How to Opt-Out from Airtel Talk More 2024

In a few minutes, find out how to opt out from Airtel Talk More. If you’re one of the people looking for an easy way to discontinue using your Airtel Talk More plan, then this piece is for you.

A tariff plan like Airtel TM’s excellent accomplishments have been attested to by witnesses, in my experience.

You are aware of its advantages, after all.

The TalkMore Bundles are excellent value bundles that provide 500% more airtime than usual for calls and SMS to ALL NETWORKS in Nigeria WITHOUT RESTRICTION.

It is true that Mr. A and Mr. B’s decisions cannot be the same. That is sufficient justification for the creation of this post, which addresses this specific issue.

You’ll learn how to opt out of Talk More in few seconds by simply migrating to another tariff plan on Airtel Nigeria.

Deactivating Airtel Talk More

To Opt Out of a tariff plan, you must have a valid cause, which must be known. Yes, you must have a well-thought-out plan in place if you want to opt-out of Airtel Talk More.

Tariff plan explanations are not always simple and straightforward. When a tariff plan receives positive feedback today, everyone wants to opt out of it tomorrow, deactivate it, and switch to the next tariff plan.

I assume you are aware of the advantages of the Airtel Talk More plan before canceling it. Yes, Talk More offers you extra airtime and data when you fully move.

Anyhow, anything with an advantage may undoubtedly have a disadvantage. The disadvantage frequently doesn’t sit well with folks. You may choose to opt-out of or cancel your Airtel Talk More bundle for a number of reasons, including this.

Opt-Out Of Airtel TM Plan

Perhaps through internet advertisements and other means, you may have heard some news concerning the Airtel TM rate plans. However, until you choose to participate, you cannot learn enough about the plan.

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Is deactivation advantageous?

Well, there is a tempting offer for every tariff plan. Yes, such as the 100% free data bonus offered by Airtel Talk Mores with every recharge.

Until you opt out of Airtel Talk More and switch to a different tariff plan in Nigeria, you cannot know which plan is superior.

In today’s post, we will explain how to Opt Out or deactivate Airtel Talk More…

How to Opt-Out from Airtel Talk More (Stop Tariff Plan)

You can continue reading this post if you belong to this group and are looking for information on how to terminate or leave Airtel Talk More, opt out of Airtel Talk More, or unsubscribe from Airtel Talk More.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to change from Airtel Talk More to alternative beneficial tariff plans on the Airtel network.

  • Just dial *121# and select the “Billing & Tariff” response option.
  • Choose your favorite tariff plan from the options.
  • Proceed with the migration after clicking OK.
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The Airtel Talk More tariff package is canceled in this manner. However, keep in mind that switching to a new tariff plan only requires deactivating Talk More. Got it? Let’s move on.


Code To Cancel or Deactivate Airtel Talk More 

If you want to discontinue, cancel, or opt-out of Airtel Talk More, just dial the number *****. However, this is not the situation here.

By switching to a different tariff plan, you can properly opt out of the Talk More tariff plan. I.e., a newly available Airtel tariff plan or a tariff plan that you have already activated.

The reality of switching to a new tariff scheme is as follows:

  • Migrating is free for the first time. But if you Opt Out from Airtel Talk More, migrate to another tariff plan and try to activate Airtel TM again within 30 days, you’ll be charged N100,
  • That’s the migration fee. Hope you get it right. Let’s move on…
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You must be aware of the precise tariff plan you want to switch to after deactivating your Airtel Talk More plan. Yes, switching to a new plan is the same as deactivating your old one.

The procedure on Airtel Nigeria is straightforward. Yes, simply dial *121# on your phone’s dialer app to cancel or terminate Talk More on Airtel. To activate a new package, go to the “Billing And Tariff” area and make your selection.

Is it now possible to reject Talk More by SMS?

There is currently no mechanism for this. Airtel Talk More may only be left behind by dialing the USSD number *121#.

Should I Call customer care?

If you’re still having trouble opting out of Airtel Talk More, you can phone the Airtel customer care line.

If you want to contact Airtel customer support, just call 111 from an Airtel phone.

You can also call +234 802 150 0111 if you are not in the United States or are not using an Airtel phone.

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FAQs – How To Stop Talk More On Airtel

How can I change my Airtel talk more plan?

To change Airtel Talk More plan, simply dial *121# and select the “Billing & Tariff”.

From here, you can choose your favorite tariff plan from the options.

This also applies to those asking for the code to cancel the Smart Talk tariff plan.

How do I stop Airtel from deducting my airtime?

The first thing you have to do is “Call Airtel Customer care“. If that doesn’t work, follow the guidelines below to stop airtel from deducting your airtime every time:

  • Opt out of Airtel PAYU by dialing *400*1#.
  • SMS GROOM STOP to 38043. After sending the SMS, wait for the confirmation message from airtel.
  • Simply dial *902# with the same Airtel line and select Stop services. This helps you check if there’s any other active service you don’t use.

How do you cancel a tariff plan?

It’s simple. Read this post on how to cancel all tariff plans on Airtel Network.

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Have You Deactivated Talk More?

One of the best tariff options offered by Airtel is called TalkMore. You will always receive 5x (500%) on all of your recharges when you purchase the TalkMore package.

This post only shows you how to Opt Out from the Airtel Talk More plan. Before I forget, online browsing is also possible with TalkMore Bundles.

Have your learned How to deactivate or cancel Airtel Talk More? If you have any suggestions, post a comment in the space below.

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