 to reject, Press 3 to accept and add to white list, Press 4 to reject and add to blacklist”.

All this happens fast. So take note.

Now, your sponsor (the person you’re calling) will be asked to:

  • Press 1 to accept the call.
  • Next, Press 2 to reject the call.
  • Press 3 to accept the incoming call, then add your phone number to the white list.
  • Press 4 to reject the call and add the number to the blacklist.

Any option your sponsor responds with, reflect on how possible it will be.

If he or she presses ‘1’, it means they’ve agreed to pay for the call.


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Airtel Pay For Me Code

  • Simply dial #Phone Number. For example, if you want 07012345678 to pay for your call, just dial #07012345678 on your phone dialer.
  • The person will pick up.
  • After the call, they’ll get a debit alert regarding the call they just received.

There is an alternative Airtel to Airtel free call code though.

What’s this code?

9mobile Pay For Me Code

Below is how to get some to pay for your call on 9mobile/Etisalat:

  • Request a call back to you.

But how?

Glo Pay For Me Code

  • Simply dial “7733+Phone Number” you want to call. For example, if you want to call 07011223344, just dial 773307011223344 from your phone.

This one is called the Glo Pay4Me Service that makes it possible for all prepaid customers to

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Here’s how it works;

Once you dial the code above, the person you called will receive a message like;

“You have got a call from a customer who wants you to pay for this call. You will pay N7.50k for 30 seconds for the call, press 1 to confirm and connect your call.”

Luckily for you, if the recipient responds by pressing ‘1’, you’ll be given free access to speak with him or her.

Alternatively, you can make use of the Glo Borrow Me Credit service by;

  • Dialing *321# on your phone.

Then, select the amount you want to borrow. How eligible you are counts in this case.   So you can make use of the short ussd codes below to borrow between N50 to N1000:

  • Dial *321*50# for N50
  • Dial *321*100# for N100
  • or Dial *321*200# for N200
  • Dial *321*500# for N500
  • Dial *321*1000# for N1000 credit.

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How To Make Free Calls On MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile

First, you need to learn how to get free airtime. Yes, in this case, you’re using credit to make calls but not at your expense.

  • It’s free.
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Follow the guidelines in the short video below:

What’s The Result?

Yes, after making use of the Pay For Me Code on MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and Glo, did it work for you?

That’s the code to make others pay for your calls.

Read more related guides below.

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