MTN 200 For 2GB Code for 7 days (Update 2024)

In this post, you’ll get the mtn 200 for 2GB code to buy this cheap data plan at any time you want.

A lot of individuals keep asking for an affordable data plan to subscribe to and probably, get an amazing browsing experience on the internet.

Now, you have the money to purchase the 2GB data plan for 200 Naira on MTN but you need the working activation code to proceed further.

No worries. In a few minutes, you’ll get the simple guideline to subscribe with the mtn 200 for 2GB code for 7 days.

Let’s go…

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MTN N200 Data Bundle – Quick Words

This data plan is designed for all MTN users who are migrated to the iPulse Tariff Plan. That said; you are qualified for the 2GB plan by default if your sim card is currently activated to iPulse.

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All you need is an airtime account balance of at least 200 Naira to get the 2GB data right after dialing the activation code.

Don’t get it twisted though, it’s the MTN Nightlife bundle that gives you BIGGER data value for less money spent on airtime.

You might have heard that there’s a PIN attached to the 2GB for N200 data bundle but, that’s not true. All you need is the working USSD code and you’re good to go.

mtn 200 for 2GB code

MTN 200 for 2GB code

There’s a simple way to go about this. The MTN nightlife bundle comprises of two (2) major plans on the list, which are;

  • NightLife N25 – which gives 250MB
  • NightLife N50 – which gives 500MB

Now, to get 2GB for 200 Naira on MTN, you’re to subscribe to the Twenty five naira bundle the give two hundred and fifty megabytes 8X. Or simply buy the Fifty Naira (50) that gives 500 megabytes 4X.

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How To Activate the MTN 2GB For N200 Bundle

You’re expected to recharge your mtn sim with a minimum of 200Naira airtime for this 2GB activation code to work for you.

  • Simply dial *406*3*2# to subscribe to the N50 bundle.
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Now, accumulate the data by dialing the code four times (4X). You may choose to subscribe to the N25 plan eight times (8X). Anyone you purchase is just fine.

The above code is the quick way to buy the 200 for 2GB data plan on MTN. Meanwhile, you can subscribe manually and step by step. Kindly follow the guidelines below;

  • Open your phone dialer app and dial *406#
  • Reply 3 to select NightLife plan
  • Now, select N25 or N50.
  • Confirm your transaction by sending ‘1’ on the next menu.

Now, it’s time to accumulate until it gets to 2GB volume. The bundle you choose impacts how many times you’ll accumulate. That’s it.

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Who Is Eligible?

All MTN iPulse users are eligible for the MTN 200 for 2GB data plan. If you’re an existing subscriber on iPulse, you don’t need to migrate again, you are eligible by default (hehe?).

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For those who are not on Pulse currently, you also have a chance to buy the 2GB data plan on MTN. But to get it, you must be willing to let go of your current tariff plan.

To Migrate to MTN iPulse;

Code To Check 2GB Data Balance

If you’re a loyal member of NetworkPalava, you must be aware that I don’t joke with this important information.

Checking Your Data Balance

The problem is not to subscribe to a cheap data bundle just like the MTN 200 for 2GB data plan. It’s about monitoring and making sure that you enjoy what you’ve paid for.

With this info from time to time, you’re good to go. Enjoy!

Most Asked Questions

What Is The Code For MTN 2GB?

It depends on the data bundle price you need. There are good numbers of mtn data plans that give 2GB volume. If you’re asking for the N200 internet package, then scroll up and read this article again.

Can I Get The MTN 100 For 2GB code?

See the cheapest MTN 100 data plans code here. Select a data plan and enjoy yourself.

Is The MTN 500 For 2GB Code Still Working?

Yes, simply dial *131*1# and select the 2-day data bundle from the list. Learn more about this plan here…

What Is The Working MTN 300 For 2GB Code For 7 days?

At the moment, you can only get 1.5GB data volume for 300 Naira on MTN. Follow this link to get the activation code right away.

You can also subscribe to the 2GB plan for N200 on this post.

Was It Successful?

There are good numbers of cheap data plans on the MTN network, it all depends on the size of your pocket.

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If you’re an average internet user, apply the MTN 200 for 2GB code on your phone dialer app and see the result it brings up. It works.

Leave a comment below and let us know your experience with this internet data bundle.

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