How To Opt-Out Of All Tariff Plans On Airtel

Learn how to opt out of all tariff plans on Airtel. This page is for you if you’re one of the people in Nigeria who finds it tough to deactivate, cancel, stop, activate, or opt-out of Airtel tariff plans.

On the Airtel network, there are a number of different tariff plans available, each with unique advantages. All that is left to do is choose a tariff plan that is ideal for you.

This article will demonstrate how to easily cancel or opt out of your existing Airtel tariff plan. Therefore, it’s more like switching with a few clicks from one tariff plan to another.

On Airtel, there are tariff plans that offer airtime bonuses on recharges, data bonuses, competitive call rates, and even access to international calling.

Learn the only way to cancel your Airtel tariff plan and activate a new one by scrolling slowly.

Before You Opt Out Of Airtel Tariff Plans…

If you’re wondering how to deactivate your Airtel tariff plan, please read this text. Yes, in order for you to comprehend how the tariff plan system operates.

An arrangement for better communication between two parties is a tariff plan.

In this case, the Network to which you have a membership is the producer or provider, and you are the consumer.

These two parties are necessary for the ride to run smoothly. Find out here how to deactivate or cancel any Airtel tariff plan.

How To Opt-Out Of All Tariff Plans On Airtel

This section covers tips on how to opt out of all airtel plans.

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Actually, there is no formal method to terminate any tariff plan in Nigeria.

The true trick is to change to any other network tariff plan; at that point, your old plan will be instantly cancelled.

The following details how to switch from one Airtel tariff plan to another:

That is the underlying concept. For instance, migrating to a different tariff plan will successfully deactivate your current tariff plan on Airtel.

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Yes, I just deactivate Smart CONNECT as a SmartCONNECT user if I switch or migrate to Airtel Smart TRYBE. Got it?

Hope you now understand.

A tariff plan cannot be opted out of using a secret code. You only need to switch to a new Airtel tariff plan to be operational.

Quick One: You must learn how to activate an Airtel tariff plan in order to deactivate one. It’s that easy.


FAQs – Opt Out of Tariff Plans on Airtel Line

The most frequent inquiries in Nigeria regarding deactivating Airtel tariff plans are listed below:

How do you cancel a tariff plan?

To cancel a tariff plan on Airtel, MTN, Glo or 9mobile, follow these guidelines:

  • Decide on the tariff plan you’ll like to migrate to.
  • Find the migration code of the plan.
  • Now, migrate to another tariff package. i.e a new tariff plan entirely.
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How do I opt out of Airtel Freedom tariff?

To opt-out of the Airtel Freedom tariff:

  • Simply dial *121# on your phone dialer.
  • Now, select the “Billing & Tariff” option.
  • After that, choose a new tariff plan from the options you see.
  • Proceed from there…

How can I change my tariff plan on Airtel?

It’s simple. Just dial *121# on your phone Caller app. You’ll see a popup message. Select the “Billing & Tariff” option and pick another tariff plan.

How do I migrate out of Freedom plan?

Turn on your phone and dial *121#. Open Billing & Tariff and select a different plan (that is not Freedom plan).

Final Note:

The two (2) basic components of tariff plans are standing charges and call charges. This post’s goal is to successfully demonstrate how to opt-out of all tariff plans on Airtel.

You must pay monthly standing charges, often known as rentals, for the nearest phone lines and service connections (as a customer).

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A call charge is the price of calls made to your family, friends, and you. The call’s duration, distance, the call rate agreement you and your network provider negotiated, as well as frequently other factors, affect the prices.

I suppose you already know how to cancel or opt-out of Airtel network tariff plans.

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